Much more than beautiful beaches and great gastronomic structure, Aracaju It is also the stage for different cultural manifestations. The state holds several traditional popular festivals throughout the year and keeps a rich historical and cultural heritage that are part of the history of the Northeast and Brazil.

OMused Sergipe People occupies a huge historic mansion built in 1926 on Av. Ivo do Prado, in the city center. Designed by Marcello Dantas, the same curator of the incredible Museum of the Portuguese Language in São Paulo, the space also has a lot of creativity and technology, whose main mission is to make the visitor interact with regional culture.


Photo: Gustavo Albano

The complex houses a huge collection of works that celebrate the identity of the Sergipe people in an interactive way, with 7 themed environments divided into Nossas Feiras (typical products from the region), Nosso Falares (expressions used by Sergipe people), Nosso Leitos (focused on fauna and flora of the state), Our Dishes (local gastronomy), Our Cabras (illustrious personages of the region), Our History, Our Parties, Our Little Things, Our Gardens, Our Squares and Our costumes. In addition, the museum has 2 other spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions only.

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At the entrance, visitors are instructed to watch a short video that presents places and some curiosities about the state and its people. Then extremely friendly guides accompany the tours, informing and explaining all the museum's environments.

The first stop is a very colorful and decorated environment that houses a stall with typical products from the region on display. In this area, an amusing merchant projected on a screen offers all kinds of products to tourists, who answer through a microphone whether or not they want to take the goods and get to know artifacts from the state.


Photo: Gustavo Albano


Photo: Gustavo Albano

In a dark room, a huge carousel draws attention and arouses curiosity. As it is propelled, images of Sergipe's most famous squares begin to be projected around it, a great way to get to know the architecture with Portuguese and Dutch influences.


Photo: Gustavo Albano

An interactive table presents the delicious cuisine of the region, where each visitor can learn about the ingredients used in different dishes such as shrimp moqueca and jackfruit jam.


Photo: Gustavo Albano

In wooden canoes, visitors enter a tunnel with 360° projections, which show the fauna and flora of the caatinga, Atlantic forest, mangroves, high sertão and the coast, all present in the state.


Photo: Gustavo Albano

Another dimly lit room holds the playful tools responsible for showing objects representing Sergipe culture: a hopscotch in its center and a giant memory game occupying an entire wall.


Photo: Gustavo Albano

The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday, from 10 am to 4 pm, and on weekends, from 10 am to 3 pm. It does not work on Mondays, or on some holidays (inquire by calling 79/3218-1551) and has free admission. A small shop and cafe complement the attraction, which is located at Rua Ivo do Prado, 398, in the central region of Aracaju, along the edge of the Sergipe River.

Av. Ivo Prado, 398 - Downtown
Aracaju - SE
Tel: (79) 3218-1551

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