considered the biggest zip line city in the world, the XLine crosses two skyscrapers at approximately 80 km/h and 170 meters above the ground, providing a panoramic view of Dubai from an angle few have the privilege of seeing.

Would you have the courage to face a giant zip line at 80 km/h, on a course of 1000 meters, between two skyscrapers 170 meters above the ground? It sounds crazy, but anyone willing to take on this challenge can now venture into XLine, the biggest zipline urban area in the world, installed in Dubai, us arab emirates.

Double-dose adrenaline on the mega zip line

If you need a little friendly help when facing the descent, that's fine: there is the option of jumping in pairs, with one person next to the other. In addition to being the world's longest urban zipline, XLine allows friends and family to live this unique moment together. Tickets for solo jumping cost around 600 reais, while double tickets cost approximately twice as much and can be purchased on the XLine website.  

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the path of Dubai giant zipline part of Amwaj Towers, it passes through the entire marina to reach the Dubai Marina Mall in two seconds that seem to take an eternity. From the top, it is possible to have an incredible panoramic view of the city, flying over the Princess Tower and Cayan Tower. That is, if you have the courage to look down, right?

As it is a moment that deserves to be immortalized, the descent is filmed and photographed by a camera attached to the helmet and which sends the records to a previously registered email.

THE Giant zipline in Dubai operates daily from 9 am to 5 pm at the XLine Booth at Dubai Marina Mall. You must be between 12 and 65 years of age to jump, remembering minors must always be accompanied by a legal guardian.

And then you could face the Dubai giant zipline?

Photo: Disclosure

Dubai giant zipline

Photo: Disclosure

Dubai giant zipline

Photo: Disclosure

+ info:

Xline Booth in Dubai Marina Mall
Phone: +971 4 457 3212
Email: [email protected]

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