Paradisiacal settings, a welcoming people and many leisure options can be found in these 80 unmissable destinations in the Brazilian Northeast.

THE Brazilian Northeast is full of amazing places to visit, especially when we talk about beautiful beaches and exuberant nature. With that in mind, we put together a list of 80 must-see destinations in the region.

Want to know what you can find best in the northeastern states? So, check out our tips and take the opportunity to plan your next vacation to one of these sensational places. get ready to find heavenly scenarios, a people beyond welcoming and many options for leisure, historical learning and cultural enrichment.

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See which are the must-see destinations in the Brazilian Northeast


Unmissable destinations in the Brazilian Northeast. Photo: Lucia Barreiros

Beautiful beaches, mangroves, waterfalls, rivers and a tropical desert await you in this northeastern state. See options for tourist destinations in Maranhao.

São Luís

State's capital, São Luís It is the ideal destination for those looking for a lot of culture, history and great gastronomy. Unlike other coastal cities, the sea is not the main attraction there, but its beautiful architecture and leisure and cultural options.


One of the base cities for those visiting the beautiful Lençóis Maranhenses, Atins It is a quiet town with a country atmosphere. From there, depart the tours Circuit Lagoa da Capivara and Lagoa das Sete Mulheres and Circuit Lagoa Tropical and Lagoa da Lorena.

Santo Amaro

Another base city for visiting Lençóis Maranhenses, Santo Amaro is the starting point for the tours Lagoa das Emendadas Circuit, Lagoa da Gaivota and Lagoa da Andorinha Circuit, Lagoa da Betania Circuit and Lagoa América Circuit.


Barreirinhas is the main base for those who go to Maranhão sheets. Larger than the other two cities, it offers more structure and the main tours: Circuito da Lagoa Azul and Circuito da Lagoa Bonita, which pass through the most popular places in the region.


Tutóia is known for housing the Pequenos Lençóis Maranhenses and is usually visited by those who make the Route of Emotions, which includes the Lençóis Maranhenses, the Parnaíba Delta and Jericoacoara. Nature is stunning, between dunes, lagoons, beaches and many coconut trees.


A great destination for those who enjoy cultural and historical tourism, Alcântara was once one of the richest cities in Maranhão, between the 18th and 19th centuries. To get to know it, you can take a boat trip from São Luís.

Chapada das Mesas

With more than 160 thousand hectares of forests, mountains, waterfalls and caves, the Chapada das Mesas located in the south-central part of Maranhão. It is a place for ecotourism lovers and has incredible places, such as Poço Azul, Encanto Azul and Cachoeira da Caverna.


must-see destinations

Northeast Brazil: Parnaíba. Photo: Rogério Monteiro

Despite not being among the most sought after when it comes to tourism in the northeast, The Piauí houses some of the most beautiful places in the region.

Serra da Capybara

who visits Serra da Capybara takes a trip back in time between archaeological sites and cave paintings. It is the ideal destination for those who enjoy history, discoveries and long walks in the midst of exuberant nature.


Despite being the only landlocked northeastern capital, Teresina has great outdoor leisure options and is known as the Green City. Bathed by two important rivers - Parnaíba and Poti -, it has tree-lined streets and many parks.


Located in the basin of the River Paranaíba, this city in Piauí is one of the stops on the famous Rota das Emoções. Tourists visit it to discover the Delta do Parnaíba region, a beautiful archipelago located where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Luís Correia

The city of Luís Correia is in the north of Piauí and has beautiful beaches. With a paradisiacal beauty, the most famous stretches of sand are Praia do Coqueiro, Praia Peito de Moça, Praia do Arrombado, Praia do Itaqui and Praia do Macapá.

7 Cities Park

A conservation unit located in the transition between the cerrado and the caatinga, Parque 7 Cidades is 36 kilometers long and draws attention for its rock formations that resemble cities. The place is full of waterfalls, natural pools and stunning scenery.

