Discover the most beautiful cities to visit in Brazil. Surely these Brazilian places need to be on your “dream destinations” list.

Many people believe that you have to travel far to know paradisiac places seen mostly in movies. However, it must be understood that the Brazil, with its continental proportions, is rich in beauty, both urban and natural, to please those who love to pack their bags to discover new places. Get ready to discover – and be enchanted by – the 20 most beautiful cities in Brazil; who knows, you might not find your next vacation destination, right?


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For most people, it is difficult to think about Rio Grande do Sul and not think about Gramado. This association is very understandable, since the city and all its European charm – a result of the strong German immigration in the region – is considered the most charming in the Serra Gaúcha, which attracts tourists from all over Brazil and the whole world.

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Among the great attractions of Lawn is the fact that the city caters to the tastes of all types of travelers! Do you want to enjoy an architecture full of charm, enjoy delicious dishes – whether sweet or savory – and enjoy nature? So this should be your next vacation destination!

For those who prefer to escape the coastal hustle and, of course, economy, it is worth noting that the period between January and April is the best time to get to know the region.

green Hill

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Located specifically in Serra da Mantiqueira, green Hill can be summed up in just one word: charm! The city is especially popular for those who enjoy lower temperatures even in summer and are looking for the tranquility of the mountains. The place is a great alternative for those who are passionate about Campos do Jordão and Serra Gaúcha, but who are looking for other travel alternatives, especially in high seasons.

As the city is very popular in winter, spending a few days in the mountains during the hottest days of the year can be an option that doesn't weigh so much on your pocket. And although the temperature does not rise much even in summer, it is necessary to be aware of the heavy rains so common in the south of Minas Gerais during this period.

The main highlights and attractions of green Hill are its gastronomy and nature, which makes the region much sought after by adventure lovers. Horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking trails, abseiling and much more: all of this can be found at green Hill. When it comes to food, it is possible to find from traditional Minas Gerais cuisine to typical European dishes.

Birds of different species are scattered throughout Monter Verde. In fact, a place worth visiting during the trip is the Casa dos Beija-Flores, which is nothing less than the largest collection of hummingbirds in Latin America. Another place that certainly cannot be left out of your list when traveling to the south of Minas Gerais is to enjoy the view from the top of Pedra Redonda, as it will certainly be an image that will be forever marked in the memory of the traveler.

Campos do Jordão

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Thought of winter, thought of Campos do Jordão. The city is a traditional destination during the coldest months of the year in Brazil. But, contrary to what many people think, the region is amazing and a great destination at any time of the year. Of course, in winter, “Brazilian Switzerland” has a more special charm, after all, there are the famous winter malls, which only open during this time, some special attractions, such as the Winter Festival and, of course, the opportunity to taste the delicious fondues.

For travelers thinking of enjoying the city in low season, in addition to the opportunity to enjoy the region with a quieter movement and without traffic, after all, there are few tourists at this time, and save with the prices of inns and restaurants, which are very different from those applied in winter, it is possible to discover a totally different Campos do Jordão: full of flowers and green.

And since the subject is nature, the place can also be a good destination option especially for those who don't give up traveling with their four-legged best friend, that's because many trails accept pets. Don't want to give up shopping and enjoy the best restaurants and bars in town? No problem, because in the summer many places accept the furry ones, after all, it's much better when everyone has fun! In addition, venturing into Campos do Jordão during the hottest days of the year can be a much more economical option, thus making it much easier to enjoy all that the city has to offer.


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Beach lovers, of course, cannot miss the coast of Ceará. Jericoacoara has attractions that leave everyone enchanted and counting the days to return to the Ceará.

For those who think that “the beach is all the same”, they have not yet visited Jericoacoara! Anyone who has a hobby of researching everything about travel, especially in Brazil, must have already come across the famous photos of people resting and enjoying a sunny day in a hammock on the water: this is the Blue Lagoon. One of the most famous tourist spots in the village, it attracts travelers a lot because of its fine sand, the blue (which can be greener in the pool depending on the time of year) and the calm of the waters.

The destination, which is not new on the list of “places to visit” for Brazilians, let alone for gringos, is well known for its leisure options, but also for its cuisine. Fish, couscous, crepes and much more: there's no way to complain about Jeri's food.

As the region is famous for being bathed in year-round sunshine, there's no bad time to make this trip!

Angra dos Reis

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The dream of many people around the world is to enjoy a few days in the Rio de Janeiro. But often, when thinking about this true postcard of Brazil, it is necessary to look a little beyond the capital of Rio de Janeiro. One of the most beautiful destinations in the state, Angra do Reis, has paradisiacal islands with tour options for all types of people.

