Elephants from tourism companies in Thailand are being rescued by institutions and transported back to their habitat 

With the advances of the new coronavirus pandemic and the closing of borders, many tour companies are being impacted. Among them, attractions that lived on animal exploitation, such as elephant ride companies in thailand.

Without the circulation of tourists to carry out tours, many of these places have closed their doors – and, as a result, they cannot afford to feed the animals. To try to reverse this situation, the Save Elepant Foundation has been involved in the rescue of pachyderms, partnering with tour companies and taking some of the animals, little by little, back to their habitat.

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For this, the institution is transporting animals on foot (for more than 150 kilometers) from the Thai city of Chiang Mai to the Mae Chaem region, in the north of the country. Here, animals can live alongside residents in sustainable and ecological communities.

Elephants being rescued in Thailand 

habitat elephants

Photo: Playback / Instagram

So far, 100 elephants have been transported back home. However, according to time magazine, the situation is critical: 2,000 domesticated elephants are at risk of starvation because their owners are unable to feed them. The foundation is also raising funds to feed those still in the tourist parks.  

On its Instagram, Save Elephant recorded the moment when the elephants returned to the wild. “In the last two weeks, the elephants that were rented and worked for many decades in the tourism business, originating mainly from the Karen tribe, are starting to return to their homeland. This is perhaps the beginning of a significant change in the lives of many animals working in captivity in Thailand. Who knows the good that will still come from this terrible situation?”, said the statement published on the social network.

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