The promise is that the journey from CPTM to Guarulhos Airport will be done in just 6 minutes and without charging an extra fee, making life easier for travelers 

Those traveling from São Paulo face some difficulty getting to Guarulhos Airport, either because of the distance from the train lines CPTM (São Paulo Metropolitan Train Company) or the high price of parking. But that will change with the construction of the monorail, which should be ready by 2024.

The work, which has been postponed for years, will finally get off the ground, after the federal government signed the contract to complete rail access to Guarulhos Airport in early September of this year. The construction of the monorail should begin in 2022 and will receive investment from the private sector, through an amendment to the airport concession contract.

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What will the monorail to Guarulhos Airport look like?

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Dubbed the People Mover, the monorail will use light trains with national technology and no emission of pollutants and will connect CPTM's Line-13 Jade to the three terminals at GRU Airport. There will be four stops: CPTM Station, Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.

In total, the journey will take just 6 minutes and passengers will leave the train car inside the terminal. Today, it is necessary to take a bus to go from the CPTM station to the airport.

The monorail will also make life easier for those arriving in the capital of São Paulo through Gru Airport, as it will make it possible to travel in less time, avoiding the traffic on the roads that connect Guarulhos to the city.

According to the government announcement, the project will use 3 light vehicles that will simultaneously transport 2,000 passengers per hour, in each direction. They will move over a channel through air pressure, generated by electric motors installed along the track.

The model chosen is similar to the one used at Porto Alegre Airport and in several other countries. In the United States, the JFK AirTrain in New York, the Las Vegas Monorail, the Metromover, the MIA Mover in Miami, the Seattle Center Monorail and the Disneyworld Monorail in Orlando use the same technology as the People Mover.

Monorail to Guarulhos is an old promise

Initially scheduled to start operating in 2005, the promise of a connection between CPTM and Guarulhos Airport is expected both by travelers departing from São Paulo and by those arriving in the city of São Paulo.

Currently, to go to Gru Airport by public transport, it is necessary to go to Aeroporto station, on line 13-Jade, and from there, board a free bus that leaves passengers at the airport. It is worth noting that, after leaving the CPTM, passengers have to go down a platform, carrying their bags, to catch the bus that takes them to the terminal.

However, before CPTM line 13 was completed in 2018, it was even more difficult. The connection was made from buses coming from train and subway stations further away from the airport.

However, the delivery of line 13-Jade did not effectively solve the problem of access to Guarulhos Airport. The original project called for the train to arrive very close to terminal 3 of the airport, but today the last station on the line is more than 1 km away. Therefore, there is a need to extend the link with the monorail. The works are expected to begin in January 2022 and last for about 2 years.

What is Guarulhos Airport like?

Largest airport in Brazil, the São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport – Governor André Franco Montoro, also known as Guarulhos Airport or Gru Airport, is also the second busiest in Latin America in terms of passengers transported, after Mexico City International Airport, and one of the 30 busiest in the world.

It brings together most international airlines, so if you're going to travel out of the country, chances are you'll pass through it at some point. About 50 million passengers pass through the airport each year and there are about 830 arrivals and departures daily. The airport is located on the Hélio Smidt highway, s/nº and has three passenger departure terminals.

Terminal 1 operates flights of the Brazilian airline Azul, has 34 check-in counters and 9 boarding gates. Terminal 2 concentrates the operations and domestic flights of Gol, Itapemirim, Latam and VoePass. In it, there are also some international airlines, such as Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeroméxico, Air Europa, Avianca, Boliviana de Aviación, Copa Airlines, Ethiopian, Royal Air Maroc, TAAG, Sky Airline and Flybondi.

Terminal 3 houses Latam's international operations, in addition to most foreign companies: Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Alitalia, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Emirates, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Qatar, Swiss, TAP , Turkish and United. Both terminals 2 and 3 occupy three floors, where you can find shops, restaurants and various services, such as ATMs, pharmacies and the Post Office.

Located in the city of Guarulhos, the airport is 25 km from the capital of São Paulo and is accessible by both highways and public transport, as mentioned above.

For those traveling by car, Guarulhos airport is close to the Presidente Dutra and Ayrton Senna highways, with access to them from the Hélio Smidt highway. On normal days, with no traffic, the journey between the air terminal and the center of São Paulo takes about half an hour. But you have to be careful, because at peak times, there will certainly be traffic on the Marginal do Tietê – an important connection route with the city of São Paulo.

Those who choose public transport to get to or from Guarulhos Airport, in addition to CPTM's 13-Jade line, can board one of the buses departing from the urban terminal of GRU Airport, which is located on the East Arrivals floor of Terminal 2. The Airport Bus Service has departures at various times of the day to Congonhas Airport, Praça da República, Tietê and Barra Funda Bus Terminals and the Circuito dos Hotéis Av. Paulista/Augusta.

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