Video shows a group of 15 blacktip sharks roaming freely along the beaches of Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro

After the social isolation measures are triggered on account of the Covid-19, animals around the world have been feeling “more at ease” and many people are capturing rare moments of species strolling peacefully through cities and large urban centers.

At sea it is no different, after turtles being caught swimming in Guanabara Bay, residents of Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro, saw a group of approximately 15 blacktip sharks in the blue sea of the resort.

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The recording clearly shows the animals at a short distance from the sand strip, without being “disturbed” by boats, noise, tourists or fishermen.

Entrepreneur Cesar Duarte is the author of these impressive images. César works with boat trips in Angra dos Reis and swears he has never seen a scene like this.

“Every year sharks come out. But there were always two, three together. Yesterday there were 15. Some were jumping in the water. I've never seen so many sharks together, much less close to the beach”, says the businessman.

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