To celebrate its 500th anniversary, Panama City will offer several events to celebrate the date. Check out some of them and schedule yourself!

THE Panama City reserves many attractions that mix between a rich past and a modern present. Historic buildings contrast with skyscrapers and, together with a cultural mix, give the municipality a special and unique atmosphere in the world.

One of the oldest capitals in America, it was founded by Spanish settlers in 1519, making it the first permanent city on the Pacific Ocean. In August 2019, the Panamanian capital will be 500 years old, a cause for celebration for locals and tourists alike.

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To celebrate, various activities will be offered for all tastes, further highlighting the cultural, historical and educational values of the Panamanian capital.

Check out an agenda with the main attractions and celebrate together with Panama City:

traveling museum

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As part of Panama City's 500th anniversary program, the City Museum will be a new traveling space, with several rooms with exhibitions and activities spread throughout the city.

The new cultural space was created with the aim of bringing the public together and providing the exchange of information about the city. To check where each action will take place, Click here and access the map.

Africa Festival 2019

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The Figali Convention Center will host, on May 25, the Africa Festival, promoting a show that celebrates and highlights the contribution of Afro-descendant peoples in various social spheres in Panama. For more information about the show, Click here.

colorful street art

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Various street arts are scattered throughout the city's neighborhoods in celebration of its 500th anniversary. The “Mural 500” urban art project selected artists to give color to walls scattered in different parts of the city.

Workshops were held in the neighborhoods together with the population, which helped the artists to define the theme of each painting. Check out the map that shows where the paintings are clicking here.

International Music Festival 

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The Alfredo De Saint Malo International Music Festival (ASMF) is a cultural project of musical integration created in 2007, with the participation of non-profit institutions that teach classical music to young talents.

To celebrate 500 years of Panama City, from May 30 to June 9, several performances will be held honoring the main Panamanian artists and musicians. To check out the entire schedule and venues, visit the festival's website. clicking here.

Projections Show 

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The city's public spaces will be filled with colorful projections to celebrate its 500th anniversary. During three weekends in the month of August, a real show will amaze visitors.

The projections will take place in sculptures specially created for the event. The exhibition starts on August 9 and 10, La Siesta de Tocumen Sports Center at 6 pm.

500 race

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A fun street race will also be held to celebrate 500 years of Panama City on July 20th. Challenging the mind, the creativity of the participants and with different obstacles, the stage will last from three to five hours.

The participating teams will represent each neighborhood in Panama City and whoever wins will receive a series of prizes. People from 15 years of age will be able to participate in the event and registration is free through Instagram @ciudadpanama500.

Traditional parade in Panama Viejo

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The now traditional parade in Panama Viejo will be very special. The site preserves the  ruins of 16th century Spanish colonial buildings listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It was in this place that the first Spanish town in the country was installed. Patriotic music, celebrations and other special activities will be held throughout the event in celebration of the city's 500th anniversary. The parade starts at 7 am on the 15th of August.

Photo: Rodolfo Aragundi/ Wikimedia Commons

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