Big Bar

Barra Grande is a paradisiacal place that preserves its rustic atmosphere, but offers a lot of comfort to its visitors. The beaches are beautiful, great for kite surfers, and the village has great inns and restaurants.


Brazilian Northeast

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One of the states with the longest coastline in Brazil, the Ceará it has paradisiacal beaches that are second to none of the most famous international destinations.


capital of Ceara, Strength It is a large metropolis, rich in culture, leisure options and beautiful beaches. In addition, the city is the starting point for tours that take you to the most beautiful landscapes on the coast of Ceará, such as Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada.


Located in the desert region of Ceará, Camocim is the ideal destination for those looking for peace and paradise. Its beaches have calm, warm and crystalline waters. In addition, the city has a good structure of accommodation and services.


Beautiful beaches, lagoons that are true oases, dunes and mangroves with preserved vegetation. This is what you will find when visiting the paradise Jericoacoara. And, if the natural beauties were not enough, this destination offers great structure for tourists.


Icaraizinho is one of those places to stay and watch time go by very slowly. The fishing village has a paradisiacal look similar to the famous Jericoacoara, but with a lot of tranquility. There, the sea is light blue and the sands are white and fine.


Flecheiras is also a great option for those looking for a heavenly place off the beaten track in Ceará. It has natural pools very close to the beach, which can be accessed without the need for boat trips.


A small fishing village located in a paradisiacal region of the coast of Ceará, Mundaú has beautiful beaches, dunes and mangroves. It is a place for those seeking tranquility in the midst of breathtaking landscapes.

broken Canoe

Canoa Quebrada is among the main tourist destinations in Ceará. The beach is bathed by warm waters, has white sand and is surrounded by colorful cliffs. A paradisiacal look that, combined with the excellent structure, make it a place dear to tourists.


Beberibe is a rustic fishing village that is home to beautiful beaches, surrounded by colorful cliffs and bathed by crystal clear waters. The beaches of Fontes and Morro Branco are the main ones and attract many tourists to this municipality in Ceará.


Guaramiranga is a mountain town on the Maciço do Baturité and, due to its proximity to Fortaleza, it receives many tourists throughout the year. Due to its mild climate and mountain landscapes, it is known as the Switzerland of Ceará.

Beach Park

Major tourist attraction of Aquiraz, neighboring city of Fortaleza. Located on Porto das Dunas beach, the water park is one of the best in Brazil and offers dozens of attractions for people of all ages, in addition to three resorts and a hotel.

large northern river

Brazilian Northeast

Unmissable destinations in the Brazilian Northeast. Photo: Disclosure

When it comes to tourism, the large northern river is one of the most complete destinations in Brazil, with several attractions that offer experiences for all types of travelers.


Natal is a well-structured city, with beautiful beaches, dunes, exuberant nature and a rich cultural circuit. In addition, the capital of Potiguar serves as a base to discover other paradises on the coast of Rio Grande do Norte.


The most famous beach in Tibau do Sul, Kite it has warm and crystalline waters and is surrounded by a wall of colorful cliffs. It is a paradisiacal place that attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world.


Only 16 km away from the capital Natal, Extremoz is home to the famous beach of Genipabu, one of the state's postcards. Known for its dunes and lagoons, Genipabu is one of the beautiful stretches of sand in the city, next to the beaches of Santa Rita and Pitangui.


One of the most popular destinations in Rio Grande do Norte, Maracajaú is known for its incredible natural pools, located 7 km out to sea. It can be visited on day trips from Natal, but it also has great accommodation options.


Touros beach is in a region known as Elbow of Brazil. It is a paradisiacal place, with calm seas, protected by reefs, and a strip of white sand, surrounded by several coconut trees.

Sao Miguel do Gostoso

If you want to disconnect from the world, São Miguel do Gostoso is the ideal place. The rustic village with an inland air has beautiful beaches with calm seas, white sand and strong winds. It is a destination for those who want to relax.


