National trips to do later this year! Discover different places escaping the traditional routes

with so many places to know in Brazil, it often makes no sense to always travel to the same destination. After all, Brazil is really big, with countless attractions. There are more than 7 thousand km of coastline, thousands of navigable islands and a territory almost equivalent to the size of Europe, formed by tropical biomes full of life, creating different places to visit and beautiful national trips.

It is really difficult to explain to a foreigner what Brazil is. A country with a mixture of accents, cultures, traditions, foods and so many unique characteristics in an immense territory. A Portuguese-speaking country full of regional dialects, whether in a italian colony inside the Rio Grande do Sul or in an indigenous community in the states that form the Legal Amazon. Few countries in the world carry such an enriching and diverse miscegenation, which is reflected in a welcoming, festive and uniquely beautiful population.

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The grandeur in size also brings a multitude of attractions, attractions and completely unique landscapes. It would be practically impossible to visit all these places, but between trips, we always find a way to visit a new destination. Is not it? We have already shown a guide with a hundred destinations to visit in Brazil and in this selection below we will indicate 20 new national destinations that you should meet later this year.

National trips to do in 2020

Galinhos, Rio Grande do Norte

The tranquility inside the large northern river It is already an invitation to rest in itself, but this trip through the Northeast can be even better if you visit Galinhos, a typical fishing village dominated by tranquility and fishing tradition. Galinhos is formed by a peninsula, surrounded by the sea, dunes, mangroves and small villages. Forget the rush of the big city and embark on this traditional village that everyone deserves to visit.

places to travel this year

Fall in love with the quiet of Galinhos, in Rio Grande do Norte. Photo: Ana Muller

Montão de Trigo Island, Sao Paulo

Few people know, but the Montão de Trigo Island is one of the biggest surprises for those who visit the SP beaches.  Between Maresias and Barra do Una, Juquehy beach, in São Sebastião is the gateway for those who sail to a quiet island called Ilha Montão de Trigo, with about 50 residents and an exuberant nature with schools of dolphins swimming freely and beaches with a paradisiacal climate.

It takes about 20 minutes of navigation from the mainland towards the little paradise. Only 14 km separate Montão de Trigo Island from the typical hustle of the São Paulo coast and popular beaches such as Barra do Una, Juquehy and Maresias.

trips to do in 2020

View of the natural pools of Montão de Trigo Island. Photo: Hotel Canoa   

Lencois Island, Maranhao

THE Lençóis Island, in the north of the state of Maranhão, is not among the most visited tourist destinations in Brazil, but it is worth getting on your list, especially if you are looking for authentic trips, curiosities and unusual destinations.

Don't expect to find great tourist infrastructure, on Ilha dos Lençóis simplicity and nature take care of one of the most fascinating places in the Brazilian Northeast. In addition to the dune-filled landscapes, the village is known for having a large proportion of albino people, traditionally known as the Children of the Moon.

The island once had one of the highest rates of albinism in the world and, with a strong sun almost all year round, fishermen usually go in search of fish only at the beginning of the night, avoiding long exposure to the sun. In addition to legends and mysteries, Ilha dos Lençóis shows a surreal journey through a Brazil still little known.

destinations to travel in 2020

Lençóis Island, one of the great surprises of Maranhão. Photo: reproduction

Flecheiras Beach, Ceará

Unlike the hustle of the capital Fortaleza, Praia de Flecheiras is a beach destination for those who want to rest by the sea, walk with their feet in the sand and disconnect from the crowd found in most tourist destinations.

The small village of Flecheiras also has charming inns and a paradisiacal climate. The few local shops are for subsistence and usually sell only the essentials. The few restaurants rescue traditional dishes made almost always based on seafood, with a typical Northeastern seasoning and generous portions.

flecheiras beach, beaches in Ceará

Natural pools at Praia de Flecheiras, Ceará. Photo: reproduction

Campo Novo do Parecis, Mato Grosso

The State of Mato Grosso is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to ecotourism and adventure. What is not lacking are rivers with crystal clear water and nature in abundance. The municipality of Campo Novo dos Parecis stands out as the newest discovery by tourists visiting this region of Brazil.

You've probably already seen the classic photo of the canoe that seems to float on transparent water. Are you interested in discovering a new attraction in Mato Grosso? These waterfalls, freshwater beaches and resorts can make your bucket list. places in Brazil to travel.

national trips and places to enjoy nature

Crystal clear waters of Ponte da Pedra River, in Campo Novo dos Perecis
Photo: @Eduac18 / Instagram

Garopaba, to see whales, Santa Catarina

Garopaba is one of the three municipalities in Santa Catarina that serve as a nursery for right whales, which come from the Antarctic region in search of warm waters off the Brazilian coast. This entire route is accompanied by the Rota da Baleia Franca, managed in partnership with ICMBio.

