Check out a list of all the countries open to Brazilians who were vaccinated with Coronavac

To be or not to be in quarantine, that is the question. Brazilians used to tourist programs suffered a terrible setback when the Coronavirus forced the entire planet to close its borders and isolate itself from each other. The impact on each country's economy was such that many believed that the tourism sector could not take it and would collapse.

Time has passed and vaccines like coronavac entered the scene. For those who still don't know for sure, this vaccine, also known as the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine, is generated with the inactivated virus and was developed by the Chinese company Sinovac Biotech. It was clinically tested in Phase III in Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, the Philippines and Turkey. The product uses traditional technology similar to BBIBP-CorV and Covaxin, another inactivated virus.

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CoronaVac does not need to be frozen and both the final product and the raw material for the formulation can be transported refrigerated between 2 and 8°C, temperatures at which flu vaccines are kept.

This made its acceptance wide and today most countries are open to people who have received two doses of the immunizer.

But there are still countries that do not accept it. For example, Brazilians fully vaccinated against Covid-19 were cleared to enter at least 15 countries with approved immunizations in the UK: AstraZeneca, Janssen, Moderna and Pfizer. As for those going to the United States, people who have taken the Coronavac will be authorized to enter the country and will not need to comply with the isolation period.

For those planning to leave Brazil, it is good to consult in advance before deciding on the trip. In the ebb and flow of approval, there are still as many undecided countries as those that backtrack. In this last aspect, the most aberrant case is that of Germany, which had previously authorized the entry of Brazilians vaccinated with Coronavac, but reversed the decision since September. For the country, only vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are released and do not pose any risks.

Open Countries – Coronavac

Coronavac Open Countries

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As discussions continue, the list of countries that accept China's vaccine is still trying a different path from the one imposed by the EMA. In Spain, for example, China's Sinovac laboratory, which produces Coronavac, is included in the approved list, as its immunizer has completed the WHO emergency use process.

The Netherlands has a list that also includes Coronavac, making it accessible to Brazilians. Portugal, on the other hand, did not impose any impositions and removed the need for quarantine, starting to release travel considered non-essential, that is, those that do not necessarily involve services or are of a commercial nature.

A survey carried out by several international travel sites can provide a clearer picture of what to expect. Just refer to the table below, which lists only countries that accept Coronavac. Check out.

Parents Has specific rules for Coronavac
Germany Yes
Andorra No
Armenia No
Bulgaria No
Slovenia No
Spain No
Estonia No
Finland No
France Yes
Georgia No
Netherlands No
Iceland No
liechtenstein No
North Macedonia No
United Kingdom Yes
Switzerland No
Ukraine No

In Germany the entry of Brazilians happens only with recognized immunizers. For those vaccinated with Coronavac, disembarkation is only possible for reasons such as work (essential).

For France, the immunized person must take another booster dose from either Pfizer or Moderna. In the United Kingdom, which is no longer part of the European Union, the requirement is even more bizarre, with the imposition of the detector test before and after disembarkation, in addition to 10 days of quarantine.

And attention: the Itamaraty released the list below of countries that still bar the entry of Brazilians and release only in cases where the person already has family there. So be careful not to be taken by surprise.

Parents exceptions
Azerbaijan Azeri citizens
Kazakhstan Kazakh citizens
Cyprus European Union citizens
Greece European Union citizens
Luxembourg European Union citizens
Malta Maltese residents
Norway Norwegian citizens
Poland European Union citizens
Russia Russian residents
San Marino residents of Italy
Sweden European Union citizens

NOTE 1: Luxembourg, Malta and Sweden do not allow family visits.

NOTE 2: Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta impose 14-day quarantine. Norway and Poland out of 10.

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