With 365 islands and more than 1000 beaches – from the most peaceful and isolated to even the most popular –, the destination is the best option for those who enjoy nature, sun and sea. Have you ever thought about taking a schooner tour through beautiful islands and, best of all, without spending a lot? This is just one of the many options for tours that can be done in Angra dos Reis!


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Due to its paradisiacal beaches, the Northeast is one of the favorite destinations to enjoy summer vacations, but as the sun and heat are constant in the region, there is no bad time to make this trip: just organize the days off, the finances and done. Among the most sought after cities is Maceió which, in addition to its natural attractions and beautiful beaches, is one of the favorite destinations, mainly because of the good service in the establishments, something that makes all the difference when deciding on a place to enjoy a few days of rest, after all, nobody wants to go through troubles during this period.

For those who travel to the place for the first time, you cannot miss the Pajuçara waterfront, which is full of handicraft fairs and has all the commerce aimed at tourism. And since the subject is Pajuçara, we could not fail to mention its main attraction on the beach: the jangada tour. When the tide is low (which usually happens in the early hours of the morning or at dusk) several rafts depart towards the natural pools of crystal clear waters. The best thing is that, currently, many jangadeiros already have adapted boats so that people with reduced mobility are not left out on the tourist tour.

safe harbor

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It's very difficult to think about safe harbor without thinking about trancoso! With beautiful beaches, exuberant nature, nightlife and varied commerce, the destination is a real invitation to tourists from all over the world. With so much authenticity, the village is full of attractions of all kinds, including the Quadrado, a place full of colorful houses – which, over time, turned into shops and restaurants –, a church, a viewpoint and the beach next to it. background, that is, a perfect setting to take the best photos and, of course, create great memories. When visiting, be sure to enjoy the sunset from the viewpoint, as it will be unforgettable.

In Trancoso it is possible to do everything: rest, walk, party and enjoy a lot. But, whoever goes to the south of Bahia, also cannot fail to visit the beaches, which are among the most beautiful in the Brazilian Northeast. One of the most beautiful is Praia do Espelho, which with a cinematic look, surrounded by reddish cliffs, is a great choice for those who want to enjoy relaxing days in front of the sea.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a trip is to know everything about the region and its people, get plenty of rest and get rid of all the stress of a year full of work, right? But one thing is for sure: nothing better to reduce any level of stress than having a nice meal. With fresh ingredients, lots of fish, seafood and a touch of palm oil, the flavors of Trancoso have made the region's cuisine a highlight.


Most beautiful cities in Brazil

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Well known for its festivals, paraty is a famous destination in Rio de Janeiro. But what many people don't know is that it's not just literary parties, book launches, workshops and debates that the municipality lives, no! The region is also full of breathtaking beauties that cannot be left out of the travel itinerary.

Just imagine visiting an almost deserted place with always transparent water? This is the Mamanguá bag, where it is possible to make dives to observe all the marine diversity. And for those who are curious to know some of the islands in the region, it is possible to take some boat and speedboat trips. Can't spend a lot? On the bridge in the Historic Center it is possible to find several boatmen and negotiate directly with them the value of the tours.

One of the most famous festivals in the city is the Festival da Cachaça, after all, it is the typical product of Paraty. What many people don't know is that it is possible to get to know the city through the flavors of its artisanal drinks by visiting the stills spread across the region. In addition to the desire to drink a good cachaça, visiting these places is a way to strengthen the artisanal tradition that survives and resists over the years.

Black gold

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If you are wrong who summarizes Black gold a, simply, a city of Brazilian history. Far beyond its colonial architecture and famous slopes, the city of Minas Gerais is full of festivals and exhibitions, which make it have a unique culture. The first city in Brazil to earn the title of Cultural Heritage by Unesco is worth a visit just for helping tourists understand the importance of different historical personalities.

Among the places that the traveler cannot miss is the Passagem Mine, which, with its 315 meters long and 120 meters deep, is the largest gold mine open to visitors in the world, and, of course, the Church of São Francisco de Assis, one of Aleijadinho's masterpieces in a partnership with Mestre Athaíde.


Most beautiful cities in Brazil

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One of the postcards from Minas Gerais, diamond It is a destination rich in natural and historical beauties, thus attracting many tourists, especially those who do not want to go on ecological tours, as the region is well known for its numerous waterfalls.

One of the main attractions in the region, the Biriri State Park has a nature full of surprises, including the Sentinela and Critais waterfalls. As both are easily accessible, it is worth venturing out along the trails to find them and enjoy a simply unforgettable day. A tip for those who like to swim is to visit during the winter, since in the dry season, the waterfalls lose strength and the waterfalls are practically non-existent.


