Train travel in Germany: check out an unmissable list with great suggestions for itineraries and make an unforgettable train itinerary through Germany

One of the most sought after experiences for those who go to Europe, is to travel aboard one of the famous trains passengers who cross different regions and even countries in a single trip. European Union countries have invested heavily in rail transport and today it is one of the main means of transport there.

THE Germany, in addition to being one of the richest countries in the region, is highly appreciated by tourists, thanks to its beautiful landscapes, modern urban centers and delicious cuisine. Despite being known as the country of the automobile, Germany has a large rail network that represents the main collective flow of passengers in medium and long distances within the country. For tourists looking to discover the German beauties from north to south, it is certainly the best choice.

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Here, we have put together some of the various train travel itineraries in Germany. Get inspired for your next vacation!

Train travel in Germany

Train from Offenburg to Konstanz – Black Forest Route

The Black Forest Route is well known for harboring some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country. The Black Forest (Schwarzwald) stretches for 200 km in the south of Germany and one of the most popular regions for Germans during their summer holidays.

The railway line runs through 150 km of memorable scenery between Offenburg and Konstanz, passing through tunnels, pine forests and dark-tipped trees. Landscapes that inspired the local mythology, full of werewolves, witches and elves. The place also served as inspiration for the tales of the Brothers Grimm, remember the forest that Hansel and Gretel were almost devoured by a witch? So, this is the one.

For food lovers, this route is great to taste typical dishes of the region during stops, such as Kalbsrouladen (veal roulade) and the world-renowned Black Forest cake. The dessert was created in this region of Germany and is made with cherry brandy. At the stop in Baden-Baden, the coolest thing is the cuckoo clocks, typical of the city.

On this scenic route, tourists travel on regular trains Deutsche Bahn (DB)

Train travel in Germany

Train travel in Germany: Offenburg. Photo: Jüri Lillemets

Train from Munich to Füssen – Romantic Route

The Munich – Füssen stretch, also known as the Romantic Route, is sought after by those who want to know the oldest and “German” part of Germany. THE Romantic Route travels 325 km and receives around 2 million tourists a year. The cities and towns that make up the route seem to have come out of a fantasy book, the charm and beauty of the landscapes are not matched by anything in the world. The sheer amount of castles and palaces along the way only adds to the illusion of being inside a magical world. One of the castles, Neuschwastein, served as the inspiration for Cinderella's own castle. He is one of the main postcards of the Germany, and is located between the cities of Hohenschwangau and Füssen in southwestern Bavaria.

You can buy the Bayern Ticket, a pass that allows unlimited travel for 1 day in the state of Bavaria and can be used for train journeys from Munich to Füssen (vice versa), costing from 25 euros for one person and the journey lasts an average of two hours.

From Monday to Friday, the Bayern Ticket is only valid after 9 am and runs until 3 am the next day. On Saturdays and Sundays, it's valid all day, starting at zero o'clock. This ticket also entitles you to take a bus from Füssen to nearby Neuschwanstein Castle.

The section is carried out by the company Rail Europe.

Germany train itinerary

Train travel in Germany: Füssen. Photo: Deborah Guber

Train from Munich to Mittenwald

Mittenwald, situated in the Bavarian Alps, almost on the border with Austria, is a paradise for skiers. From Munich the journey takes only 2 hours and trains leave almost every hour. This train trip in Germany passes through stunning landscapes: from Munich, the railway line along the shores of Lake Starnberger, where the “Mad King”, Louis II, was drowned. Then the train goes up the mountain range along the river Isar to Mittenwald.

The city is reputed to be one of the most beautiful in Bavaria, it is known for the production of violins (Klotz, the best in Germany) and for the “paintings in the air” (Lüftlmalere): paintings present on the facades of buildings that represented how rich the property owners were.

The more elaborate the painting, the richer the owner.

Germany train itinerary

Train travel in Germany: Mittenwald. Photo: Angela B.

Castle Route

Rota dos Castelos is considered one of the most traditional holiday routes in Germany. The route takes you on a journey into the Middle Ages – from one castle to the next, from one major attraction to the next, and always following in the footsteps of emperors, kings, princes, medieval knights, dukes and many novels.

This train trip in Germany has more than 70 castles and can be done from Frankfurt to Brussels. The itinerary starts in the city of Frankfurt, on an InterCity Express (ICE) train, the train high-speed German. The first destination is Heidelberg (50-minute journey), where the famous Heidelberg Castle is located, which in the 17th century was considered the eighth wonder of the world.

From there, the tip is to board a local train towards Mannheim, where the Neckar and the Rhine meet and one of the largest baroque palaces in Europe is located.

From Mannheim you should take the Swiss Eurocity train to Cologne. On this one-and-a-half-hour stretch, you will pass the beautiful castles along the River Rhine: Marksburg, Stahleck and Rheinfels, as well as the Eberbach Monastery, where the in-house filming of “The Name of the Rose” was taken, which today is a winery.

train in alamenha

Germany train route: Marksburg Castle. Photo: thinduck42

Train from Berlin to Schöna

For those who want to know the effervescent Berlin, a nice itinerary of train is to go to the municipality of Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna, better known only as Schöna, which is on the border of Germany with the Czech Republic, in the Saxony region.

A tour recommended by many who have explored the Saxon region is the Saxon Switzerland National Park (Sachsische Schweiz National Park), where you can hike through stunning landscapes with its sandstone gorges. The park is about 7 km from the Schöna train station.

there is an hour train from Schöna is Dresden, a city full of cool sightseeing options such as the Volkswagen factory, the Zwinger gardens, a complex of baroque buildings, fountains and gardens, and the Markthalle, a 19th-century market that today houses restaurants, cafes and local product stalls.

Germany train itinerary

Germany train route: Reinhardtsdorf-Schöna. Photo: Hans-Dieter Vesely

Train from Munich to Berchtesgaden

The average travel time between this train journey in Germany is 3 hours and 12 minutes. On a typical weekday, there are 17 trains making this route from Munich to Berchtesgaden Hbf.

THE train from Munich it goes to Freilassing through beautiful landscapes of southern Bavaria. From there, another one leaves train to Berchtesgaden. It's practically getting off one car and getting on the other, all with an indicative sign and a maximum waiting time of 5 minutes.

Berchtesgaden is surrounded by mountains that bring in addition clean and fresh air to the city. The region's lakes and salt mines also play an important role in the natural health treatments offered by the clinics in the region.

Salzheilstollen, is a spa underground, in a salt mine. A small train takes visitors deep into the mountain to an impressive “salt cathedral”.

Germany by Train

Germany train itinerary: Berchtesgaden. Photo: Andreas Mordhorst

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