The space was designed to comfortably take two people and has closets, kitchen and bed.

Couples who share the dream of traveling together and looking for a practical and comfortable way to move around the world will love this mini trailer. Created by the Polydrops brand, the small space was perfectly designed to house up to two people in search of great adventures.

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With only three meters in length and functioning as a towing reel, the project spared no efforts to provide comfort to its passengers. Its walls are padded and there is a spacious bed that occupies practically the entire structure, guaranteeing a good night's sleep on the road.

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The trailer also has a wooden cladding, as well as an aluminum layer to protect passengers from the cold and possible storms during the trip. There are outlets, lighting and heating to keep you comfortable whatever the situation.

To store belongings such as backpacks and accessories, there are three compartments and, when hunger strikes, there is a small space that can be used as a kitchen, with cabinets, drawers and lighting.

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The Polydrop Trailer has doors that mimic wings, opening on both sides with lifting support. In addition to helping with ventilation, these doors also bring travelers closer to nature, providing incredible views of the places.

Created by architectural designer Kyung-Hyun Lew, the Polydrop trailer was inspired by a dream of having a portable space to call your own and travel around. The first prototype was a hand-built 100% and allowed him to hit the road with his wife for a year with the trailer attached to their car.

If you are already thinking about purchasing your mini trailer, hurry up, as this is a limited edition and has only 20 manufactured units sold at around 35,000 reais each. For more information, access the Polydrops website

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