At this time, the city receives numerous visitors to see the right whale breeding season. This part of the coast of Santa Catarina, between July and November, becomes a spectacle for lovers of marine life. Include this trip in your itinerary, the easiest time to watch whales is between the second half of August and the middle of October.

whale watching in garopaba

Whale watching in Garopaba, Santa Catarina. Photo: Jupiterimages

Mouth of the São Francisco River, Alagoas

The mouth of the São Francisco River, in the State of Alagoas, can be visited in an itinerary that integrates Piaçabuçu and the beauties of the colonial city of Penedo, one of the main historical destinations in Alagoas.

Piaçabuçu, the only word in the Portuguese language with two 'ç', is the municipality of Alagoas with a village feel, bathed by the waters of the São Francisco River and the sea. Dunes, traditional communities and a nature with an exuberant climate, make Foz do Rio São Francisco a trip for no one to miss.

trips to do this year

Discover Piaçabuçu and the beauties of Foz do Rio São Francisco. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Espraiado Canyon, Urubici

Urubici is a city located at an altitude of 915 meters in the Serra Catarinense, being also one of the few cities in Brazil that can have snow during the winter, reaching a temperature of up to -3°C. In addition to the possibility of seeing snow, the city has become a destination for mountaineers and travelers looking for an unusual place in the southern region.

Visiting Pedra Furada and seeing up close the grandeur of the Espraiado Canyon are just some of the activities the city offers. For accommodation, choose mountain cabins and charming inns that maintain Santa Catarina traditions.

Urubici - Espraiado Canyon - Trips to do this year

National trips to do in 2020. Espraiado Canyon in Urubici, Santa Catarina. Photo: Jair Prandi / Source: Trips and Paths

Pouso do Cajaiba, Rio de Janeiro

The Juatinga Ecological Reserve, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, hides one of the great surprises of the municipality of Paraty. Pouso da Cajaíba is a preserved village, without electricity, being ideal for those who want to completely escape the routine and be immersed in a passionate nature.

To reach this particular paradise, visitors need to take a boat from Paraty Mirim, the closest beach to the village. Don't expect big hotels or big structures, as this trip is dedicated to those who want to enjoy a more rustic destination.

Pouso da Cajaíba - Deserted beach near SP

Discover the idyllic village of Pousa da Cajaíba. Photo: Alice Torres

Anavilhanas Archipelago, Amazonas

Navigating the rivers of the Amazon is an experience that all Brazilians should live, even more so because they have the chance to experience one of the most surprising biomes in the world up close. In addition, the trip through the islands of the Anavilhanas Archipelago shows the grandeur of the Amazon Forest and its traditional communities.

Your trip to the national park can be made by car from Manaus to the municipality of Novo Airão or by taking the route along the rivers, departing from Manaus as well. These boats are also known as Amazonian Cruises, and can be on tourist boats (with more structure) or in the traditional way, on line boats. We talked about how transport in the Amazon is in the article about River Route.

national trips to do in 2020, trips to do this year

National trips to do in 2020. Navigate through the immensity of the Amazon Rainforest. Photo: Amazonastur / Reproduction

City of Goias, Goias

city of Goiás or Goiás Velho, was the former capital of the state and today is consecrated as one of the most charming historical centers to visit in this part of the cerrado. Birthplace of the poet and short story writer Cora Coralina, it is still possible to visit the 18th century mansion where the Brazilian artist lived.

Among historic buildings, churches and monuments, the city still relives the great influence of the past in traditional festivals, such as the exotic Fogaréu Procession, which takes place during Holy Week and symbolizes the day Christ was arrested.

Cidade Velha de Goiás - Historic cities

Be enchanted by the history of the Old City of Goiás. Photo via: Short More

Olympia, Sao Paulo

The city is becoming one of the most popular leisure destinations in the state of São Paulo, with a large concentration of private parks that are transforming the region. In fact, the world's largest water coaster will be inaugurated in Thermas dos Laranjais, one of the city's complexes. Are you looking for a destination to travel with the kids? Read our tips on attractions in Olympia.

trips near sao paulo, trips to do in 2020

National trips to do in 2020. Spa for the whole family: discover Thermas dos Laranjais. Photo: Olympia Resorts

Primavera do Leste, Mato Grosso

Undoubtedly, the Midwest is full of rivers, waterfalls, canals and resorts for those who want to share in nature. One of these examples still little known is the Blue Lagoon, which allows floating in crystalline waters and an ecotourism tour that pleases people of all ages.

