Those looking for peaceful and paradisiacal beaches, with calm and transparent waters, need to visit the state of large northern river. Natal, the state capital, concentrates most tourists who visit the region and choose the city as a base to explore other destinations in the state. In addition to beaches, dunes, rivers and lagoons, Rio Grande o Norte is also very famous for the coral reef scattered in some points of its coast.

the beach of Maracajaú it is approximately 58 km from Natal, in the city of Maxaranguape. You Parrachos de Maracajaú are at a distance of 7 kilometers from the beach and can only be accessed by speedboat or catamaran. The biggest attraction there is diving in the natural pools to appreciate the different species of fish and corals. Snorkeling is available for beginners, for the more experienced it is possible to go deeper.

The beach itself, with crystal clear, warm and very calm waters, leaves nothing to be desired in terms of beauty. The destination offers good structure and support for tourists, with several hotels and inns, a good range of restaurants and great leisure options, such as buggy and boat rides.

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With depth ranging from one to three meters the parrachos of Maracajaú they are surrounded by a cordon with 13 km² of coral, where it is possible to arrive by catamaran for deep sea bathing and diving. You parrachos are undoubtedly one of the most impressive scenarios of the coast of Potiguar, formed by a coral barrier, approximately 7 km from the coast.

Before going, pay attention to the weather. The beauty of the beach and the high visibility in the water is only used on sunny days. Also find out about the tides, low tide is more favorable for diving on here. If it's very low, it's even possible to stand on the natural pools.

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