One of the countries that invests the most in ecotourism and sustainability. A destination that offers many learnings about environmental responsibility

The remarkable natural beauty of Norway, with fjords – a great inlet of water in mountains – of crystal clear waters, majestic mountains and huge glaciers, is an attraction for tourists and visitors from all over the world. In addition to the motivation and investment geared towards the tourism, what is encouraging is to perceive a real concern with natural preservation, encouraging practices to reduce consumption and waste, both for the population and for visitors.

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Norwegian inhabitants believe that preservation is fundamental, and represents everyone's responsibility. Some regions are susceptible to environmental preservation laws due to their vulnerability, and these laws are also aimed at tourists who learn activities aimed at this focus. This respect is due to an already very old tradition, now assuming a guaranteed one from public policies, long before the existence of terms and concepts of environmental preservation.

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This commitment advances several sectors of society beyond tourism. Local businesses and communities of inhabitants from the region seek a vision of the future that strengthens a bond of investment in business without departing from natural protection. The guarantee of one of the main motivators that attract tourists from all over the world is preservation, as the wonderful nature is one of the main tourist attractions in the country.

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It is years of effort and joint work that certify the most sought after sustainable destinations in the world. In Fermund Engerdal, for example, there are more than 900 calm and tranquil lagoons that offer visitors canoe trips. The local wildlife coexists peacefully. Laerdal, in turn, are gigantic mountains in composition with the houses of typical architecture of the region. Certified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the region offers hiking trails over the mountains at an altitude of about 1,000 meters. Another place that adopts extensive sustainability and preservation practices is the island vega which are also part of the UNESCO list of Universal Heritage. It is considered one of the most valuable natural treasures on the planet. The fauna and flora, strictly preserved, presents more than 230 species of birds, in addition to the coral reefs that beautify the landscape. Another example of a sustainable destination protected by environmental and conservation laws is the region of Lillehammer. The region became known worldwide after the 1994 Olympics, but conservation practices predate. The destination is much sought after by practitioners of winter sports, such as skiing and by nature researchers, having received the seal of Sustainable Destination.

Norway has an uninterrupted investment aimed at sustainability, and in addition to the destinations presented above, in the coming years others will be presented bearing the same seal. Are they: Oslo, Tromso and the Sogn fjord. Therefore, Norway guarantees a position that certifies a real intention and responsibility towards ecotourism, serving as a model for other countries.

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