Located at the northern end of Europe, bordering Russia, Sweden and Finland, the Norway attracts and enchants tourists with its landscapes, culture and history. Surprisingly, the country of the midnight sun has more than 90% of its territory occupied by fields and forests, a perfect setting for lovers of ecotourism activities.

In addition, hundreds of trails scattered in the region are a full plate for those who like to practice trekking.

Currently, Norway was considered the 2nd happiest country in the world, second only to Denmark. To create this ranking, factors from 15 countries are evaluated, including health, freedom, life expectancy and official support.

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In fact, known worldwide for the Vikings, for the Nobel Prize, for its fjords and for having a lot of oil, Norway is also the most expensive country in Europe and possibly in the world. But despite being super expensive, the destination definitely deserves to be on your list of places to visit before you die.


Oslo is the capital of the country and can be considered quite peaceful. In fact, you can consider the whole country pretty quiet. Because, in addition to being one of the happiest countries in the world, it is also the 3rd safest. This security makes tourists feel comfortable enjoying every corner of the city with walking tours, as most of the sights are situated in the center of Oslo.


Photo: Norway Tavel


Photo: Norway Tavel

After all, there are so many reasons to get to know this wonderful country that we have put together a list of reasons that will make you pack your bags and run away to Norway:


Firstly, the country has a law called “Allemannsrett”, which means “all rights of man”. It's that coming and going thing. The law gives the right of access and passage to any land that is not cultivated, being able to camp or even cross it and no one can prevent it.

However, it is not possible to want to take advantage of the law to extend your stay for many days in the same place.


photo: Shutterstock


In addition, the country is home to Trolltunga, a rock that extends horizontally out of the mountain, 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvanet in Skejeggedal.

But if you intend to enjoy this incredible look, get ready. Well, to reach the top it takes about 10 hours of walking.

Trolltunga - Norway

Photo: Flickr – Dominikf


And there's also the Kjeragbolten stone:

Kjeragbolten - Norway

Photo: Valeria Sig

Norway is one of the countries with the most fjords in the world, there are about 1190 between the country and the island of Svalbard.


Photo: Juliano Yamakawa

fishermen's cabins

The country has very charming cities. Norwegian fishermen's cabins built on the coast are also attractions for tourists.

Therefore, renting a fisherman's house to spend a few days with the deck facing the sea is not expensive and the locations are always a show apart.


Photo: Alexander Erdbeer

The famous midnight sun occurs in the summer in regions above the Arctic Circle.


Photo: ommy Roennigen


The hometown of skiing is Mogerdal, the sport was created by the Norwegian Sondre Auverson, although Norway is not a popular destination for skiing, it has great stations for the practice of the activity.


Photo: Flickr – Skystartryssel

Northern Lights

Want another extra reason to visit Norway? The country also has a great possibility to see the aurora borealis, between autumn and winter.

Aurora Borealis - Norway

Photo: Ole Christian Salomonses


Norway has a great diversity of animals and it is these cuties that stamp the postcards at Christmas time. Reindeer, polar bears, lynx, wolves, among others.

Polar Bears - Norway

Photo: Andre Nita


photo: Shutterstock


Atlanterhavsvein is among the most beautiful highways in the world. Known as Atlantic Ocean Road, the road has 8,274 km and cuts the blue sea between several islands in several sections.


Photo: Tormod Rangoynes


Photo: Strangesounds

Diversity of islands and lakes

Have you not found reasons to visit Norway? Well then, here's another one: the country has about 50,000 islands and 450,000 lakes!

Watch the timelapse video below, which shows some tourist attractions in the country:


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