THE Netflix and others streaming services contributed a lot to people having access to movie and series from all over the world. Today, it is very common to hear about a certain Korean series that has gone viral, a Norwegian film that has become popular, or a documentary about a little-known country that is booming.

As a result, it was not only the consumption of audiovisual entertainment that grew, but most people's travel list also gained some names. With eye-popping productions and breathtaking photography, many series and movies always inspire us to think about our next trip.

See below some productions that will debut in 2022 and others that are already on Netflix catalog that will make you reconfigure your travel list for 2022:

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summer season

The series, which premieres on Netflix on January 21, follows four young people who meet while working in a hotel located on a paradise island. Catarina (Giovanna Lancellotti), Yasmin (Gabz), Diego (Jorge López) and Miguel (André Luiz Frambach) get together to live their daily lives making several discoveries in the place. As the days go by, the four strangers become a family and begin to face some dilemmas.

The 1st season of the series was filmed at Praia do Julião, in Beautiful island, and in São Paulo. The beach is one of the quietest in the city, the sea is calm, it is very suitable for families with children. The white sands and the submerged rocks on the edge of the sea form small natural pools, where it is possible to see many fish. In addition to Julião, there are several beaches for all tastes in Beautiful island.

Netflix premieres to inspire your journey

Travel movies on Netflix. Julião Beach Photo: Sandra Cárdenas/Flickr


The fourth season of Ozark arrives on Netflix on January 21 and is highly anticipated by fans of the series, as it is the last. It tells the story of financial advisor Marty (Jason Bateman) who is in debt to a criminal and decides to launder money to pay off this debt. For this, he moves with his wife (Laura Linney) and children to the city of Ozark, Missouri/United States. However, there are a series of twists and turns and everything gets complicated.

Those who follow the series have probably already been impacted by the natural beauties of the region. Although part of the scenes were shot on location in the US state of Georgia, the story goes back to the Ozark Mountains, in the heart of the United States. Also known as the Ozarks, the area covers much of Missouri and northern Arkansas, as well as a small part of Kansas and Oklahoma. The natural parks in the region concentrate a lot of green, waterfalls, canyons and, mainly, lakes.

Netflix premieres to inspire your journey

Travel movies on Netflix. Ozarks Photo: Richard Ricciardi/Flickr

The Club Part 2

Launched on January 6th, the Turkish series is based on a true story set in 1955 Istanbul. Matilda (Gökçe Bahadir) has just been pardoned after spending 17 years in prison. On her first day of freedom, she is reunited with her daughter Rasel (Asude Kalebek), who was raised as an orphan and turned into a rebellious young woman. Matilda faces the manager of a nightclub and finds herself forced to work there to pay off her daughter's debt. There, she meets an eclectic group of people who learn to overcome differences and egos to form a very peculiar family.

Throughout the series, you will see Istanbul from 1955 at different times and it is sure to fill your eyes. It's a great opportunity to organize your trip to get to know the city.

With 8,500 years of history, Istanbul was once the capital of three empires: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. The 5th most visited city in the world, it connects two continents, Europe and Asia. Istanbul offers an unforgettable experience for its travelers with its colorful daily life and recent but dynamic nightlife.

The city combines historical sites and Roman monuments, Byzantine churches, Venetian towers, Ottoman palaces from the Byzantine, Ottoman and Turkish periods. A place full of history and ideal for those who like to learn while traveling.

Netflix premieres to inspire your journey

Bosphorus Bridge that divides Istanbul from Europe and Asia Photo: Evro-photography/Pixabay

royal treatment

Anyone who likes a good comedy can't miss the premiere of Treatment of Royalty, on January 20th. Hairdresser Isabella (Laura Marano) owns her own salon and doesn't speak a word. Meanwhile, Prince Thomas (Mena Massoud) runs his own country and is about to marry out of duty, not love.

