A small oasis in the middle of the savannah, the Rio Azuis is 147 meters long and has a lot of beauty

Imagine a small river with crystal blue waters with an enchanting view all around. so is the blue river, in Aurora do Tocantins, a municipality located 535 km from palms.

Considered the smallest river in the Latin America and the third smallest in the world, its 147 meters in length are more than enough to stand out in the midst of the landscape. Its ice-cold waters and an incredible bluish hue form perfect pools for a refreshing bath.

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Photo: Thiago Sá/Government of Tocantins

little piece of paradise

You can walk the entire length of the Rio Azuis in just 200 steps. That way you can get an idea of how small it really is. But there is a reason it is considered a river: its flow of approximately 11,000 liters of water per second.

The attraction is also suitable for families with children, as the waters of the river are very calm and shallow. In the space there are also restaurants that serve typical foods of the region and inns for those who want to stay.

An important tip is that, as it is a very small watercourse, tourist awareness must be redoubled. If you have the opportunity to visit this small oasis, collaborate with the local cleaning and enjoy only the essentials: the unique beauty of the place.

Photo: DianesGomes/ Wikimeadia Commons

In addition to blue river, the municipality of Aurora de Tocantins concentrates other natural beauties, such as caves, waterfalls and dunes, making it a perfect place for those who like to discover new destinations surrounded by lots of nature.

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