Nature and a lot of history make the Rota Verde do Café an unmissable tour option for anyone visiting Fortaleza 

It may seem very unlikely to enjoy a chill next to Strength, but this is what we find less than three hours from the capital of Ceará, in a space full of greenery and a lot of charm known as Baturité Massif.

This mountain region, which is often the winter refuge for many people from Fortaleza, is home to an area of environmental protection and covers more than 32,690 hectares.

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In the 17th century, coffee was introduced to the area and soon adapted to the climate and soil of the region. Coffee production soon took off and started exporting coffee to Europe, but time and soil erosion caused the plantations to go into decline.

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Today, however, the protagonist of the heyday stands out again. Tours through farms and mansions open their doors to tourists, a project known as Green Coffee Route.

The coffee currently produced in the region, which passes through the cities of Guaramiranga, Mulungu, package and baturite, is planted in the shade of ingazeiros, an Amazonian species that protects plantations – this is exactly what makes it so special.

Trail and time travel

One of the visiting points of the project is the Águas Finas Site, which since 1939 has been maintained by the Uchôa family and has been improving its coffee production, today offering the award-winning Guará coffee. The coffee is planted next to the native forest of the region, free of pesticides. Tourists can get to know this system through a trail of approximately 1500 meters, monitored by members of their own family, who offer hospitality and a lot of prose.

Colonel Uchôa at the Águas Finas Site. Photo: Disclosure

In addition to walking through the coffee plantations and discovering the variations of Arabica coffee, the trail reveals very interesting points such as the moment when the biomes Atlantic forest and Amazon rainforest meet. It is also possible to observe potbellied, a tree with more than 200 years, perfect for beautiful photographic records.

At a certain point in the track, in a sensorial experience, a flutist plays music while everyone remains with their eyes closed, just feeling nature.

Trail at Águas Finas Site. Photo: Better Travel Guide

already the São Luís presents a legitimate colonial mansion, the result of the heyday of coffee in the region, which is maintained by the same family to this day. Stories of the coffee cultivation tradition are revealed by the granddaughters and great-granddaughters of the former owners of the site, while the visitor is inserted into the historical context of the time.

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all in São Luís site, built in 1858, is well maintained and that's why the place gives us the impression of traveling back in time. From the objects in the house, which is still inhabited, to the paintings and books on the wall, the feeling is of reliving the colonial era in Brazil. The space has even been the setting for films such as “Bezerra de Menezes – Diary of a Spirit” and other productions.

Sítio São Luís, in Serra de Baturité/CE. Photo: Better Travel Guide

The tour offers, in addition to the information and incredible architecture of the charming place, an afternoon coffee with a recipe for a centuries-old coffee cake, never revealed by the family, as well as homemade bread, fresh ricotta and jam with seasonal fruits, everything produced right there, in the best “grandmother's house” style.

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+ Info

Águas Finas Site
Visiting hours: daily from 7 am to 5 pm
Phone: (85) 98898-3233
To schedule the trail go to the website.

São Luís site
Visitation: Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 am to 5 pm.
Phone: (85) 986169837
To schedule the guided tour go to the website.

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