Brazilian Gabriel Dias was rescued by the police on the “Na Natureza Selvagem” bus, in Alaska, after experiencing a situation similar to that of Christopher McCandless 

The “magic bus”, bus located in the Alaska which became famous for the story of adventurer Christopher McCandless told in the book and movie "Into the Wild" was the scene of another dangerous moment - but this time, everything ended well.

in the Brazilian wild nature

Gabriel Dias. Photo: Personal Archive

That's because the Brazilian Gabriel Dias had to be rescued by the police after experiencing a situation similar to that of “Supertramp”, Christopher's nickname. In order to reach Alaska and the bus that served as a shelter for Supertramp, the traveler ended up crossing a frozen river on the way. However, when trying to return, the melting ice increased the current of the river and made it impossible to return, leaving him without food in the place.

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The same steps as “Into the Wild” 

in the Brazilian wild nature

Scene from the movie “Into the Wild”. Photo: reproduction

McCandless experienced a similar situation in 1992, when he was unable to return from the bus, which is located in a remote area of Denali National Park. Four months after arriving, he was found dead of hunger inside the place that served as his shelter.

Gabriel, on the other hand, seeing that he would not be able to return, managed to ask for help. “When I walked through the bush, the river was frozen and it was possible to cross safely. When I came back, it was dangerous to cross and I didn't want to risk it and I activated SOS via satellite”, Dias told portal R7.

The Alaska State Police received the request and rescued the Brazilian by helicopter. Gabriel left Cuiabá (MT) two years ago and has already visited more than 22 countries by hitchhiking and bicycle.

The “magic bus” of “Na Natureza Selvagem” has become a tourist spot and practically a sanctuary for Supertramp fans, attracting many people to the place every year. However, because it is a dangerous place, many adventurers end up having accidents and need to be constantly rescued.

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