Mountain, historic, trendy cities: there are countless possibilities when it comes to the state of Rio de Janeiro! See the most beautiful cities to visit in RJ

When thinking about taking a trip to Brazil, the Rio de Janeiro it is certainly one of the most desired destinations and the gateway to the country. Especially for its capital, departing from the Marvelous City it is possible to find places of all kinds, for all tastes and travel styles.

Natural beauties, historic cities, islands and paradisiacal beaches, clubbing nights with lots of parties and quiet cities in the mountain region and also on the coast. For sure, there is always a perfect place to meet and enjoy a few days of rest. How about getting to know some of the most beautiful cities in the state of Rio de Janeiro to make your days unforgettable even before you pack your bags?

Cable camp

Photo: Gustavo Messina / Ascom / MTur

Because of its crystal clear waters and white sand, Cable camp known as the “Brazilian Caribbean”. Thus, it is already possible to have an idea that the city is really charming.

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Of course, as it is a city in Rio de Janeiro, travelers cannot leave out of the itinerary to visit some of the beaches in the region, which are considered the most beautiful in Brazil.

Among them, the Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia, considered the most famous in the city. The landscape worthy of a true cinematographic paradise makes the tourist, as soon as he sees the image, only think of one thing: taking a dip in those blue waters.

Adventurers cannot fail to take boat and kayak trips to get to know the beauties of the city better. In fact, the region is perfect for those who want to learn to dive, as the clear waters allow perfect visibility of marine life, caves, shipwrecks and corals at very affordable prices.

For travelers passionate about museums, don't think that Arraial do Cabo is all about beaches, no! The Oceanographic Museum has a large collection of research on aquatic flora and fauna. So, surprisingly, it is worth a visit for those who are curious to know more about life at sea.


Photo: MTur Disclosure

Traditional and full of news: this can be a summary of paraty. With its colonial architecture, lush green landscape and calm sea, the city is a true paradise for tourists and, of course, a place that cannot be left out of the list of destinations to be explored in Brazil.

Walking through the cobbled streets of the Historic Center of the city is a great way to get to know some local art, some secrets, little-known places and, of course, taste a good cachaça, the drink that is absolute queen in the region. By the way, whoever travels in August, the low season, cannot miss the Festival da Pinga.

It is impossible to talk about Paraty without talking about FLIP (Paraty International Literary Festival). The festival takes place annually in June and is considered one of the main literary festivals in Brazil and South America.

For those who can't get to know the destination at this time, it's worth visiting Pousada Literária, the old colonial-style house that houses the party and is located in the heart of the city.


Photo: Plínio Bordin / Mtur

Although Rio de Janeiro becomes an even more famous destination during the hot days. Not all people enjoy summer and, therefore, prefer destinations with milder temperatures. that's where it comes in Petrópolis, the city that is located in Serra Fluminense and is sought after, mainly, by travelers in search of rest in a vast green area in the mountains with stunning landscapes, refinement and, of course, peace.

Upon arriving in the city, the tourist feels that he has plunged directly into the 19th century due to the preserved mansions and palaces of the period. There is nothing better to understand all this Brazilian imperial heritage than making the tour on foot in the Historic Center and getting to know some special points, such as the Cathedral of São Pedro de Alcântara, Casa da Princesa Isabel and Palácio de Cristal.

As Petrópolis is located in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, it is also an ecotourism destination. In other words, it is possible to ride bicycles, visit waterfalls and, of course, walk trails, everything that a true lover of nature cannot do without on a trip.

Whoever chooses this time to get to know the city cannot miss Bauernfest. It is a festival in honor of German immigrants that takes place every year and attracts many people because of the typical foods, dances and beer.



Photo: Bruna Prado – MTUR

As the highest city in the Rio de Janeiro, the climate is quite different from what is found in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, it is only when the temperature drops that tourists visit the city and fill its hotels, inns and restaurants.

For those who not only want peace, but also an adventure, visit the Serra dos Órgãos National Park, one of the oldest in the country. The nature reserve has trails – more than 100 km with different degrees of difficulty -, climbing, waterfalls and natural pools.

In this way, it attracts the most varied types of adventurers. If you don't miss a trail, you can't miss Pedra do Sino. With more than two thousand meters high, from the top of Pedra the traveler has a privileged view of Rio de Janeiro, Guanabara Bay and part of the Paraíba Valley.

It is important to point out that on the coldest days, the temperature at the summit can reach zero degrees, so, to better enjoy the local beauties, the ideal season for your trip is summer.

Viscount of Mauá

Photo: Rosanetur / Wikimedia Commons

Located south of Rio de Janeiro, precisely in Resende, Visconde de Mauá is an increasingly sought after destination. It is no wonder that it is among the best tourist destinations to visit in 2019. This is mainly due to the mild and inviting climate of the city, its natural beauties, many waterfalls and regional cuisine, which is a great attraction for those who want to taste it. new flavors.

The “Joia da Serra”, as the city is known, is located at the top of Serra da Mantiqueira. This way it is a great alternative for those who want to escape the high temperatures, especially during the summer days.

But for those who plan to travel during the hottest days of the year, don't worry, as one of the city's postcards is the Escorrega waterfall. In addition to its incredible view, the main attraction of the place is a natural toboggan, which allows the perfect slide for a light fall in a natural pool of crystal clear waters. In other words, a guarantee of fun and, of course, a refreshing bath.

Few people know, but there is a region of Visconde de Mauá that is located in two states: the village of Maringá. The mix between Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, and the river that separates the two sides, leave the place with a unique atmosphere and incredible landscape.

Armacao dos Búzios

Photo: Thiago Freitas / MTUR

A privileged region of Rio de Janeiro, Armação dos Búzios has a series of attractions that attract more and more tourists to the destination. Paradise landscapes, restaurants of all types and tastes, a diverse hotel chain (with luxury options to hostels), and, of course, many, many beaches.

