In 2020, everything has changed: find out how the New Year will be celebrated in Salvador, in one of the most desired capitals at this time of year 

The New Year's party in Salvador is one of the most popular in Brazil. Whether in the main tourist spots or in front of its beaches, fun is guaranteed when a new year arrives. However, New Year's celebrations in 2020/2021 will be quite different. The attractions were adapted due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Find out all the details of what the New Year 2021 will be like in Salvador.

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New Year's Party in Salvador 2021

New Year 2021 in Salvador: what will New Year's Eve be like in the capital of Bahia?

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The traditional New Year in Salvador, known as "Festival Virada", will not be celebrated at the turn of the year 2020 to 2021. Due to the increase in cases of the new coronavirus, the end of the year party was canceled by town hall.

In 2019, Salvador received around 500,000 tourists who wanted to celebrate the party in the Bahian capital. 

What will the New Year be like in Salvador?

New Year 2021 in Salvador: what will New Year's Eve be like in the capital of Bahia?

Photo: Pixabay

To avoid agglomerations, the city hall of the Bahian capital had announced two shows that would be broadcast online, with Ivete Sangalo and Gusttavo Lima, for December 31. However, the action, dubbed "live of the turn", was canceled last week. 

According to information from the prefecture, the measure was taken to reinforce the message to the population that the moment is of care. With the increase in the number of cases in recent days, Salvador wants to emphasize that the city is taking the moment seriously and that it is necessary to redouble attention.

Among the actions determined to avoid agglomerations in the New Year in Salvador, it was defined, for example, the interdiction of Orla da Barra, to avoid crowds in the place. The traditional fireworks display will be maintained, but the city hall did not disclose the points where the show will take place, another action to avoid agglomerations. 

New Year's Eve 2021 in Salvador: celebration from a distance 

New Year 2021 in Salvador: what will New Year's Eve be like in the capital of Bahia?

Photo: Pixabay

But, after all, what's the best way to celebrate the turn of the year 2020/21? The recommendation of the WHO (World Health Organization) is that families and friends do not meet to celebrate.

This is especially true for families and friends who do not live in the same house. For those who live together, fraternization can normally take place inside their homes. 

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