The Brazilian territory is full of unmissable paradisiacal scenarios. To help you choose where to visit first, we have prepared a list of the 21 paradise islands to visit in Brazil.

The natural beauties of Brazil extend from the forests to the coast. There are many amazing places and paradisiacal scenery that will impress even the most seasoned travellers.

There are so many travel options that, at times, it is even difficult to choose what to see first, especially when you are planning to explore the coast. With its 7,491 kilometers long, the Brazilian coast It has beautiful beaches and many islands, which are true paradises.

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In the paradise islands of Brazil, in addition to stunning stretches of sand, we find preserved forest, mangroves, waterfalls, caves, trails and viewpoints that offer incredible views. 

And you can go further, because when we talk about islands of Brazil, we do not refer only to those located at sea. The imposing Brazilian rivers also guard portions of land rich in both flora and fauna. To give you an idea, here are the largest river islands in the world!

is planning travel in 2021? Our tip is to travel to some of the paradise islands of Brazil. You will be surprised by the wealth of experiences you will have in these incredible places. 

To help you choose where to visit first, we have prepared a list of 21 paradise islands to visit in Brazil. Check it out below:

List of the 21 paradise islands to visit in Brazil

There are many beauties and attractions of islands of Brazil. Scattered along the coast and in the rivers, there are islands for every type of traveller. Choose the one that attracts you the most and live wonderful days in paradisiacal settings.

Ilha Grande – Rio de Janeiro

paradise islands in Brazil

Photo: Tatiana Lemos Guapé Wikimedia Commons

Located on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande impresses with its beauty and diversity of paradisiacal scenarios. It is part of the Costa Verde Rio de Janeiro and is part of the municipality of Angra dos Reis.

With an area of 193 km², Ilha Grande is formed by 187 islets, more than 100 beautiful beaches, waterfalls, trails and preserved Atlantic Forest. 

There are no cars there and, in many places, there is no internet or cell phone signal. Therefore, it is the perfect destination for those who want to disconnect from the world and immerse themselves in nature. 

Among the best-known spots on Ilha Grande is Praia do Aventureiro, famous for its coconut tree at a 90º angle, fine white sand and calm and transparent sea. 

Another stunning place on Ilha Grande is the Blue Lagoon, with waters in shades of blue similar to those of the Caribbean. It is one of the most popular tours for those visiting Ilha Grande or Angra dos Reis, both to enjoy a swim in the sea and to practice snorkeling – surface diving.

Praia de Lopes Mendes, on the other hand, offers a paradisiacal and reserved view for those looking for more privacy. Isolated, accessible only by trail, it has an extensive strip of white sand, surrounded by preserved vegetation and bathed by a shallow but rough sea.

Marajo Island – Pará

Photo: Fernando Stankuns / Flickr

THE Marajo Island It is a unique place, where you will find paradisiacal scenarios that are different from what you will see on other islands.

For starters, it is the largest fluvial-maritime archipelago in the world. Marajó is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Amazon and Tocantins Rivers. Another particularity there are the buffaloes, present both on farms and in cities. It is not difficult to find a buffalo walking around Marajó as we see dogs walking through our cities. 

Marajó has beautiful beaches and the calm sea has not so salty waters, mixed with the waters of the rivers that flow into it. When visiting the island, be sure to stroll through the mangroves.

Marajó Island is an unmissable destination that will certainly provide moments of relaxation and discoveries. It is very worth knowing.

Cashew Island – Piauí

paradise islands in Brazil

Photo: Lessa.danilo / Wikimedia Commons

Mangroves, dunes, forests, fields and sea. All of this can be found on Ilha do Caju, in the Delta of the Parnaiba River, between the maranhão it's the Piauí

Private Reserve of Natural Heritage, Ilha do Caju offers varied options of tours and beautiful places to visit. In addition, it has a very rich flora and it is not difficult to find wild animals there. 

It is a complete destination for those who enjoy diversity and contact with nature in breathtaking settings.

Itamaracá Island – Pernambuco

paradise islands in Brazil

Photo: Hans von Manteuffel / WIkimedia Commons

About 50 km from Recife, Itamaracá Island is the perfect place for those looking for sunny days and a nice breeze. 

Beaches with calm and refreshing waters allow days of relaxation and fun on boat and boat trips. 

But does not stop there. In addition to the beautiful beaches, Ilha de Itamaracá is also a destination for those who like to visit historical places, such as Forte Orange and the Historic Site of Igarassu.

Fernando de Noronha – Pernambuco

Photo: Rosanetur / Flickr

The Fernando de Noronha archipelago, in Pernambuco, is one of the most desired destinations in Brazil. And it's no wonder: the preserved nature and the beaches with crystal clear waters, perfect for diving, form paradisiacal scenarios.