On the list of “stops to visit”, we have Geribá, one of the most famous and popular in the resort. Whether in low or high season, it has an extensive stretch of sand and a calm sea, with almost no waves. Azeda, with its calm and transparent waters, attracts many people as it is one of the easiest beaches to access.

It is impossible to talk about Búzios without remembering Brigite Bardot. In the 60s, the French star spent a season there and that was enough to popularize the city abroad. The famous Orla Bardot was named after the artist.

And while we're talking about the place, we can't forget about Rua das Pedras, a continuation of the waterfront that is the main tourist spot in the region. Especially for those who do not give up enjoying the night, since it is full of shops, bars, restaurants and clubs.

Even with all the movement of a tourist city, Búzios preserves all the calm and tranquility very characteristic of the coast, thus, it is the perfect destination for those looking for a few days of rest away from all the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Cabo Frio

Photo: Carlos Erbs / MTur

One of the havens of Lakes Region, Cabo Frio draws the attention of tourists for being a city that combines natural beauty, restaurants, beaches and good infrastructure for tourism.

A mandatory stop for all travelers, Praia do Forte is perfect for all types of audiences. Its stretch of white sand attracts families and vacationers looking for a break, while its clear waters and waves are a big draw for thrill-seeking adventurers.

In addition, its boardwalk, full of bars, restaurants and stalls help to make the place more urbanized. In the place, it is also possible to find one of the postcards of the city are the Forte de São Mateus, built in the 50's by the Portuguese to defend the land from the French invasions, Dutch and English.

In addition to a wonderful view, it is possible to find the cannons pointed to the sea and a lot of history. The nightlife is on Boulevard Canal, where you can find establishments that guarantee good food and always cold drinks.

For those who don't miss a cultural moment on their trip, you can't miss the Casa Ateliê Carlos Scliar, which has a permanent exhibition of the painter's paintings in the house where he lived in the city.

Angra dos Reis

Photo: Rogério Cassimiro / MTUR

Among the paradises of the Brazilian coast, Angra dos Reis it is not one of the most sought after destinations. However, its islands with green-water sea, white sand and vast green area make those who venture on this trip simply fall in love with the place and, even before leaving, make plans to come back again. In the cove, which is on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro, there are attractions for all types of people: islands, beaches and history. In other words, the place is perfect for those traveling alone, with friends, as a couple or family.

One of the most famous attractions in the city is the schooner tour, the tour with the boat passes through several islands and beaches. In this way, it is perfect for nature lovers. The route passes through Ilha Grande, precisely by the Blue Lagoon, which is a natural pool with transparent waters full of schools of fish. Just grab a snorkel and fin and have fun exploring the marine flora and fauna.

Although Angra dos Reis is quite old, few people know the Historic Center, full of beauty and tradition, of one of the oldest cities in Brazil. Just walk to visit places like the Museum of Sacred Art, for example, which is listed by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional and has more than two thousand pieces in its collection.

Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Bruna Prado / MTUR

THE Wonderful city could not be left out of this list. What many tourists do not take into account when visiting the Rio de Janeiro is that the city has many attractions in addition to the famous sights, such as Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain. But, of course, if you haven't visited these places, reserve a moment in your itinerary, as they are unforgettable attractions.

One thing is certain: it is impossible to visit Rio and not go to the beach. Even those who are not lovers of the sea can't do without a walk on the boardwalk or watching the sunset from Pedra do Arpoador.

Copacabana and Ipanema, two of the most famous beaches in the world, are the most sought after by tourists, mainly because they are very accessible. In addition to the wide range of buses, there are several subway stations distributed throughout the neighborhood, which facilitates getting around even for those who stayed in distant parts of the city. In this way, it is an option for those who enjoy a lot of action.

For those who prefer something more peaceful, a great option is the beaches of Leme, which, as they are more reserved, are a guarantee of tranquility. Arpoador beach is among the most frequented by cariocas, has a spectacular view and is one of the best places to see the sunset in the city.

The Palácio do Catete, which holds a lot of information about the Brazilian republic and which became historic for being the place where President Getúlio Vargas committed suicide, certainly cannot be left out of the travel itinerary.

In its garden, with ample green space, corridor of imperial palm trees and sculptures, several cultural events, group meetings and activities take place. Therefore, it draws the attention of everyone passing by.


Photo: via

For those who are planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro, you cannot fail to include a visit to Niterói in the itinerary. Just take a ferry and that's it: in about 30 minutes you disembark in the city. Those who like nature, beautiful landscapes and history will certainly enjoy exploring the region.

Itacotiara beach is considered the most beautiful of “Nikiti”. With paradisiacal scenery and crystal clear water, the beach is preserved. And the high waves also attract surfers from different parts of the world, so don't be surprised if during your trip you come across a surfing championship on the beach.

After a day enjoying the sea, there's nothing better than enjoying the sunset, right? From Mirante do Piratininga it is possible to have a wide view of some points of the city, as well as the entire length of Piratininga beach. And also some famous carioca postcards, such as the statue of Christ the Redeemer, Morro Dois Irmãos and the Sugarloaf Mountain.

And, of course, a stay in Niterói is only complete with a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Niterói, the MAC. Designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, it is, without a doubt, one of the great attractions of the city, one of the most emblematic architectural works in Brazil and one of the best viewpoints in the city.

Access to the external areas of the museum is free, but if the traveler wants to see the exhibitions on display and see the building from the inside, they will need to buy a ticket. If you get hungry during the tour, there's no need to worry, as the MAC Bistro combines good food and a privileged view of Guanabara Bay. Definitely worth the visit!

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