We have separated the three national destinations most sought after by Brazilian travelers: Gramado, Fortaleza and Fernando de Noronha

A survey carried out by DRC Vacation counted on the collaboration of more than 20 thousand tourists and revealed that Lawn, Strength and Fernando de Noronha lead the ranking of most desired national destinations in 2019. The profile of travelers analyzed in the survey is class B and C families, who do not miss the opportunity to stay in good hotels.

It was to be expected that among the most sought-after national destinations would be Fernando de Noronha, due to its beautiful beaches and the success it is making among celebrities. However, Fortaleza appears more because of its infrastructure to receive visitors and Gramado for being an ideal place for those who seek tranquility.

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Since the survey results were so positive for these places, we decided to show you what they have to offer, so you can plan your trip much better. Follow our tips on most popular national destinations in 2019.


Photo: Alex Portes / Flickr

Travel to Gramado, in Rio Grande do Sul, is always a good choice despite attracting more tourists during the winter or Christmas period of the year. Usually, Lawn brings couples who are looking to relax and live some moments alone, and this is one of the best honeymoon destinations, thinking of tranquility and peace.

Families also flock to the city in search of attractions such as snowland, an artificial snow park, or the mini world, which features constructions around the world in miniature. In addition, when we think of cold, we automatically associate it with a nice hot chocolate, Gramado offers Chocolate Factories and also the world of chocolate, a museum with works made of chocolate. It felt like it, right?

Depending on the region of Brazil you live in, sometimes it pays to go by plane to the city. There are two airports close to Gramado, but many people prefer to go by bus, as the city has a good infrastructure for public transport. But if you prefer to take it easy and enjoy the road, going by car is always a viable option.


Photo: MTUR

Who never heard of Beach Park and automatically already associated with Strength? The city is one of the most famous tourist centers in the northeast, attracting many families looking for fun and couples who want to visit new places.

Nonetheless, travel to Fortaleza offers much more attractions than just the water park. It is no wonder that the city is one of the most sought after national destinations in 2019, as it combines beaches such as iracema, which is well known for its bars and restaurants, and the Future beach, one of the biggest, busiest and best known in all of Fortaleza.

The region is the focus of tourists throughout the year, but in the summer it is when things really heat up. If you're thinking about staying at a luxury hotel or resort, why not consider going off-season? Maybe the prices and packages end up getting more cheap.

Fernando de Noronha

Photo: Luis Eduardo Câmara / Wikimedia Commons

Finally, it's Fernando de Noronha, the famous Brazilian island. The place was the scene of many famous parties between 2017 and 2018, who decided to celebrate the turn of the year in style. artists like Bruna Marquezine and digital influencers like Carlinhos Maia showed the beauty of the place, which provoked a popularization of visits.

travel to Noronha brings a sea of possibilities of what to do. The island belongs to Pernambuco and offers views of beaches such as Cacimba do Padre, very famous among surfers, or the bay of pigs, where marine life is predominant and it is possible to find several animals while you swim. In addition to visiting the famous beaches in the region, you can also plan a diving it is a boat ride to admire the local beauty.

The island region is protected in order to protect the ecosystem. Therefore, it also offers the Tamar project, which shows skeletons and replicas of sea turtles for public awareness. It is important to point out that the island has a serious policy of plastic ban, so when you go to one of the best brazilian destinations, remember to take care of nature.

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