It is not difficult to understand the reasons that make Brazilians visit Miami more and more. The beachy atmosphere, the happy atmosphere, the shopping opportunities, the cultural spaces, the cool bars and restaurants make the “magic city” a unique place in the world.

There are many attractions to enjoy and must-see destinations to visit on a trip to Miami. Beaches, cultural centers, shopping malls and commercial galleries cannot be missing from your itinerary.

Travel to Miami it may be surprising, but the attractions are far from each other and, even if you stay in a strategic location, the car will be essential to enjoy the tours with autonomy and comfort. If you do not have your own vehicle, rent a car in miami It is a great option to discover everything the city has to offer.

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In addition, car rental in Miami, including luxury ones, has attractive prices, an opportunity to take that dream sports convertible and go exploring the amazing places and roads of Florida.

Enjoy the beaches in Miami

Photo: Daniel Chodusov / Flickr

There is no way to visit Miami and not enjoy its beaches with white sand and an inviting sea for a good swim. With year-round sunshine, even in winter, the city attracts many tourists who flock to the sands in search of fun.

south beach is one of the most popular and exudes a special charm due to the sea of blue waters, soft sand and the various mansions that are concentrated around it, in addition to bars and numerous restaurants. at the height of Lummus Park this is where the action takes place, bringing together many young people.

For those who want more tranquility, the region of mid beach and North Beach they are more empty, ideal for those who want to rest in the shade of a sun lounger. Already in North Beach and surfside the beaches are even quieter, ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and enjoy the scenery.

Another famous beach in Miami is Hollywood Beach which, as its name implies, is famous for receiving celebrities. The setting is charming, with palm trees, water that mixes different shades and white sand. Already Haulover Beach It is recommended for those who don't mind visiting a nudist beach. Nudism is not mandatory, but most visitors adhere to the laid-back style.

Go shopping in Miami

There is not the slightest possibility of talking about Miami and not mentioning shopping. The city is a paradise for those who love to spend hours looking for designer finds at great prices. There is an immense variety of products and store styles, from open-air malls to outlets with unmissable discounts.

One of the most famous places to shop in Miami is the Sawgrass Mills, which is not exactly in Miami, but in sunrise, approximately 50 km from the city. There are more than 350 stores available, many of them outlets that offer incredible discounts. You can easily travel there in your own vehicle or renting a car in Miami.

THE dolphin mall it is another point for those who love brands and cheap shopping and which also concentrates several outlets and is a little closer. Full of stores that Brazilians love, the space is not that big, but the offer of discounts is generous and the lines at the cashiers are shorter.

There are a plethora of other places to shop in Miami, such as Aventura Mall, The Bal Harbor Shops, The Village of Merrick Park and the street Miracle Mile, a true paradise for brides.

Sail the islands of Miami by boat

Photo: Mohmed Altani / Flickr

The islands of Florida are true paradises that deserve to be explored on a boat trip. Biscayne Bay it is a bay that bathes Miami and offers a classic tour of the sea, especially for those who want to see up close the homes of some celebrities sailing through the private islands.

On board the boat you can see the many luxurious buildings surrounded by water and with large and sophisticated decks. These tours usually depart from Bayside Marketplace and you can choose between different types of boats, from the simplest to the fastest.

Enjoy the outdoors in Miami

The relaxed atmosphere of Miami calls for outdoor excursions, whether on foot or by bicycle. An unmissable place is the Ocean Drive, point of south beach, which in addition to being surrounded by coconut trees by the sea, also has several restaurants, shops, music and a true parade of luxury cars. the famous street Lincoln Road it's like a big open-air mall, full of cafes, bars, restaurants and, of course, lots of shops.

At the very end of South Beach is the South Point Park, is a park with a large green area and one of the most incredible views in Miami, even more so at sunset.

Explore the beauties of Florida

Photo: justinhatl / Pixabay

Enjoy extra days on your trip to explore the beauties of other Florida cities. Among them, the neighboring town called Fort Lauderdale, which is full of charming canals. A little further away, but no less exciting is Key West, an island full of natural beauty and an incredible greenish sea.

Another paradise beach destination is Daytona Beach, approximately four hours from Miami, has paradisiacal scenery, an extensive stretch of sand and several car and motorcycle racing competitions. To reach this region, it is recommended that you have a car or hire a transfer service.

For those who have more time, it is worth extending the trip and heading towards Orlando to enjoy its many theme parks that especially delight children. Another destination highly recommended by Brazilians.

Did you like the must-see destinations on a trip to Miami? Pack your bags and enjoy all the beauties of the region.

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