On the easternmost coast of the falcon state and northeast of sad gulf, in the western part of Venezuela, is the Morrocoy National Park, which was named a national park in May 1974 and which has an important number of beautiful and paradisiacal beaches that delight its visitors. In addition, in the surroundings of beautiful Morrocoy, there are traditional populations such as the Aroa, Tucacas, Sanare, Chichiriviche, Flamenco y Tocuyo de la Costa.


This is one of the many places you can visit in Venezuela, an internationally recognized country highlighted by specialized portals such as BestDay, among the best paradisiacal places in the world.

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Its territory has areas of land and water and includes areas with mangroves and islets (Borracho, Sombrero, Peraza, Sal, Peraza, among others) and white sand beaches (Mero, Paiclás, Punta Brava, Mayorquina, Playuela, Playuelita, Sur, Norte, Boca Seca, Playa Muerto y muchas más; as well as lowlands – without orilla – such as Bajo Caimán, Tucupido and Los Juanes), whose waters are completely crystalline.


To be able to reach most of these places, you must use a speedboat, which is your own, pay for the service of one of the many that are on the dock and there are even hotels that have a crib and provide the service. And as one cannot forget, there is the possibility of camping in each of the beaches.

Cuare Wildlife Refuge

In addition, Morrocoy, thanks to its biodiversity and beauty, not only has beaches, but also many natural landscapes that serve to delight visitors. places like the Cuare Wildlife Refuge, where you can see white herons and corocoras and which contains the Caves of the Indian, where you can see hieroglyphics made by indigenous people.

Also, it is possible to observe a great number of tourists, both national and foreign, who approach to be able to enjoy its great variety of beaches and natural landscapes and without forgetting that when containing reefs and groups of corals, it is possible to practice Snorkeling and diving.

The temperature varies between 27 and 35 °C, product of the trade winds of the east and with low possibilities of rain, being only November and December in the months with the biggest amount of precipitation.

venezuela beaches

One of your starting points is chichiriviche, where as soon as you reach the pier, you can see islets from there you can reach Cayo Muerto, Cayo Peraza, Cayo Sal, Cayo Pelón, Cayo Sombrero, among others. Arriving at night, you can dine in one of the restaurants near the jetty and in the stands that sell handicrafts.

the other point is Tucacas, where you can reach the following beaches: Cayo Sombrero, Cayo Boca Seca, Playuelita, Playuela, Playa Sur, Playa Norte, Paiclás, Los Juanes and Las Ánimas. Ponta Brava is also accessed via a bridge, the closest to the coast and the only one with vehicular access.

How to get

In order to reach Morrocoy from Caracas, take the Autopista Regional del Centro to the Dealer in Gaucara, which is about 140 km, from there it goes down to Porto Cabelo through Yagua. Then, go up to Palito and continue to Morón and finally, head towards Tucacas and after about 40 km, you arrive at Morrocoy National Park.

While, from Barquisimeto, the Cimarrón Andresote highway is taken, which ends at Redoma de Palma Alone, from there it passes through the Petroquímica de Morón via Tucacas.

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