The goal is to get 200,000 people to exchange their cars for the pedal when getting to work

In order to find a sustainable alternative to give a truce in traffic and reduce the number of cars on the streets, the government of Netherlands decided to propose a financial compensation incentive for people who accept to exchange their car for a bicycle on the way to work.

The project still needs to be approved, but the idea is that each worker who accepts the condition of exchanging four wheels for two receives 19 cents for each kilometer traveled. In addition to this amount, the project will also offer subsidies to bicycle manufacturers so that people can purchase them at a discount.

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With the action, the country hopes to get 200,000 people out of their cars and put them to pedal, making the financial stimulus generate environmental and health benefits for the population, in addition to relieving traffic and other urban problems.

Holland, the country of the bicycle

THE Netherlands is a reference and one of the countries that most uses the bicycle as a means of transport. To give you an idea, there are 17 million inhabitants and 23 million bicycles in the country. The bicycle, therefore, is part of the culture of the country.

Most Dutch cities were not built for cars, which has led their population to resort to other modes of transport after decades of transition. Amsterdam was one of them and currently has a transport system considered one of the most successful in the world.

With this new project and with the expectation of an increase in people who will use the bicycle to commute to work, the Dutch government intends to invest 345 million euros (1.45 billion reais) in infrastructure so that these 200,000 people leave their cars in the garage. .

Photo: Pixabay

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