Planning to travel to Bahia? Check out the 20 best beaches in the state and discover the main postcards of the Bahian coast

Boasting the largest stretch of coastline in Brazil, Bahia certainly has the advantage in terms of paradisiacal beaches. But there are so many that the visitor can get lost when choosing the one with the bluest sea, whitest sand and warmer sun. That's why we brought 20 paradisiacal beaches to discover in Bahia so that tourists can start putting together their bucket list. must go.

Paradise beaches to discover in Bahia

Havaizinho – Itacaré 

Bahia coast beaches

Bahia coast beaches. Photo: Marina Almeida / Flickr

Havaizinho is the second beach of Itacaré's Four Beaches Trail, which also includes Engenhoca, Camboinha and Itacarezinho. Between the two ends of reefs and vegetation that mark the limits of the beach, improvised stalls occupy part of the sand strip.

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Its sea has few waves and is heavily influenced by the tide, leaving a long strip of sand at low tide.

Espelho Beach – Trancoso 

Bahia coast beaches

Best beaches in Bahia. Photo: Disclosure

The inns, with their sun loungers and gazebos protected by the shade of the trees, attract attention in the surroundings of Praia do Espelho, in Trancoso, Bahia.

On sunny days, the calm sea varies from a brilliant green to a blue so clear that it inspired the beach's name. The high cliffs complete the bucolic scenery, guaranteeing the best view and perfect photos of its peaks.

To get to know Praia do Espelho it is possible to take a day trip from Arraial d'Ajuda or Trancoso, but if you want to stay there, on the other side of the stream, Praia do Curuípe awaits you with a large number of inns and restaurants to all tastes. 

Praia do Forte – Mata de São João

Bahia coast beaches

Photo: Disclosure

One of the most popular destinations on the Linha Verde – the road that connects Bahia to Sergipe – Praia do Forte has only 14 kilometers of preserved shoreline, framed by white sands, coconut trees, reefs and crystal-clear sea. In addition to being perfect for swimming, the beach's attractions also include the nearby environmental reserves and the ruins of Castelo Garcia d'Ávila, the first Portuguese fortification on Brazilian soil.

Cueira Beach – Boipeba Island

Bahia coast beaches. Photo: Disclosure

With an extensive stretch of sand, Praia da Cueira has a calm sea of crystalline waters that is accompanied by rows of coconut trees as far as the eye can see. Semi-deserted, the Bahian beach can be accessed by walking around 30 minutes. In high season, makeshift kiosks serve locally caught lobsters.

Moreré Beach – Boipeba Island

Best beaches in Bahia

Best beaches in Bahia. Photo: Márcio Filho / Flickr

A paradise with clearer waters than the Caribbean coast, Praia Moreré is located in one of the most isolated parts of Boipeba. Moreré is a small fishing village a few hours from Salvador. To get there from the capital of Bahia, the traveler has to travel by car, by boat or in small planes.

In the morning the sand strips are wide and it is possible to walk meters into the sea until the water reaches your knees. It is also when you can access the mangroves and reach the natural pools formed by low tide. At sunset, the water begins to cover the roots of mangroves until entire beaches disappear under the water. 

Second Beach – Morro de Sao Paulo 

Photo: Marcio / Flickr

Morro de São Paulo is divided into five beaches, the second being the most visited. It is 380 meters long, which accommodates the largest number of restaurants, stalls, street vendors and inns between the beaches. The number of establishments guarantees all types of entertainment, with electronic music parties, luaus and dinners with live music among the options. 

With calm waters regardless of the tide, the sea is perfect for swimming. When the tide is low, beautiful pools form between the corals. With a wide, white sand strip, visitors often practice a variety of sports and other activities. 

Corumbau – Ponta do Corumbau 

Bahia coast beaches. Photo: Ribron / Wikimedia Commons

In Corumbau, in the Prado district, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast of Bahia. Ponta do Corumbau occupies just a small piece of the long strip of sand that forms Praia do Corumbau, 15 km of fine sand and calm seas.

The corner does not have a consolidated tourist structure, which means that the place is not crowded with tourists. Once on the beach, the best thing to do is relax, enjoy the chairs offered by the few restaurants and, when the tide goes out, explore the long strip of sand that opens up space in the middle of the sea. The waters recede and allow tourists to walk up to five hundred meters into the sea.

