Can you visit both Universal Orlando parks on the same day? Check out 7 unmissable tips to see the main attractions of the complex in a single day!

Melissa Freitas separated 7 tips for you to get to know two Universal Orlando parks, in Florida, on the same day. Check out the story:

As this trip was very short, I had to adapt and one of the solutions I found was to do the Island's of Adventure park and Universal Studios in just one day, I can already say that I enjoyed it a lot, and in this article I want to leave you some tips who also intend to do so.

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Arrive early at the park

Photo: Melissa Freitas

One of the main tips I can give you is, get there early. When I say that, it's to arrive about 40 minutes before the park's opening time or even before, because it takes time to get to the entrance.

You have to stand in line to pay for parking, park your car, get to the magazine, go through it, then walk to the gate of the chosen park, and whether you like it or not, it takes a while. If you want to make the most of your day at the park, I recommend getting there really early, so you're actually in front of the gates when they open, that way you'll already save a row or two for the main rides.

Have your ticket in hand

Another tip for those who want to enjoy the parks a lot is to buy your ticket online and have them in hand upon arrival, I say this because some people decide to buy their tickets on the day, and that's why they waste time in line to do this purchase.

So keep that in mind and buy in advance, even if this is the day before.

Buy the Universal Express Unlimited Pass

Photo: Melissa Freitas

The Express pass is a pass that entitles you to use a special line at most attractions in the park, so you spend much less time on them.

On my last two trips to Orlando I was able to use the Universal Express Pass and I was surprised by it, I want to go back in time and buy it on all my visits to the park in the past. By using it, I had access to a special line at practically all attractions, and the waiting time in these lines was infinitely shorter.

Plan your attractions

Photo: Melissa Freitas

Having a plan for your day at the park, when your time is short, can be an excellent idea.

My tip is to plan before you go. First, go to the official website and make a basic itinerary of the main attractions you want to go to.

Making this planning is very simple and doesn't take a lot of time, it's worth taking a look at it.

Leave the attractions that wet for the end

Photo: Melissa Freitas

Everyone knows that water attractions are fun, but some can get much more wet than others.

With that in mind, leaving these attractions for the end of the day is a good strategy, because that way you only spend time changing clothes and drying off, once. However, on cold days, it is worth choosing to make these toys at the hottest time of the day.

Set your priorities at each park

Photo: Disclosure

It's also important to keep your priorities in mind for the day, because if any queue takes longer than usual, or lunch and snacks take longer than expected, you won't miss out on the most desired attractions.

So, if you notice that the itinerary is taking longer than planned, remove some attractions that are not so important to you, and focus on your priorities so you don't miss out on them.

Remember where you parked to avoid perrengues

Remember this tip very well so you don't get stuck later. I say this because when you arrive at the park, the euphoria is too much to run and enter soon, and that's why many don't remember where they parked their cars.

The problem is that the parking lots at the parks are huge, and it's very easy to forget where you left it. My tip is to photograph your parking session, I guarantee you this will help you a lot when you are leaving. 

Finally, I hope this post was helpful, and that it helps you in planning your next visit to Universal Studios Orlando. Visiting two parks in the same day is an adventure, I was able to make the most of this day, which despite being tiring, was wonderful. However, if you have the possibility, I recommend booking a day for each park and doing everything more calmly.

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