Located in the south of Peru between the Ingenho and nazca, the mysterious and millennial Nazca lines it is one of humanity's oldest enigmas and has intrigued historians and geologists around the world. There are about 500 images that represent different animals, plants, human beings and geometric designs, extending over a 500 square km plateau in a desert, which can only be viewed by plane, due to their size.

Millennial geoglyphs were created by the civilization of nazca which is a pre-Incan culture that lived in the southern region of Peru for more than 800 years, until disappearing in 600 AD Drawn in an area of 490 square kilometers, the 500 figures that measure up to 270 meters in diameter represent animals such as whales, monkeys, spiders and even aliens.

The most acceptable explanation among scholars is that the drawings were made for religious reasons, but many suspect that they may also be linked to astrology. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, the lines were rediscovered in 1930 after the use of planes as a means of transport. After the discovery, specialists began to study about the culture nazca and the methodology for creating the images. Studies reveal that the Nazca lines were made by hundreds of workers, who dug up to 6 centimeters to highlight the images in the desert. The fact that the drawings are still in a perfect state of conservation after more than 2,500 years is justified by the constant climate, in addition to the absence of wind and rain in the place.

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The easiest way to reach the region is through the city of Cahuachi, just 30 km away from the lines. The city is famous for its historic pyramid and the Antonini Didactic Museum, which exhibits ceramic pieces from the Nazca culture, as well as cloths, paintings and tombs.

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