Itacarezinho Beach – Itacare 

Best beaches in Bahia

Best beaches in Bahia. Photo: Marinelson Almeida / Flickr

Itacarezinho Beach, despite its diminutive name, is a long stretch of sand, with more than 3 km, wide and full of beautiful coconut trees. The sea varies by the influence of the tide, and can go from a large salt water pool to a conglomerate of waves perfect for surfing.

For those who like to spend the day at the beach, the place has delicious thatched huts and lounges at the Itacarezinho Restaurant, perfect for those who do not give up service on the beach. And, very close to the restaurant, a small waterfall offers visitors a good bath.

Jeribucaçu – Itacare

Bahia coast beaches. Photo: Cecilia Heinen / Flickr

One of the postcards of Itacaré, Jeribucaçu beach is one of the most deserted on the island due to the access a little more difficult than usual. The beach has a wide stretch of white sand, surrounded by coconut trees and a blue sea that provides very good waves for surfing. At low tide, a great lake for swimming forms on the right corner of Jeribucaçu, at the mouth of the river of the same name that flows there. In the left corner, stalls sell drinks and snacks for bathers who want to spend the day. 

To get to this Bahian paradise, the visitor must go to km 6 of the road that goes to Ilhéus. From there, follow a dirt road to a parking lot at the beginning of the trail that leads to the beach. The trail, of medium difficulty, takes about 30 minutes to the sand. It is recommended to hire a guide for the route, tourist agencies offer the tour. 

Imbassaí Beach – Mata de São João 

Best beaches in Bahia

Best beaches in Bahia. Photo: Disclosure

Six kilometers long and surrounded by several coconut trees, Praia de Imbassaí is the ideal place to relax and recharge.

The wide strip of soft orange sand, the sea has crystal clear and choppy waters, with good waves and a constant breeze from the ocean, invites tourists to spend all day there, which is great considering that the place has good infrastructure. tourist area, with inns and restaurants very close. Imbassai still has a differential. The river that names the beach runs through there deep enough to offer fresh water baths to the visitor. 

Taipu de Fora – Barra Grande

Bahia coast beaches

Bahia coast beaches. Photo: André Solnik / Flickr

With clear blue sea, golden sand and a row of coconut trees as far as the eye can see. This is the landscape that awaits visitors in Taipu de Fora, which can be enjoyed from the sun loungers provided by the bars and stalls. The beach is 7 km from the village of Barra Grande and access is via jardineira, which leaves from a point near the village pier, or, if you are in the mood for a walk, it takes two hours to walk to Taipu. 

As with any beach in Bahia, the landscape and good weather justify the visit, but the best part of it is certainly the immense natural pool formed at low tide, one kilometer from the coast. With a mask and a snorkel, you can be enchanted by the colorful fish and coral formations.

Satu Beach – Caraiva

Best beaches in Bahia

Best beaches in Bahia. Photo: Marcelino Dias / Wikimedia Commons

The tranquility and beautiful scenery of Praia do Satu make up for the difficult access. To get there, from the left end of Praia de Caraíva, you have to cross the river by boat and walk along the shore for about an hour. Those who don't want to face the walk can negotiate a freight with the boatmen. 

Once there, the beach welcomes visitors with a blue sea without waves, coconut trees casting delicious shadows and the perfect golden sand of Bahia. The structure of the place also leaves nothing to be desired, there are several stalls for good drinks and snacks. In addition to the sea, the beach also has several lagoons very close to each other, great for swimming. One of them is very well known for having a white clay stone that moisturizes the skin. But pay attention to the rise of the tide so you don't have difficulties on the way back. The tip is to go early and leave before the flood. 

Praia da Engenhoca – Itacaré

Bahia coast beaches

Photo: Disclosure

Praia da Engenhoca is among the darlings of surfers because of the rough sea in beautiful waves. But not only sportsmen enjoy the beautiful scenery formed by coconut trees, river, sea and mountains covered with native vegetation. For beachgoers who like to spend the day, kiosks serving food and drinks are scattered along the stretch of sand. 