When Isabela and her fellow stylists have the opportunity to take care of the guests for the royal wedding, she ends up meeting Prince Thomas. Together, they learn that taking control of their own destiny can be more complicated than they realize.

The series was filmed in Dunedin, New Zealand. Netflix will show you several beautiful landscapes that will surely make you want to visit the country. Despite this, it is a city that few tourists include in their travel itineraries, because Dunedin is relatively isolated from the rest of the South Island and has its own characteristics.

Netflix premieres to inspire your journey

Dunedin Photo: Ridoe/Pixabay

The city has a population of around 125,000 and is a region renowned for its spectacular scenery. Dunedin has a student vibe as well as a tourist vibe, as it is one of New Zealand's largest university cities. THE University of Otago It is the oldest in the country and one of the most prestigious on the continent. As a result, several bars, pubs and excellent restaurants are found throughout the center.

Mighty Daddy 2: All or Nothing

The second film in the Mighty Dad franchise arrived on Netflix on the first of the year. It shows that the Beecroft family is ready to spend the entire inheritance of Mighty Daddy, the wealthy patriarch of the family, but not if the owner of the company and responsible for all the money has something to do with it.

You can expect a lot of confusion caused by this family looking for the chance to spend all that money. The trailer for the film has not yet been released on Netflix's YouTube channel, but it can be seen on site.

The film takes place on two different continents. First in Africa, after all, the Beecroft family is Nigerian and then in Asia, because in the second film they travel to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, you will be able to contemplate the beauties of the countries in different moments of the first and second film of the franchise.

If you wanted to visit Nigeria, one of the highlights is the Yankari National Park, the only remaining wildlife in the country. Elephants, gorillas, lions and hippos can be seen in their natural habitat. The Abuja National Mosque, which is located in the city of the same name, is a point that deserves to be visited by anyone who goes to the country for all the splendor and beauty of the place.

Streaming series to influence your trip

Abuja National Mosque Photo: Jeff Attaway/Flickr

When you arrive in Dubai, one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city, the Burj Khalifa, awaits you so that you can see everything from the top of its 163rd and top floor. Exotic and extravagant, a few years ago, Dubai was a simple trading post with small buildings on the edge of the Persian Gulf. Today, part of the United Arab Emirates, the city is one of the most popular and desired destinations in the Middle East.

Streaming movies to influence your trip

Travel movies on Netflix. Dubai Photo: Selim_/Pixabay

Emily in Paris

The first exception to the 2022 premieres is Emily in Paris, which was released on Netflix on December 22, 2021. We made this gap in the list because the series, in addition to being very cool, shows Paris in a beautiful way following the day to day. character day. Emily, a young American, a marketing specialist, moves from Chicago to Paris after an unexpected job offer.

The second season arrived, apparently, listening to the criticism leveled at the first. Emily is more mature, learning the language of the country and trying to solve her problems, even from the first season, in a way that she wouldn't have done at the time. Emily's love life promises to remain hectic in the new season. In addition to Gabriel, new characters will pique her interest.

After watching the two seasons of this series, you will definitely be ready to get to know Paris. Emily goes to luxurious places, various tourist attractions and faces the difficulties of a young foreigner in a country where she does not speak the language.

Streaming movies to influence your trip

Travel movies on Netflix. Paris night aerial view Photo: Pixabay/Walkerssk

After a stay in the city, visiting the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Galeries Lafayette, among many other tourist attractions, you realize that Paris has a stunning architectural ensemble, the charm of its streets and avenues and its monuments, allied to centuries and centuries of history and a passionate lifestyle, remind us that we are facing part of the best that human beings have been able to build.


If you're looking forward to Bridgerton's return, know that the second season already has a premiere date: March 25th! The new episodes of the series should be based on the sequel to the book "The Bridertons", called "The Viscount Who Loved Me", and narrate the romance of Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley).