Bathed by an extremely blue sea, which also has an arm of green waters, Galinhos beach is among the best in Rio Grande do Norte. There you can also find dunes and mangroves, as well as a great structure for tourists.

South Tibau

The city of Tibau do Sul is known for its beautiful beaches, including the famous Pipa. In addition to it, this municipality in Ceará is home to the beaches of Tibau do Sul, Madeiro, Cacimbinhas and Curral. All have a paradisiacal look and many leisure options.


must-see destinations

Unmissable destinations in the Brazilian Northeast. Photo: Marinelson Almeida / Flickr

the coast of Paraíba holds many surprises. There you will find beautiful beaches, including some rivers, and great tourist infrastructure to make your trip unforgettable.

João Pessoa

João Pessoa It has beautiful beaches, great living areas and a very rich historic center. The capital of Paraíba, despite not being among the most popular destinations in the Northeast, is an incredible place to visit.


Very close to João Pessoa, the city of Cabedelo looks more like a neighborhood in the capital of Paraíba. It shelters beautiful beaches, with warm and transparent waters. They are: Intermares beach and Camboinha beach.

Campina Grande

Famous for holding the “biggest São João in the world”, Campina Grande is an incredible city in Paraíba. There you will find many museums, craft fairs and typical products, as well as beautiful natural attractions.

Costa do Conde

With a length of 20 km, the Costa do Conde It has a rustic look, with imposing cliffs and many coconut trees. It is formed by seven beaches: Praia de Gramame, Praia do Amor, Praia Carapibus, Praia de Jacumã, Praia de Tabatinga, Praia de Coqueirinhos and Tambaba.


With 15 km of deserted beaches, bathed by a turquoise sea, Lucena is one of the most visited cities in Paraíba, after the capital João Pessoa. It has several natural attractions and beautiful colonial architecture.

Pedra da Boca State Park

Located in the municipality of Araruna, Pedra da Boca State Park is located on the border between Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte. Perfect destination for ecotourism lovers, it has several amazing trails and scenery.


Brazilian Northeast

Unmissable destinations in the Brazilian Northeast. Photo: Jobosco / Wikimedia Commons

Pernambuco It is a state rich in cultural diversity and natural beauty that conquers all who visit it.


The capital Recife is the expression of everything you can find in Pernambuco: beautiful beaches, a lot of culture and history and an excellent tourist structure. Its colonial mansions preserved in the midst of a developed urban center are its main feature.


Rich in history, culture, gastronomy and with beautiful beaches, this is Olinda, one of the most important cities of Pernambuco. Full of color, the city has historic houses, many art galleries and craft markets, as well as beaches with calm blue seas.

airplane crown

The Coroa do Avião islet has clear sand, some coconut trees, a little vegetation and a sea of calm and crystalline waters. Despite being small, the islet of Igarassu has an excellent structure to receive tourists, with bars and kiosks.

Port of Chickens

One of the most sought after in Brazil, Porto de Galinhas beach is incredibly beautiful. With warm and crystalline waters, its natural pools formed by reefs are among the best tours in the Northeast.


tamandaré It is a place to relax and enjoy peaceful days. There the sea is calm, with warm and transparent waters in shades of turquoise blue. And you will find Praia dos Carneiros, Praia de Tamandaré, Praia da Pedra, Boca da Praia and Praia de Campas.

Cape St. Augustine

Located between Recife and Porto de Galinhas, the city of Cabo de Santo Agostinho is home to the beautiful heart-shaped beach of Calhetas, Paiva beach, Enseada dos Corais beach and Gaibu beach.


Located 140 km from Recife, the city of Bonito is full of beautiful landscapes and many waterfalls. It is the perfect Pernambuco destination for those who love ecotourism and adventure tourism. There you will find areas for camping and activities such as zip lines and abseiling.


Famous for its June festivities, the city of Caruaru is a great destination for those who enjoy historical and cultural tourism. In addition, it has incredible natural landscapes, revealed through viewpoints in its ecological parks.


