With 32 meters high and a lot of nature around it, Miroku Tower is one hour from Avenida Paulista

You know that perfect weekend outing to recharge your batteries? In Ribeirão Pires, metropolitan region of Sao Paulo, is the Miroku's Tower, a replica of the Horyu-Ji Temple, of Japan, built to be a space of contemplation, beauty and peace close to nature.

Photo: Gabriel Mazzo

The good news is that the place is a very accessible tour option for those who are in Sao Paulo, since the Miroku's Tower is approximately one hour from Paulista Avenue.

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How is the tour to Miroku Tower?

access to Miroku's Tower is carried out by means of an own vessel that leaves every hour and sails through the Billings Dam. The journey begins in an oriental climate aboard a Japanese boat with a golden dragon at the bow.

Photo: Gabriel Mazzo

This is a time to enjoy the scenery, as the round trip takes 40 minutes amidst a lot of nature and beautiful scenery.

The complex of Miroku's Tower It has 75 square meters that also house a chapel, a zen garden, mini waterfall, koi pond and lots of greenery, all with the aim of awakening peace and connection.

The tower has a total height of 32.5 meters and the roof, superimposed on five floors, was made in the pattern of the Japanese construction tradition, without the use of nails and screws, very similar to building blocks. More than 15,000 tiles enameled with liquid gold were used to build the tower's roofs.

inside the Miroku's Tower it is possible to observe a sculpture of 8 meters of height of Hinode Kannon, a deity who freely saves peoples. The image was sculpted by Cicero D'Avilla, famous sculptor, and is gold-plated. The stained glass windows located inside the Tower were created by the artist Lilian Bomeny.

Photographs are allowed throughout the exterior of the Miroko Complex, but inside, visitors are advised not to take pictures.

The Origin of Miroku's Tower

THE Miroku's Tower it is the temple of the Luz do Oriente religion and it was the faithful who built it. The project began to be conceived at the beginning of the year 2000, but the works started only in 2005. Miroku's Tower it took over 12 years to complete and was only opened to the public in August 2018.

How to visit Miroku Tower?

THE Miroku's Tower open from Thursday to Sunday, from 10 am to 4 pm (last boat return to the pier). To purchase tickets, an appointment must be made through the website of the Uakatour agency, the only one with accreditation to carry out the tour. The entrance fee is R$ 80 and students pay half.

+ Info
Miroku's Tower
Avenida Palmira, 450, Bairro Represa, Ribeirão Pires
Phone: (11) 97418-8988

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