A 200 meters high cave, a lake with crystal clear waters, with a tone that oscillates between the blue turquoise and emerald green depending on the time of year, one of the best diving spots in the Mato Grosso. THE Miraculous Water Doline fascinates everyone who visits it.

THE lagoon is about 25 km from the center of Cáceres, in the Piraputanga region at the back of a private property. To access the cave, the visitor needs to walk a light trail of 850 meters and then descend an irregular staircase of more than 150 steps. The effort is worth it. With a mysterious environment and connected to nature, the place is of positive energy for those looking for rest and disconnect from the routine of the city.

During the months of April to September, visibility in the water can reach 60 meters, but it will not be enough to see the bottom of the lagoon. The most a diver reached was 182 meters deep, not reaching the end. As it is not known how the crater formed, some believe that the fact that it cannot reach the bottom means that the lagoon is a portal to another dimension used by extraterrestrials.

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The rumors about Miraculous Water Doline don't stop there. It gets its name because, for the residents of the region, the water has incredible medicinal properties, being able to cure skin, kidney and liver diseases, even cancer.

Whether its waters have all this power is unknown, but the landscape, composed of typical Cerrado vegetation, is certainly divine.

Photo: Chico Valdiner

Photo: Marla Diamante


Photo: Beto Garavello

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