Another great cultural destination in Pernambuco, the city of Garanhuns has a strong religious tradition, expressed in its architecture and leisure options. There you will find many museums, churches and parks.


must-see destinations

Unmissable destinations in the Brazilian Northeast. Photo: Disclosure

Known for its beautiful beaches and natural pools, the state of alagoas has a capital full of tourist attractions in the midst of natural beauties, historical scenarios and a lot of culture.


Owner of one of the most beautiful urban waterfronts in Brazil, Maceió It is well wooded and bathed by a green sea. It is a beautiful destination to discover, especially for lovers of historical and cultural tourism.


Located on the banks of the São Francisco River, Penedo is one of the most beautiful cities in Alagoas and holds unique historical riches. Those who travel there will find many historic colonial-style buildings, most of which are covered in Portuguese tiles.


piranhas it is one of the base cities for those visiting the canyons of the São Francisco River. But, in addition to the main attraction, the city yields a beautiful cultural and historical tour. Enchanting, Piranhas has a well-preserved colonial architecture.


maragogi It is one of the most coveted destinations on the Alagoas coast. It is a privileged village for paradisiacal beaches, bathed by a sea of crystalline and calm waters. Its main tourist spot is the natural pools, known as galés.

Port of Stones

Porto de Pedras is a city with a rustic look that enchants those who visit the Costa dos Corais, between Maceió and Recife. It is home to beautiful beaches, including the paradisiacal Patacho, bathed by clear blue waters, protected by reefs.

San Miguel dos Milagres

Practically deserted beaches, calm seas with warm waters and natural pools make São Miguel dos Milagres a perfect destination for those looking for rest. Another beautiful city on the Costas dos Corais, it is a paradise on the coast of Alagoas.

Barra de Sao Miguel

Barra de São Miguel has clear and calm waters. Protected by a coral barrier, the beach becomes a large natural pool during low tide. In its part of the open sea, there are more agitated waters that please lovers of extreme water sports.

Marshal Deodoro

Marechal Deodoro was once the capital of Alagoas and is currently very popular with tourists due to its historical importance and beautiful beaches. Among them, the famous Praia do Francês and Praia do Saco. Beyond the Manguaba Lagoon.


Japaratinga is a city in Alagoas little explored by tourism, but with paradisiacal scenarios. Its beaches are bathed by calm seas, with warm and crystalline waters in emerald green tones, full of fish.


Brazilian Northeast

Unmissable destinations in the Brazilian Northeast. Photo: Mauricio Gomes / Wikimedia Commons

THE Bahia no introductions. With one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country, the state is full of life, welcoming people and many options for leisure and culture.


History, culture, religion, dance, music, gastronomy and beach. All this you can find in Salvador, a great place to travel all year round. Cozy, the capital of Bahia is lively, has a well-structured hotel network and beautiful beaches

Praia do Forte

Located in Mata de São João, Praia do Forte has one of the most beautiful natural pools on the northeastern coast. The calm sea is great for swimming and enjoying the day with a lot of peace. The beach is surrounded by coconut trees, which make it even more pleasant.


Imbassaí Beach is quiet and rustic. Only 10 km away from Praia do Forte, it is surrounded by coconut trees, has large dunes and a river, great for bathing and for the practice of stand-up paddle.

Chapada Diamantina

Perfect for ecotourism lovers, the Chapada Diamantina It has incredible scenery, between caves, waterfalls and lots of green. Chapada Diamantina National Park covers more than 38,000 km² and offers unique experiences in the midst of preserved nature.

Boipeba Island

Recognized as a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site, the Boipeba Island It has a rustic and peaceful environment, perfect for those who want a lot of contact with nature while enjoying the sea and the ocean breeze.

Maraú Peninsula

With an idyllic look, the Maraú Peninsula has a part of the coastline facing the ocean and another facing the Camamu Bay. It houses the beautiful beach of Taipus de Fora, famous for its natural pools, and the village of Barra Grande.