Bridgerton delves into the sensual, luxurious and competitive world of London high society in the early 19th century. The first season sees the eldest daughter in the family looking for a husband. Like her parents, she would like to marry for love, but her older brother gets in the way of her plans and makes her search even more difficult. When Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) meets the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page), the season's hottest bachelor, sparks fly between the two.

After following the series, you will have other eyes for London. With beautiful castles and the sumptuous London landscape, you will definitely want to plan a trip to the country. London is one of the most sought after destinations in the world, as well as being the seat of the British monarchy, a city that is home to Big Ben and so many other famous postcards, such as the Tower of London bridge. It is a vibrant, modern, elegant, busy city, very rich in culture and entertainment.

Streaming movies to influence your trip

Travel movies on Netflix. Photo: Pixabay/derwiki

Ideally, you should stay at least four days in London to get to know the city. Most of the main attractions can be visited on foot from one tourist spot to another. But, it is also possible to visit the city using public transport. The subway, for example, is considered one of the best in the world.

The Crown

Those who follow The Crown from the beginning are used to waiting for the release of the new seasons. And it will be no different with the 5th, which is scheduled to premiere in November 2022. The series tells different moments of the British royal family, from King George VI passed away to a few years after the death of Princess Diana.

A curiosity is that every two seasons a new actress plays Queen Elizabeth II. In the first two, represented by Claire Foy; in the third and fourth, who lived the monarch was Olivia Colman and, for the last two, Imelda Stauton was chosen to give life to the queen. The series is still being filmed and, therefore, does not have an official trailer. But, you can be below a message from Stauton about the new season.

The Crown season 5 will follow the British royal family during the 90's, a very troubled time for the royals. Three of Queen Elizabeth's children separated in 1992, around the same time Windsor Castle caught fire. In 1995, two years later, Princess Diana gave her most famous interview, exposing Prince Charles' betrayal, claiming that there were three people in his marriage.

Streaming movies to influence your trip

Travel movies on Netflix. Edinburgh Castle – Scotland Photo: Walkerssk/Pixabay

Unlike Bridgerton, the series won't just open your eyes to England, if you've been following it since the first season, you've traveled to several places in the UK alongside the Queen. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have a lot of history, as well as classic architecture, great modern centers and wonderful natural landscapes. For students, the country has excellent university structures and has the advantage of being able to visit places that will certainly provide unforgettable experiences.

9 – Thi Mai

The 2017 film tells the story of Carmen (Carmen Machi), who after learning that her daughter Maria died in an accident decides to go to her apartment to take care of everything. However, she finds out that Maria was about to adopt a Vietnamese girl named Thi Mai (Mai Nguyen Ngan Ha). Carmen then decides to go to Vietnam with her friends Elvira (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón) and Rosa (Adriana Ozores).

During the search for Thi, they will have the opportunity to experience crazy and hilarious situations caused by cultural differences. Accompanied by Dan (Eric Nguyen), a Vietnamese guide, and Andrés (Dani Rovira), a young Spanish actor who goes to Hanoi to live with his partner, this story promises great confusion and beautiful images of Vietnam that will fill your eyes.

Streaming movies to influence your trip

Travel movies on Netflix. Photo: dungtran_justin/Pixabay

The country is often portrayed in war films, but few show the beauties and rich culture of Vietnam. For the more concerned travelers, the trip can be very cheap, as long as you do the math right.

The country's capital, Hanoi, has a great influence from France and China, easily noticed by the architecture. The city is also very famous for its gastronomy, which is becoming increasingly known around the world. 

Top sights include a walk along West Lake, one of the quietest spots in the city, One Pillar Pagoda and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Bach Ma Temple, Saint Joseph Cathedral, Hoa Lo Prison (built by the French to imprison Vietnamese). Don't forget to walk around Old Town and stop for the famous Vietnamese coffee, which is said to be as good as ours.