Most beautiful cities in Brazil

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With its imperial atmosphere (which is a real plunge into the 19th century) and its vast green area, Petrópolis cannot be left out of the itinerary of those who visit Rio de Janeiro. One of the great advantages of visiting the place is that, as most tourist attractions are concentrated, it is possible to see everything on foot.

Being in a mountainous region, the climate of Petrópolis is mild throughout the year, but it has a more rigorous winter. For those looking for just peace, the city is the right choice, as it is full of charming inns and first-class cuisine (with several award-winning restaurants). For those looking for new adventures, the destination is perfect! At the Imperial Museum, the first mandatory stop for visitors, it is possible to see various relics of the Second Reign, enjoy a day in the beautiful garden that belonged to the royal family and even ride a buggy. One cannot forget that the city is part of the Rota Cervejeira do Rio, so visiting the old Bohemia beer factory – the first in Brazil – cannot be left out of the itinerary.


Most beautiful cities in Brazil

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If the traveler is looking for sun and sea, the destination is right: beaches in the Brazilian Northeast. And it is impossible to talk about the region without thinking about Christmas, which is one of the most sought after destinations on the coast of large northern river. Ponta Negra beach, the main one in the city, has a beautiful view, great restaurants, exciting nightlife and the famous Morro do Careca, one of the most famous dunes in the country and a postcard in the region. For those who are not big fans of salt water, there is the possibility of visiting the peaceful lagoons of the city, especially the Pitangui lagoon, well known for its excellent infrastructure.

One thing is for sure: you can't travel to Natal and not take a buggy ride, right? Whether it's a quick tour, full of emotion or calm, just to enjoy the paradisiacal scenery, this tour will surely be unforgettable.


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When a person thinks about Santa Catarina, automatically thinks of oktoberfest, correct? Well, the most famous German party city in the Americas goes far beyond that! The region is perfect to be visited at any time of the year, but it is in winter that all the charm of German colonization and its historic buildings gain a very special European charm.

The most famous address blumenau is the Parque da Vila Germânica, a replica of a German village filled with restaurants (with several excellent German dishes) and shops where you can buy everything (such as costumes, souvenirs to take home and special sauces). Few people know, but since 1994 the city has hosted Festitália, a week-long event that highlights the best of Italian cuisine.

Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Bruna Prado / MTUR

The Marvelous City is one of the postcards of Brazil and that's why it attracts tourists from all over the world. Of course, for those traveling to the city for the first time, you can't miss the sights, which are many! Only in this way, at the end of the trip, will the person pack their bags with the feeling of accomplishment.

Beach, exuberant nature, culture and bohemia: the Rio de Janeiro It has a little bit of everything to please the most different types of travelers. Visiting Christ the Redeemer, one of the seven wonders of the world, is a must for anyone visiting the capital of Rio de Janeiro. When climbing the Corcovado hill and admiring the entire city, it is easier to understand why this is one of the destinations that most attracts tourists throughout the year.

For those who do not give up enjoying the day on the beach and also the night in Rio, you cannot miss visiting Lapa, a neighborhood full of bars, restaurants, concert halls and parties for all tastes and styles where the night seems never to have The end. The Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, also located in the central region of the city, is a great option for entertainment; just keep an eye on the schedule to enjoy a play, exhibition, concerts and even movie shows


Most beautiful cities in Brazil

Most beautiful cities in Brazil. Photo: Bruno Lima / MTUR

It's impossible to think about the city of Pernambuco without automatically thinking about frevo, maracatu and a cuisine full of colors and flavors, isn't it? The first thing you need to understand about Olinda: there is never a lack of reasons to have a good party! So much so that the city's Carnival is one of the most famous in Brazil and recognized worldwide for the parades of the famous Puppets of Olinda, which take to the streets with the revelers.

Speaking of this great party, tourists who intend to travel during these days off cannot miss the Galo da Madrugada, which is the biggest Carnival block on the planet! Before venturing out, you just need to prepare yourself well to walk on the slopes of the city; then just enjoy the music and all the revelry.

For those who don't give up on immersing themselves in the city's culture, you can't miss the Mamulengo Museum, which has a collection of more than 100,000 wooden dolls that are representatives of popular Northeastern culture and the Igreja da Sé, which is the headquarters of Olinda and, as it is at one of the highest points in the city, it has an incredible view of the sea.