The Abrolhos archipelago is located about 65 km from the south coast of Bahia. Nursery for humpback whales, it has five islands that can only be seen from boats. Tourists are not allowed to disembark there, due to the preservation of the area.


Porto Seguro village, caraiva guards a stunning nature and is the ideal destination for those looking for quiet and reserved holidays. The village is welcoming, full of colorful houses. To top it off, the beaches are heavenly.

safe harbor

Funky city on the south coast of Bahia, safe harbor It has incredible places and an excellent tourist structure. And, if all the beauty of its central beaches were not enough, the municipality is home to paradisiacal villages, such as Arraial D'Ajuda, Trancoso and Caraíva.


trancoso It's one of those places where you feel like you're in paradise. With white sand beaches, crystal clear sea, coconut trees and imposing cliffs, the place is beautiful. To top it off, it is a charming destination, with a village full of colorful houses.

Arraial d'Ajuda

Porto Seguro village, Arraial d'Ajuda It is a paradise that is so beautiful that it has become one of the most sought after destinations. There you will find the beaches of Pitinga, Taípe, Mucugê, Parracho, Araçaipe, Lagoa Azul, Pescadores and Apaga-Fogo.

Comandatuba Island

Located in the municipality of Una, Ilha de Comandatuba is 21 km long and has deserted beaches, with untouched nature. It is one of the main destinations in Bahia and the leisure options there are related to ecotourism and water sports.

Costa do Sauipe

The Costa do Sauípe complex, located in Mata de São João, brings together incredible accommodations that provide a unique experience in the midst of a paradise on the coast of Bahia.

Costa do Sauípe beach is surrounded by coconut trees and the sea is crystal blue.

Sao Paulo hill

Sao Paulo hill It's a place to disconnect from the world and enjoy a lot of beach. District of Tinharé Island, the place draws the attention of tourists from Brazil and the world. The turquoise blue sea and the white sands, surrounded by coconut trees, form a paradisiacal setting.


Itacare have paradise beaches, waterfalls and preserved vegetation of the Atlantic Forest. situated in the south of Bahia, the city manages to preserve deserted beaches and untouched nature, despite being one of the most frequented destinations in the region.


The largest island in the Baía de Todos os Santos, Itaparica is bathed by calm seas and surrounded by coconut trees. Protected by coral reefs, the island has warm waters perfect for those who enjoy a good swim in the sea.

Friars Island

With beautiful beaches with crystalline and calm waters, framed by preserved Atlantic Forest, Ilha dos Frades is an unmissable destination in Bahia. It has more than 100 trails among preserved vegetation, ideal for those who enjoy adventure in nature.


Camaçari is a welcoming city that, in addition to the beautiful beaches and natural beauties, has a friendly and lively people. Its main tourist attractions are Praia de Guarajuba, Barra do Jacuípe, Praia do Japonês and Praia de Arembepe.


Located in Camaçari, Praia de Arembepe is famous for its natural pools, which form at low tide. Perfect destination for those traveling with children, the beach is quiet and has great structure.


Photo: Cleferson Comarela

With stunning landscapes, Sergipe is an option of North East travel destination with great attractions, less crowded than in other states.


One of the first Brazilian cities built in a planned way, Aracaju It has a complete infrastructure to receive visitors. The Sergipe capital has incredible beaches and exuberant nature that can be seen in squares and parks.

Tamar project

The Projeto Tamar Oceanarium, in Aracaju, is a great tour option for those visiting Sergipe. With aquariums and several tanks, the place offers several activities. In addition, Projeto Tamar also maintains an Environmental Education Center in Pirambu.

Falcons Park

THE Falcons Park is a sanctuary for birds of prey in Sergipe. Located in Itabaiana, 45 km from Aracaju, the park welcomes visitors who can have contact with these birds, in addition to learning more about them.

there are so many must-see destinations in the region that it is even difficult to choose which one to visit first in Brazilian Northeast. But one thing is for sure, in any of these incredible places, you will live unique experiences.

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