10 – Most Beautiful Thing

The production, which portrays Rio de Janeiro in the 50s, will make your desire to know the Marvelous City grow in the same proportion as you will become addicted to the series. However, for new viewers, it is worth noting that the production has only two seasons, as it was canceled by Netflix.

Make no mistake, despite this, many fans consider the end of the second season a great ending, as it closes several parentheses left by the series.

It all starts in São Paulo in the late 1950s, when the life of Maria Luiza (Maria Casadevall), a conservative girl completely dependent on her father, Ademar (João Bourbonais), and her husband, Pedro (Kiko Bertholini), takes a completely different direction. Pedro disappears while traveling to Rio de Janeiro to set up a restaurant and Maria Luiza then follows her husband's trail. She ends up turning the sophisticated business into a nightclub. In Rio de Janeiro, the young woman discovers a new world in the company of feminist and liberal women and to the sound of Bossa Nova.

After two seasons following Malu and her friends, you will definitely have some familiarity with Rio de Janeiro, so why not take the opportunity to schedule a visit to the city? You will miss the chance to get to know the Marvelous City, the beaches and Christ the Redeemer, one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World.

Streaming series to influence your trip

Travel movies on Netflix. Christ the Redeemer and Corcovado Photo: guertzen/Pixabay

For travelers, a suggestion is to visit the city during Carnival time. If you like party, music and joy, you are in the right place. It has for all tastes, different types of street blocks, with electric trio, without trio, with samba, axé, forro, for adults, for children. Just look for one that makes you happy. And, for those who like the more traditional, you can watch the samba school parades along Marques de Sapucaí. A unique and beautiful experience!

11 – Orcas Lighthouse

In the 2016 film, Netflix presented the story of Beto (Joaquín Furriel) in his isolated house where he conducts his studies and maintains a relationship of trust with the local orcas. A documentary made with Beto and the whales was watched by Lola (Maribel Verdú), mother of the autistic boy Tristán (Joaquín Rapalini), who witnessed her son showing signs of emotion for the first time in a long time. Desperate to help him, she leaves Spain and shows up by surprise at the biologist's house in Patagonia Argentina. 

Streaming series to influence your trip

Whale in Puerto Madryn Photo: Jonathan Hood/Flickr

As their relationship unfolds, the film presents stunning photography, as a result of the local nature and Óscar Durán's photography.

Patagonia Argentina was the location chosen for the filming of the film. The Valdés Peninsula, in Puerto Madryn, added beautiful landscapes and certainly helped in all the emotion of the film. The city is great for those who love animals and want to see penguins, sea lions and whales, in addition to walking along the Costanera, by the sea. 

Streaming series to influence your trip

Travel movies on Netflix. Sea lions in Puerto Maryn Photo: Damien RAMOS/Flickr

The Museo Oceanográfico y de Ciencias Naturales is housed in a house built in 1917 in a Victorian style. There, you will find a collection of minerals, terrestrial and marine flora and fauna, as well as photos and data about the history of the region. 

Spending the late afternoon on the pier in the city watching the sun go down is a good idea. If you go at the right time, you can even see whales from the pier, in addition to enjoying the beach atmosphere and the fairs that are on site. 

12 – Children of Istanbul

The film, which was released in March 2021, promises to bring a lot of emotion in addition to exquisite photography that will make you want to know Istanbul even more. Mehmet (Çagatay Ulusoy) collects papers for recycling while looking out the window of an apartment that was apparently once part of his life.

Sick and saving money for a kidney transplant, he still finds willingness to help everyone around him, even little Ali (Emir Ali Dogrul), who runs away from his stepfather's mistreatment.

The film narrates the coexistence of Mehmet and Ali, who together collect paper to survive. All while trying to find the boy's mother. Despite all the drama, the director managed to film the environment of a decaying community very well without making it degrading. Since we talked about Istanbul in a few posts above, here we are going to give you two tips on places to visit in the city.