Access to Praia da Engenhoca is via the Quatro Praias Trail, which also leads to the beaches Havaizinho, Camboinha and Itacarezinho. The path, which takes about 20 minutes, to Engenhoca follows on the left of the fork in the trail, which begins on the bank of BA-001, 15 km from the center of Itacaré.

Stella Maris – Salvador

Best beaches in Bahia

Bahia coast beaches. Photo: Disclosure

Stella Maris beach, which means starfish in Latin, is the type that adds leisure and entertainment options for those looking for a busy beach day or a quiet one with their feet in the sand, under the umbrella. Its sand is soft and the sea is rough, with many waves. This attracts surfers and bodyboarders. But at low tide, natural pools full of fish form and there is still a river that cuts through the sand.

During the summer, the region is very popular and therefore, there are several parties and luaus.

Taípe Beach – Arraial d'Ajuda 

Best beaches in Bahia

Best beaches in Bahia. Photo: Disclosure

Neighboring Praia do Rio da Barra, Taípe is a typical beach on the South Coast of Bahia with a sea that varies between blue and green, a wide stretch of golden sand, surrounded by coconut trees and native vegetation. But, in addition to the paradisiacal scenery, Taípe stands out for the beautiful cliffs in shades of pink, red and ocher, almost fifty meters high that rise around it. The beach still offers some stalls with beach service, but that don't get in the way for those who want a deserted beach atmosphere.

For those looking for different and exciting experiences, the tip is to take a paragliding flight, with the right to take off at the top of the cliffs.

Prainha – Itacaré

Bahia coast beaches

Photo: Márcio Filho / Flickr

With unique access through trails, Prainha is one of the most sought after sand strips in Itacaré. The place has a deserted beach atmosphere, and is surrounded by Atlantic Forest and coconut trees, especially pleasing tourists who seek more virgin beaches and without the interference of buildings, inns and restaurants.

With good waves, Prainha is also among the favorites for surfers. 

Rio da Barra Beach – Trancoso

Bahia coast beaches

Bahia coast beaches. Photo: Disclosure

Considered one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Trancoso, Praia do Rio da Barra is between Praia dos Nativos and Praia de Taípe, surrounded by beautiful colorful cliffs. Its strip of sand is long, clear and fine and its sea, with varying shades of blue, offers natural pools and interesting formations at low tide.

In addition, the mouth of the Rio da Barra flows there, providing a refreshing bath in fresh water.

Ponta do Mutá – Barra Grande


Best beaches in Bahia. Photo: Disclosure

With calm seas and clear sand, Ponta do Mutá is a great beach to spend the day. But it is near dusk that it becomes one of the main attractions in the region because of its famous sunset, which colors the sky in different shades of orange, yellow, red and pink.

For those who want to enjoy the sun with their feet in the sand, the beach has good bars, with different musical styles and chairs that are always inviting.

The beach is located between Praia de Barra Grande and Praia de Três Coqueiros and can be accessed both on foot and by car. 

Arembepe Beach – Camaçari

Bahia coast beaches

Bahia coast beaches. Photo: Disclosure

Considered one of the most famous beaches in Bahia, Praia de Arembepe usually receives a large number of tourists every year. Extensive, the beach offers a wide stretch of golden sand and a sea of blue and crystalline waters with few waves.

The shore is surrounded by reefs, causing the rough sea to become completely calm after the natural barrier. For those who are not without a good beach service, Arembepe does not disappoint, with good infrastructure made up of kiosks, bars and restaurants nearby.

Mangue Seco – Jandaira


Best beaches in Bahia. Photo: João Vicente / flickr

The village of Mangue Seco, which gives its name to the beach, is on the border between Bahia and Sergipe. Its setting looks like it was taken from a movie, so much so that it even served as a location for the movie and the soap opera “Tieta”.

In the almost desert landscape, there are dunes, sandbanks, mangroves and coconut farms. The beach, reached after a 30-minute moderate walk from the village, has calm seas, a wide stretch of sand and several thatched-roof tents serving drinks and snacks. If you don't want to walk or the dunes simply call you, there is the possibility of hiring buggy tours of up to 1h30 through the region. 

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