the norwegian Gunnar Garfors held a record to be the envy of any backpacker. At just 37 years old, the blogger managed to become the youngest man to visit every country in the world as a tourist. The story became a book about the saga of what it's like to know every corner of such a huge and impressive world.

Garfors said he started traveling at age 17 without his parents traveling across Europe by train stopping in 13 different countries. With the experience, a new addiction also started, that of always moving around.

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“In Norway, we have five weeks of paid vacation and approximately two weeks of national holidays,” he said in an interview with the US website Buzzfeed. “I traveled on all these occasions, almost every holiday and vacation and a lot of weekends.”

But even with all the time available to travel, the financial issue is the biggest question for those who follow the website that the Norwegian created to share his adventures.

“Many people say they don't have the money (to travel), but it's all about priority and dedication. They have money, but they will need planning. In addition, it is possible to stay at someone's house for free through sites like CouchSurfing or Hospitality Club”, explained the traveler.

Machu Picchu Peru

The Norwegian participated in an interview on Business Insider about the book “198: How I Ran Out of Countries” and revealed which are the 12 countries he considers unmissable, check it out:

'Transylvania, known for castles, mountains and Dracula, will amaze you. Don't forget the parties in the capital Bucharest'

'Okay, I'm being a little partial, but if you haven't visited the north of the country, you don't know how beautiful the scenery is”

'One of the lesser-known islands in the Caribbean deserves to be visited by more people'.

'The definition of 'friendly' can be found here'

'The second smallest country in South America is still unknown to many, and I don't understand why.'

Sierra Leone
'This paradise is not on almost anyone's wish list, but it should be if you want to step out of your comfort zone.'

'Amazing nature, colorful markets and really nice people, until they think you're an American pilot who's going to steal their girlfriends'

New Zealand
'Enjoy white, black and golden sand beaches and any kind of water activity you didn't know existed'.

'It is a very diverse country between Costa Rica and Honduras. You'll find perfect surfing spots, diving opportunities and amazing nature'.

'The coast, the lemurs and the baobabs will leave you speechless'.

'Paradise as it should be. There's not much luxury, but the seafood is fantastic and the hospitality you're likely to receive from the locals will make up for it'

'Just bring your bathing suit and relax in the natural pools with waters that reach a temperature of 40ºC while your hair freezes and is covered in snow. It's surreal.'

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