Hagia Sophia (Hagia Sophia)

The church, which is also known as the Holy Wisdom of God or Church of Divine Wisdom, was built in Constantinople, now Istanbul, in the 6th century AD and is considered one of the great monuments in the world. It became a Catholic cathedral between 1204 and 1261. In 1453 when Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, it was converted into a mosque. With that some monuments and internal paintings were covered and so they are until today.

Streaming productions to influence your trip

Travel Movies on Netflix – Hagia Sophia Photo: Lisy_/Pixabay

Like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Parthenon in Athens, the Hagia Sophia is an enduring symbol of the cosmopolitan city. However, as remarkable as the structure is, its role in the history of Istanbul – in this case, in the world, is significant and you cannot go to Istanbul without knowing it.

Süleymaniye Mosque

The monument was built at the behest of Sultan Süleyman I, considered one of the richest and most powerful Ottoman sultans. Grandiose, but with a simply decorated interior. On site, you can see beautiful stained glass windows, Iznik tiles ornamenting the Mihrab (decorative niche that indicates the direction of Mecca), four grandiose columns, in addition to the dome with 27.2 meters in diameter and 53 m in height.

Streaming productions to influence your trip

Photo: falco/Pixabay

Some important information for those interested in visiting the Hagia Sophia or the Süleymaniye Mosque:

  • Footwear is not allowed. Plastic bags are provided at the entrance for visitors to carry their shoes with them.
  • Women must cover their hair with a scarf or veil before entering.
  • Flash photos are not allowed.

13 – A Trip to Greenland

This movie is the best choice for those who want to have a good laugh and enjoy a beautiful landscape! Netflix features two frustrated friends and actors: Thomas (Thomas Blanchard) and Thomas (Thomas Scimeca), who travel to Greenland to visit the father of one of them and, there, discover how much the difference in cultures can be a shock. .

On the trip, the two Thomases try to understand where they are, what they are doing, what they want to do and how to try anything without understanding the local language at all. 

Streaming productions to influence your trip

Travel movies on Netflix. Tasiilaq – Photo: Barni1/Pixabay

After laughing your ass off with this duo, you'll definitely want to see the location where the movie was shot. Greenland, known for being just a cold country, is not just that. There, you can enjoy plenty of hiking, kayaking, diving, fishing, skiing and even whale watching off the coast. Among other activities, you will be able to travel by helicopter, ride dog sleds and participate in excursions to observe the night lights.

An important tip for those going to the country is to visit during the milder months, which are July and August. Average summer temperatures in Greenland range around 10°C, although in some places thermometers can reach above 20°C.

14 – A Winter in New York

And how to give so many tips on so many movies and series and not mention the darling city of directors. In New York, the story of Clara (Zoe Kazan) takes place, who put a stop to the way she was leading her life. When the aggressions of her husband, police officer Richard (Esben Smed), start to affect the couple's children, not only her, Clara decides to run away from home with them and go to New York. 

There, the three struggle, without money or a place to stay, but everything changes when they encounter the kindness of strangers on the street, such as restaurant manager Marc (Tahar Rahim), doctor Alice (Andrea Riseborough), the special boy Jeff (Caleb Landry Jones) and attorney John (Jay Baruchel). If you want that “warm heart” feeling, this is the movie for you!

Streaming productions to influence your trip

Travel movies on Netflix. Central Park – NY Photo: Leonhard_Niederwimmer/Pixabay

New York is one of the most classic destinations in the United States and in travel itineraries. A city with so much variety of attractions, tours, shops and restaurants is perfect to go with friends, as a couple, as a family or even alone. The city offers many free tours, but it is always good to set aside a part of the budget to discover new places.

Some famous attractions are: the terrace of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The famous Central Park is a great experience for those who want to feel like they are in an American movie set in New York, with many beautiful sights and locations.

Now that you already have 14 days of series and movies, you can enjoy and make a travel itinerary for the ones you liked the most, what do you think?

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