We have prepared a guide of places to visit in the northwest region of Argentina: Salta and Jujuy. Surely the South American country will surprise you

THE Argentina, like many Latin American countries, has immense natural beauty, lavishing its own fauna and flora. Similar to its neighbors, it also contains a strong indigenous trait in the culture, however, the region NOA – Northwest Argentina it is the one that most squanders the traces of this influence.

The northwestern region of Argentina is made up of six provinces, but the most famous are jump and jujuy. The place borders Chile and Bolivia, so many travelers decide to explore all three countries at once. As it is very close to the Atacama Desert, this part of Argentina receives a lot of influence from the subtropical and dry climate.

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One part of the world that manages to merge two opposing types of landscapes is the Argentine northwest. There you can find the influence of the Andes mountain range and at the same time show cacti with a touch of desert climate, if you liked this contrast read our tips on what to do in Salta and Jujuy.

Province of Salta

city of Salta

THE city of salta has several tourist attractions such as Plaza 9 de Julio, the main square of the city, which offers historical monuments and lots of trees. Also, another place to visit in the city is the Cathedral Basilica of Salta, which is open to the public and boasts stunning architecture.

If you enjoy traveling and learning more about the country's history, on your itinerary through the city of Salta, you can't miss the Guemes Museum. The place tells the story of Argentine leader General Martín Miguel de Güemes, who took the lead in the country's war of independence. To tell this story, the museum mixes sounds and images, making the experience more playful.

Another tourist point worth visiting in Salta is the San Martin Park, which contains tours of San Bernardo Cable Car to the top of a hill. At the top, it is possible to have a panoramic view of the city, in addition to discovering an artificial waterfall that descends the hill.

Northwest-Argentina-cable car-de-salta

Northwest Argentina – Salta Cable Car. Photo: informatesalta

city of Chachi

Cachi is another place to visit in Argentina. But the way from the city of Salta to Chachi is also something worth living, the road passes through places like Cuesta Del Obispo, which provides a beautiful view of nature and the surrounding mountains. In addition Piedra Del Molino is one of the highest points in the region and offers a beautiful view of the Escoipe's Break, another mountainous region.

Still on the way, the Los Cardones National Park is also present, it is a protected area in Argentina that contains an immensity of cacti, with mountains and a lot of land. In this desert climate is also the Straight Del Tin Tin, where it is possible to see a part of the trail of the Incas in the Argentine country.

Arriving in Chachi, the places to visit are also several. As in the city of Salta, Chachi has the Plaza 9 de Julio, where is the San Jose Church, which is considered a neighborhood parish, which ends up attracting visitors to discover more of the customs of the people. In addition, one more museum in the province that is worth a visit is the Pio Pablo Diaz Museum of Archeology, in which its items are historical heritage.


Northwest Argentina – Los Cardones National Park. Photo: Bpierreb / Wikimedia Commons

City of Cafayate

Thinking about making the most of the trip, a tip is to stop to visit places on the road. Leaving Chachi and heading towards the city of Cafayate, is found the Calchaquíes Valleys, known for its color contrast in the landscape in addition to having the Camino de Los Artesanos, with several local works shops. The last point worth a stop is the famous Las Flechas Quebrada, with surprising reliefs.

Arriving in Cafayate, it is important to remember that the city is a great wine producer, so when you go out for lunch or dinner, don't forget to taste as much as possible. That said, a visit to the Museum of La Vid y el Vino is necessary as it tells the story of wine production in the region, including the Torrontes white wine, mainly produced by the region.

Another place you can't miss is the Our Lady of Rosario Cathedral, located in the central square. After this visit, a great trip is to go horseback riding in the region of Los Medanos, that many years ago was once an ocean and currently has small dunes. Finally, why not go to the Municipal Artisan Market in Cafayate and take home a souvenir?


Northwest Argentina – Las Flechas Quebrada. Photo: Fercosquin / Wikimedia Commons

Quebrada de las Conchas

No matter where you want to travel, the important thing is to include in your tour the National Route No. 68. This road is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and is a place worth visiting in Salta. First there is the nature reserve Las Conchas Quebrada, a region marked by the movement of tectonic plates, forming a differentiated relief and a mixture of reddish and orange colors.

Only in this region are three unmissable points. The first is the famous Devil's Throat argentina, which forms spaces between the rock walls. the second is the Amphitheater, which has acoustic details in its shell-shaped interior. And finally, the lookout Tres Cruces, known for its beautiful view of the Calchaquíes Valleys.


Northwest Argentina – Quebrada del Rio de las Conchas. Photo: Ralf Steinberger / Wikimedia Commons

Salinas Grandes  

At Salinas Grandes are the connecting point between the provinces of jump and jujuy. Leaving the city of Salta, you will pass through the Quebrada de Las Cuevas, another mountainous and tourist region that is located in the middle of the roads. Continuing in this direction, you will also come across San Antonio de los Cobres, which offers a Train ride until the Viaduct La Polvorilla, one of the most imposing works of engineering ever made.

90 km from San Antonio de Los Cobres, it is located at Salinas Grandes, which is considered the third largest salt pan in the world. In times of rain, the site produces an almost “mirror” view of itself, in addition to providing a completely whitish view of the horizon.


Northwest Argentina – Salinas Grandes. Photo: Kevin Jones / Wikimedia Commons

Jujuy Province

city of Purmamarca

The city of Purmamarca It is one of the places worth visiting in Jujuy. The first place to visit in Purmamarca is the Iglesia Santa Rosa de Lima, which is a 17th century pearl and carries a lot of regional history. With the same historical thought, following the Purmamarca River, is the Los Colorados Paseo, a place that has ancient figures carved in the mountains.

But after all that, you can't miss visiting the Cerro de los Siete Colores, the city's main tourist attraction. This attraction is actually a hill, which has several shades of colors, but very well defined, resembling the strokes of a brush.


Northwest Argentina – Purmamarca. Photo: Marianocecowski / Wikimedia Commons

city of Tilcara

Tilcara is home to the most important archaeological site in all of Argentina. THE Pucará de Tilcara, It is a region of great historical importance for the Argentines, since in the past it was considered an area with easy defense by the Inca peoples. The site offers old stone constructions made by the indigenous peoples themselves.


Northwest Argentina – Pumamarca. Photo: Marianocecowski / Wikimedia Commons

city of Humahuaca

The city of humahuaca is very famous because of Quebrada de Humahuaca. In the past, the place was part of the indigenous routes of the Incas and today it is one of the most visited tourist spots, as it offers the Hornocal mountain range, a location with several mountains that have traces of more than 14 different colors.


Northwest Argentina – Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy. Photo: Lahi / Wikimedia Commons

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