The cuisine is one of the reasons that make the trip to the unmissable place! From stuffed couscous to a snack on the beach: the delicacies are simply mouthwatering. And, of course, one cannot forget the traditional bolo de rolo, which is so famous that it has become Pernambuco's Intangible Heritage.

Fernando de Noronha

Photo: Bruno Lima / MTUR

A breathtaking island, Fernando de Noronha is one of the most coveted destinations in Brazil. The Pernambuco archipelago is a true paradise and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. One thing is certain: Noronha's beauty in the photos is real, not just the result of a good camera angle; thus, anyone who knows the island guarantees that this is an unforgettable destination.

Those who dream of taking a trip to the place certainly don't want to miss the opportunity to see dolphins. For this, it is recommended to take a boat trip, since the visit to Baía dos Golfinhos is limited to the viewpoint. In addition, another tour that cannot be missed on the list of those who decide to visit this destination is to take a dive to get to know the marine fauna and flora of the region. There is no better way to “noronha” than this.

For travelers who dream of this trip, but leave it aside because of the prices, know that it is possible to get to know Pernambuco's paradise without spending too much! The first tip is to visit during the low season (which takes place between the months of April and May), which is the time when there are not many tourists in Noronha and, thus, it is possible to negotiate discounts.


Most beautiful cities in Brazil. Photo: Caio Vilela / MTur

For most travelers looking for the beach to spend a few days on vacation, it is not easy to choose a destination, after all, the Brazilian coast is full of beautiful cities. Those who already have the south of the country as their destination, cannot fail to know Florianopolis, a city that looks like a metropolis, but which has preserved forests and more than 100 beaches of all types – some more popular and others quiet – so that the traveler is enchanted and can enjoy a lot of rest days.

As the city is responsible for about 80% of oyster production in Brazil, you can already have an idea that it is impossible to travel to the region without tasting this delicacy. Also, the tadinha on the grill is a true classic! In this way, tourists who are passionate about seafood already have a few more reasons not to miss visiting Floripa.

Although the north of the island is the most popular region among tourists, it is in the south of the capital of Santa Catarina that tourists will find beaches preserved from human action, such as Lagoinha do Leste, for example, which can be considered a real treasure. of the city.


Photo: Renato Soares / MTur

The European influence in several cities in the south of Brazil is undeniable, among them is pomerode, city of Santa Catarina, which is known as the most German in the country. Among the main influences of these immigrants are the houses, built using the half-timbered technique – whose main feature is the intertwining of wooden boards – that catches the attention of all visitors as soon as they arrive in the region.

The city's exuberant Atlantic Forest is a separate attraction for tourists who prefer to stroll through scenarios full of flora and fauna. Due to this adventurous scenario, Pomerode is a true free flight hub in Brazil.

It is impossible to talk about a place with so much German influence without mentioning the gastronomy. There, tourists have the opportunity to try typical food that conquers even the most demanding stomachs; Cuca, preserves, jams and craft beer are just some of the items that ensure travelers keep coming back to the region. During the month of September it is possible to enjoy the Pomerode Bierfest, an event that counts with the participation of breweries from European Valley.


Photo: via saopaulosemmesmice

When it comes to Brazilian floriculture, the first word that comes to people's minds is Holambra. But the city cannot be summed up in “flowers”, no! As you can already see in the name, the region has several similarities with Holland, so the tourist can expect to come across beautiful colorful houses, people riding bicycles and windmills when visiting the city.

Known as the “National Capital of Flowers”, there is no doubt that one of the best times to visit the city is during spring, when the streets are full of flowers and colors. It is at this time that Exploflora takes place, which is the largest exhibition of flowers and plants in Latin America.

But, it is important to note that the city is a great destination throughout the year! A simple visit to the Museum of Culture and History of Holambra to better understand how Dutch immigration took place in Brazil and visit the Moinho dos Povos Unidos are great options for those who like to know the local culture.


Most beautiful cities in Brazil. Photo: Augusto Miranda / MTur

Despite being a little known city, Pirenopolis is a region of great historical and cultural value in Goiás. The city is full of natural beauties, such as waterfalls and crystal-clear rivers, but it also has a characteristic charm of historic cities and, therefore, is the kind of place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

“Piri”, as it is known, has attractions for travelers who enjoy day and night. That's because Rua do Lazer is full of bars and restaurants, and a true meeting point for tourists and locals alike.

A visit to the Pyrenees National Park cannot be left out of the list of “things to do in the city”. That's because those who venture on the attraction trail know the waterfalls of Garganta and Coqueiro, and have the opportunity to swim in natural pools. In addition, on Pico dos Pirineus, it is possible to find a chapel dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Simply a tour for no one to fault.

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