Brazil is a country of continental proportions, there are thousands of tourist attractions that are very popular or not very busy. It has something for everyone! Destinations such as Rio de Janeiro, Jericoacoara, Lençóis Maranhenses, Trancoso, among others, are successful all year round, attracting thousands of tourists. However, Brazil is much more than that! To show other cities that escape the spotlight, we indicate some lesser-known attractions that are worth your visit.

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Poti River Canyon – Piauí

A state full of natural beauties that few know, Piauí is the stage for the wonderful Poti River Canyon. The attraction is a phenomenon that occurred about 400 million years ago, they are caves and giant walls that were shaped by the action of water. Access to the canyon is through the Enjeitado farm near the municipality of Castelo do Piauí, 184 km from the capital Teresina, in the region of the Serra da Ibiapaba on the border with Ceará.

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Nobles – Mato Grosso

Located 120 km from the Capital of MT, the municipality of Nobres has been gaining prominence with its wide range of natural attractions close to the region. Its natural beauties are composed of cinematographic caves, rivers with crystal clear water, waterfalls and trails, a true paradise for those who are adept at ecotourism.





Pacaás Novos National Park – Rondônia

Pacaás Novos National Park is a protected area in the state of Rondônia that has the sources of several important rivers in the state such as the Cautário, the Urupá, the São Miguel, the Muqui, the Jamari, the Pacaás Novos, the Jaci-Paraná and the Candeias. The region has a very diverse fauna, where it is possible to verify characteristic elements of the provinces of Amazonian and Cerrado domains, since this area belongs to a transition zone.

Pacaás Novos National Park



Itararé Valley – border of the states of São Paulo and Paraná

Surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, the Itararé Valley is an ideal destination for adventurers and nature lovers. The region offers several tours related to ecotourism, including waterfalls, rivers, canyons, natural viewpoints and several trails.

The Valley is located on the border of the states of São Paulo and Paraná: it is 311 kilometers from Curitiba (PR) and 339 kilometers from the capital of São Paulo. One of the favorite attractions is the Sobradinho Waterfall. There are 45 meters of waterfall. Surrounded by stone and sand, the place forms a natural beach, which is why it is very popular with tourists.

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Galinhos – Rio Grande do Norte

Galinhos is a small fishing village located in the north of the state. The rustic village is an excellent option for those looking for peace and quiet and enjoy the city with sandy streets surrounded by wonderful attractions. Galinhos welcomes lovers of kitesurfing, who enjoy the winds and beautiful landscapes of the region.




São Francisco do Sul – Santa Catarina

The city of São Francisco do Sul breathes history in its urban and architectural complex, with more than 400 properties listed by IPHAN. In addition to the Historic Center, the municipality is full of attractions such as beaches, waterfalls, mangroves, dunes, sandbanks, lagoons and Atlantic Forest forests.




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