Discover the most visited places in Brazil and pack your bags to explore the largest country in South America

Are you planning a trip through the Brazil, but still haven't chosen which destination to visit? Brazil is an extremely large and diverse country, throughout its territory you can find mountains, valleys, waterfalls, historic cities, villages and traditional communities. On its coast, thousands of beaches, islands and coasts guarantee vacations and weekends for tourists from all over the world. We have already made a selection here in the Guide with the 100 destinations to visit in Brazil and this can be a good reading suggestion for those who are starting to plan this trip.

Getting to know other countries and cultures is still the dream of most tourists, but how about giving a chance to the best of our country? This decision may be followed by the question of which place to visit first, and with that in mind, we list below which are the most visited places in Brazil to help you. Choose which destination best suits your profile and get ready for an amazing trip!

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When we talk about most visited places in Brazil there are many that cannot go unnoticed, but there are 5 of them that hold a special place on any list. Check out what they are:

Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Luciola Vilella / MTUR

It is not for nothing that Rio de Janeiro has the affectionate nickname of Cidade Maravilhosa, heading the list of most visited destinations in Brazil: the city has incredible attractions and a unique way of life, attracting Brazilian and foreign tourists.

Who has never dreamed of visiting Christ the Redeemer or Copacabana Beach? These are just some of the tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro, a city full of nature, parties and bohemian corners for anyone to miss.

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Photo: Caio Vilela / MTur

Florianópolis, also called Ilha da Magia or simply Floripa by the most intimate, is a true paradise in the south of the country. Its territory encompasses approximately 100 beaches sought after for swimming, surfing and even observation of marine life.

The lakes, trails and dunes also help to form the spectacular landscape of the city, but make no mistake: Florianópolis also warmly welcomes those looking for contact with art or a lively nightlife with good options for tourist programs.

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Sao Paulo

Photo: Rogério Cassimiro / MTUR

São Paulo does not have a beach and, although it is close to cities with a lot of green, its nature is restricted to its parks, such as the complete Ibirapuera Park. But her other characteristics make it impossible for her not to be among the main most visited places in Brazil: are you looking for a city that pulsates 24 hours a day? Do you want a lively stay, but with the chance to discover quieter corners? Want to eat well at any time of the day? Then “Sampa” is perfect for you.

The exhibitions at MASP and Pinacoteca, the eastern corner of Bairro da Liberdade, the bohemian Vila Madalena and the great shopping opportunities on Rua 25 de Março already make any itinerary rich and diversified.

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Foz do Iguaçu

Photo: Zig Koch / MTUR

It is impossible to talk about most visited places in Brazil not to mention Foz do Iguaçu, by far one of the main destinations we have.

And those who believe that the Iguazu Falls are the only attraction of Foz are wrong: the proximity to Argentina creates the possibility of extending the trip and increasing the itinerary with a great dinner in the neighboring country and incredible purchases at the duty-free shop, or even in the famous shopping malls of Paraguay, which also borders the city.

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Photo: Márcio Filho / MTUR

Salvador is one of the liveliest capitals in Brazil, and despite attracting crowds during Carnival, it's still an incredible year-round destination. If you are looking for a lively trip full of history without the typical crowd at the beginning of the year, by the way, try to travel in other months.

The beautiful beaches, Pelourinho and the typical food will make you forget about home, and if you feel like having fun, don't worry: axé is everywhere.

So, which one of these most visited places in Brazil will be your next destination? Gramado, Campos do Jordão, Caldas Novas and other cities are also great options to enjoy your vacation or take that weekend getaway, worth considering when deciding between beach, mountain or busy urban centers.

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