Traveler Review Awards 2021 ranking highlighted Minas Gerais as one of the 10 most welcoming regions in the world 

What makes a destination welcoming? The hospitality of the people, quiet and charming places, a rich and affective gastronomy. According to travelers from all over the world, these are characteristics easily found in the cities of Minas Gerais.

The Brazilian destination was elected as one of the 10 most welcoming regions in the world, according to the ranking of Traveler Review Awards 2021, released annually by the hosting platform

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Minas Gerais is elected one of the 10 most welcoming regions in the world

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The awards listed the winners based on the reviews of the properties that travelers made on, after their stay, according to their experiences and what they value most within the evaluated categories.

As in other editions, the ranking of the 10 global regions stands out for containing cozy and receptive destinations, with inhospitable visuals. Check out the published list:

  1. Taitung Country (Taiwan)
  2. Prešovský kraj (Slovakia)
  3. Oberösterreich (Austria)
  4. Tasmania (Australia)
  5. Canterbury (New Zealand)
  6. Nova Scotia (Canada)
  7. Chubut (Argentina)
  8. O'Higgins (Chile)
  9. Iowa (United States)
  10. Mines general (Brazil)

And you, do you agree that Minas Gerais is one of the most welcoming destinations in the world?

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