Discover some must-see cities to visit in Morocco and fall in love with the country. In this selection we list the places that deserve to be included in your itinerary

Morocco offers a multitude of interesting cities to visit and experience a new culture totally different from ours. Travelers looking to cross the Atlantic in search of an amazing trip, find in Morocco a variety of tours between imperial cities, sandy deserts, snowy peaks, villages and charming cities.

Get ready to discover a new world walking through the Moroccan popular markets and suks. An extensive country with a great geographical diversity, from the great imperial cities, mountains, desert and a great Atlantic coast full of good beaches, Morocco overflows with beauty and a unique culture.

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next 10 places to visit in morocco that show all their culture and that cannot be missing from any tourist's itinerary.

Blue City of Chefchaouen

Photo: Steffan Jensen / Wikimedia Commons

Located on the Rif Mountains in Morocco, the city of chefchaouen It has wonderful landscapes and architecture very different from anything you've ever seen. It is known as the blue city because most of the buildings are painted that color, as are their doors and windows. There is no way to pass through this city and not visit the Medina, Kasbah, Plaza Uta el-Hammam, Hamma, Ethnographic Museum, Great Mosque and the Souk market.

Discover the amazing Marrakech

Photo: ggulik / Pixabay

marrakech is the capital of tourism in Morocco. It is a wonderful city and despite having many tourists, it never loses its essence and never ceases to be extremely exotic. It's a charming city. It is impossible not to fall in love with its vibe, its almost pink walls, the aromas of spices, the captivating smile of the people and its history.

From the Djemaa el-Fna square and into the streets of the medina there are many monuments to visit, shops to trade, cafes to relax, etc. Its tourist attractions are the weddings for tourists to see, customs, Mount Altas and the Koutobia Mosque. Obviously, the biggest tourist destination in the country cannot be missing from the list of places to visit in morocco.

Imperial City of Fes

Photo: flowcomm / Wikimedia Commons

Did it is the second largest city in Morocco, and one of the four Moroccan imperial cities. The Medina of Fez is a historic and unique place in the world. It is the best preserved Arab city in the entire Islamic world, it is a true open-air museum, with more than 10 thousand historical buildings, which makes this city one of the beautiful cities to visit in Morocco. Its most popular tourist attractions are: Juderia, Thethe souks of Fez el-Bali, Mausoleum of Moulay Idris II, the Al Karaouine Mosque and the port of Bad Bou Jeloud.

Visit Ouarzazate, the gateway to the desert

beautiful cities in morocco

Photo: Pxhere / Creative Commons CC0

The city nicknamed the “gate to the desert” for making the passage of atlas mountains to Saara's desert, Ouarzazate also has its beauties that are worth knowing, since Kasbahs, markets, museums, movie studios, river beaches and the old neighborhoods of Taourirt and Tassoumaat. This city is enchanting, so it cannot be missing from your itinerary. cities to visit in Morocco.

Discover the multicolored Tanger

Photo: Elisa.rolle / Wikimedia Commons

Today, it is a modern city that mixes Moroccan culture with European tics and is a place where many speak Spanish. Tourism in this city is still growing, but the beauty is enchanting, which makes it one of the places to visit in morocco that every tourist should visit. In addition to the beaches around the city, travelers can't miss Cape Spartel, the Caves of Hercules and the Medina of Tangier.

Unmissable destination: rabat

beautiful cities in morocco

Photo: Adam Jones / Wikimedia Commons

The capital and second largest Moroccan city is divided into the part that preserves architectural and cultural traditions, and the modern part, which has a subway and urban facilities so common in the main metropolises of the planet. It is a very pleasant city to visit, well organized and with some excellent monuments. Its beaches are also very visited by tourists due to the unique beauty of the place. Rabat is also a cultural hub, with its museums, libraries and theaters. Among the main historical sites are the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, the Kasbah of the Oudaias and the Hassan Tower. Of course, like every capital, it is a mandatory stop in destinations to visit in morocco.

Visit Skoura

Photo: yeowatzup / Wikimedia Commons

Skoura is best known for being the gateway to the Erg Chebbbi Desert and because of that it is little explored by tourists. But whoever thinks that this city is just a starting point for the Desert is wrong. Skoura is a fantastic city, its streets and houses seem to be part of a movie town. These cities that are not much talked about and visited by tourists are the ones that surprise the most, so they cannot be missing from the itinerary of places to visit in morocco. Dar Sidi El Mati, is the most famous historical monument in the city, but don't forget to pass by the castle that is at the exit of the village where you can see a magnificent landscape.

Must-see places in Casablanca

beautiful cities in morocco

Photo: Pxhere / Creative Commons CC0

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, leaving some of the most traditional and rustic urban shows in the country, in the midst of historic buildings, mosques, etc. The city has more modern buildings and its architecture mixes French and Arabic heritage. Among so many tourist attractions, the following stand out: Hassan II Mosque and Medina. Casablanca gained fame after being the scene of a movie, it is clear that this wonderful city cannot be missed in the destinations to visit in morocco.

Visit Essaouira

beautiful cities in morocco

Photo: bodyxplorer / Pixabay

Essaouira is a city on the Moroccan Atlantic coast and is part of the World Heritage list of UNESCO. It is very popular for its beaches, but also for the dunes and the picturesque historic centre, which is well worth a visit. In addition to the natural beauty that surrounds it, the city itself is notable for impressive buildings, charming souks and a bustling harbor.

Meet Tinghir

beautiful cities in morocco

Photo: Elena Tatiana Chis / Wikimedia Commons

Tinghir is a charming city in Morocco, tourism is the main economic activity of the city, it is surrounded by green palm trees, with very peculiar alleys and hovels and very close to the famous Todra gorges. You souks here they are more original, authentic and authentic. The Ikelane Mosque in ksar d'Afanour, is a unique example of traditional pre-Saharan mosque architecture. But its main point of interest is the immense palm grove that surrounds it and the Todra Gorges, which have become a true mecca for lovers of hiking and climbing. This city deserves to be part of any travel itinerary. beautiful cities to visit in Morocco.

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