Beco Hexagonal Restaurant: new Harry Potter themed restaurant opens in Moema and offers a magical experience

For fans of books and movies of the famous little wizard Harry Potter, The Hexagonal Alley Restaurant, located in Moema, is a themed cafeteria of the saga that promises to make you fall in love and relive all the adventures of the plot.

The restaurant opened on the 15th of July and less than a week later there was already a long queue at 1:30 am. According to the owner, the reason for this success was a video shared on Tik Tok featuring the space, which went viral on the internet and Harry Potter fans quickly found the place.

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moema themed restaurant

Photo: via Veja SP

According to an interview given to Veja magazine, the owner claims to have made an investment of approximately 1.5 million reais to transform the environment into a themed space from Harry Potter.

Harry Potter themed restaurant in Moema

The space

Photo: via abelaeobigode

There are 500 square meters inspired and decorated with objects that refer to the universe of Harry Potter. The place has a total capacity for 189 people, and throughout the house, customers are faced with medieval furniture and objects, or even sounds like the crackling of coal in the fake fireplace. In addition, the Hexagonal Alley Restaurant It also has a shop with products from the characters in the book.

The restaurant attracts attention right at the entrance, as all the staff are well dressed and you will win a magic wand that serves as the restaurant's command. The place is fully themed, with snack menu named after a character, fries, drink bubbles, and dessert melted in a potion pot.

Customers will be able to choose to sit between the Rubrum lounges which are an allusion to Grinfrinoria and Viridi which are an allusion to Slytherin, or to eat in the refectory or in the garden outside. The lounges are on the second floor of the space, which also has a bathroom with a huge sink inspired by the movie “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. The other bathroom has a door reminiscent of London's famous telephone booths.

New Harry Potter themed restaurant in São Paulo. Photo: via abelaeobigode

Who decided to stay in the outdoor area of the restaurant next to the bar and taproom that offer drinks presented in magic potions with different soaps, including green apple, tangerine, blueberry, lemon and beer.


harry potter restaurant in moema

Photo: Disclosure

On the menu, the visitor finds the starters, the house fries and other options such as onion rings. Among the salads, amethyst stands out with its mix of iceberg lettuce, cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella, orange, basil and olive pesto.

For hamburgers we have the option of Garold (brioche bun, hamburger, gorgonzola, cucumber and arugula relish), Flamel (Australian bread, hamburger, cheddar and cucumber relish), and Merlin (Australian bread, hamburger, cheddar, onion caramelized and bacon).

harry potter restaurant sao paulo

New Harry Potter themed restaurant in São Paulo. Photo: Disclosure

To end your visit with a flourish, the golden pomo (cookie with chocolate syrup) and the Albus Cup (lemon ice cream, fruit cream and chocolate frog) are great dessert options!

More information:

Hexagonal Alley Restaurant
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 19:00 to 23:00.
Address: Rua Gaivota, 1112, Moema

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