This discovery is located in the city of Primavera do Leste, Mato Grosso, and manages to be even more beautiful in the months of May to September, when it forms the ideal climate for the water to become even more transparent and without sediment left by the rain.

Photo: Disclosure

Japaratinga, Alagoas

Japaratinga is one of the trips to do this year and enjoy at any time of the year. Between coconut groves as far as the eye can see and a sea of greenish and calm waters, Japaratinga can be the perfect destination for the dream vacation in Alagoas. Want a beach with a desert climate? This could be your next destination to travel in 2020.

Strategically located between Maragogi and Porto de Pedras, the newly discovered beach still receives little movement of tourists, being a good idea for those who want to rest away from the crowd. Little by little, charming inns are starting to appear for those who want exclusivity and even more comfort in the city.

Japaratinga - National trips to do in 2020

National trips to do in 2020. Japaratinga, between Porto de Pedras and Maragogi. Photos: Japaratinga Resort / Publicity

Terra Ronca, Goiás

The city of grottos and caves show a Brazil still little explored. If you like adventures, sports in nature and activities of this kind, exploring the countless rock formations of Terra Ronca may be the right choice for your next vacation.

Terra Ronca State Park is located in the municipality of São Domingos, in Goiás, and is one of the places with the highest concentration of caves in Latin America. Some of these formations are dated to more than 60 million years, others even have cave paintings that prove the presence of ancient civilizations in the Central Plateau region.

Terra Ronca, land of caves and caves

Photo of the Meeting Room, Lapa de São Bernardo III, in Terra Ronca State Park. Photo: José Humberto M. de Paula

Rosado Dunes, Rio Grande do Norte

Between Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará, the Dunas do Rosado can be one of the great bets for those who want to visit the landscapes of the Northeast, escaping from traditional destinations. A trip for the whole family, with nature, adventure and outdoor activities enjoying this part of the Brazilian coast.

It's about 350 km from Natal, the capital of Potiguar, to Dunas do Rosado, which mix the country culture in a coastal landscape with a fisherman's village atmosphere. This entire region is part of the APA do Rosado (Environmental Protection Area).

Dunas do Rosado, Trips to do in 2020

National trips to do in 2020. Landscapes of Dunas do Rosado, in Rio Grande do Norte. Photo: Luis Morais

Chapada das Mesas, Maranhao

Chapada das Mesas, in Maranhão, is one of the most visited chapadas by tourists who seek to enjoy the best of Brazilian nature. The cities of Carolina, Riachão and Estreito serve as a gateway and base for those who are going to visit the incredible waterfalls that make up this region, such as Poço Azul and the complete Pedra Caída.

National destinations and travel, places to visit in 2020

Poço Azul, a mandatory stop in Chapada das Mesas. Photo: Dani Nogueira / Flickr

Guaraú Island, Peruibe 

River, waterfalls and sea: Ilha do Guaraú could be your next discovery on the coast of São Paulo. The island is located in Peruíbe, about 3 km from the coast and has beaches with greenish and super clear waters.

Access is via boats that leave the Porto do Rio Guaraú and take about 15 minutes. Remembering that there are no shops on the island, being ideal for a day trip.

trips to do this year - trips in 2020

National trips to do in 2020. A destination to discover: this is Ilha do Guaraú, in Peruíbe. Photo: José Ernesto Lessa

Serra da Capivara, Piauí

The Serra da Capivara National Park is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1991, but few Brazilians know the mysteries and curiosities that surround the Park.

Get ready to discover more about prehistory in South America, on a trip that reveals the most impressive archaeological sites in Brazil, with extremely preserved cave paintings, bones of prehistoric animals and remnants of communities that lived thousands of years ago. years old.

In addition to the archaeological sites, the visitor can also see the American Man Museum, in São Raimundo Nonato and the Nature Museum, located near the Serra da Capivara National Park.

National destinations to visit in 2020

Rock paintings in Serra da Capivara, in Piauí. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Algodoal, Pará

Algodoal is one of the big surprises for anyone visiting the State of Pará. The paradisiacal village is located on the island of Maiandeua, a few hours from Belém, the capital of Pará. Get ready to find unspoilt beaches with little movement and a super quiet village, immersed in the Amazon coast and discover one of the trips to make this year.

The village has no roads and does not allow the entry of cars. With the absence of excessive motors, Algodoal is known as a destination with zero pollution and extremely conserved nature. Discover a natural paradise still little known, in this other text we explain how to get to Algodoal.

Village of Algodoal, Pará

National trips to do in 2020. Extreme peace in Algodoal, on the coast of the Amazon. Photo: Gustavo Albano

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