Once a prison and later a military strategic point, today Fernando de Noronha is an environmental protection area, where many wild and maritime animals can be found, including dolphins.

It is no exaggeration to say that Fernando de Noronha it's a paradise. In the archipelago are the most beautiful Brazilian beaches, such as Praia do Sancho, and the preserved vegetation completes the breathtaking scenery, such as Morro Dois Irmãos – one of the postcards of the island. 

Gipoia Island – Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Diego Baravelli / Wikimedia Commons

Perfect for those seeking tranquility, Ilha da Gipóia has beautiful beaches and secluded bays with crystal clear waters and rock formations that form stunning scenery. In addition, it has an air of a coastal city in the interior, with great alleys for leisurely strolls.

Gipóia Island is the second largest in Angra dos Reis. Despite the peaceful atmosphere in most of its beaches, there are options for those looking for action. The most popular spot is Praia do Dentista, where there are floating bars that serve speedboats, boats and sailboats that dock there.  

Maiandeua Island – Pará

Village of Algodoal, Pará

Photo: Gustavo Albano

A place to forget about the world, lie in a hammock by the beach and relax. This is the island of Maiandeua, also known as Ilha do cotton, at the For.

There are no asphalt streets, cars or large buildings. You will find only dirt roads, traditional caiçara houses and cab-carts – the only way to get around.

Area of Environmental Protection, the Island of Maiandeua has beautiful beaches, surrounded by preserved nature, perfect for those who like to enjoy the sea with tranquility. 

Crown of the Airplane – Pernambuco

heavenly scenarios

Photo: Márcio Cabral de Moura / Flickr

Coroa do Avião is an islet in front of the island of Itamaracá, in the municipality of Igarassu, on the coast of Pernambuco. The extensive sandbar has many coconut trees and crystal clear waters.

Accessible by boats departing from Praia do Forte Orange, in Itamaracá, Coroa do Avião has kiosks and is ideal for spending the day.

Ilha do Mel – Paraná

heavenly scenarios

Photo: Cyrus Augustus Moro Daldin / Wikimedia Commons

The 11 beaches of Honey Island, at the Paraná, offer varied experiences for all types of travellers. There are beaches with calm waters and those where the sea is more agitated, as well as more deserted and busier places. 

The common point between all of them is the stunning beauty that make Ilha do Mel an unmissable destination for those looking for paradisiacal scenery. The trails through the preserved forest lead to incredible places and reveal the main attractions of the island, such as the Gruta das Encantadas. 

Campeche Island – Santa Catarina

islands in brazil

Photo: Francisco Schneider Junior / Flickr

White sand and emerald sea make the Campeche Island, in Santa Catarina, is called by many the Brazilian Caribbean.

The island is just 1.5 km from Florianópolis and can be seen with the naked eye by those who frequent Praia do Campeche. Access is via boats.

Listed as an Archaeological and Landscape Heritage, in addition to the beautiful beaches and natural beauties, Ilha do Campeche has several cave paintings dating back to 3,500 BC Therefore, it has control over the number of visitors for its conservation.

Florianopolis – Santa Catarina

Paradise islands to visit in Brazil. Photo: via pxhere

Despite being the capital of Santa Catarina and being a metropolis, Ilha de Florianopolis It has beautiful places and beaches with paradisiacal views.

The north coast of the island is the most frequented by tourists and is home to the famous Praia dos Ingleses and Jurerê Internacional. The east of Florianópolis, on the other hand, has wilder beaches and more rustic settings, with rough seas. 

In the south of the island, there are the simplest beaches, for those looking only for contact with nature. In this region, the highlight is Praia do Campeche, where you can access the island of the same name.

Vitoria, Espirito Santo

islands in brazil

Photo: Francisco Schneider Junior / Flickr

Another island that houses the capital of a state, Vitória is a beautiful place that, in addition to wonderful beaches, has a very charming and wooded urban center.

the capital of Holy Spirit integrates the metropolitan region of Greater Vitória, which is home to 34 other islands, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Vitória has beaches, parks, mountains and historical monuments that guarantee quite a trip, so be sure to visit this incredible place.

Anchieta Island State Park – São Paulo

islands in brazil

Paradise islands to visit in Brazil. Photo: DeyvesMartins / WIkimedia Commons

Former maximum security prison, today Anchieta Island, in Ubatuba, houses a state park and impresses with its natural beauty.

Calm sea beaches invite tourists to relax days and the history of the place piques the curiosity of those who go there to visit the ruins of the deactivated prison. 

In addition, trails lead to stretches of sand and viewpoints that reveal incredible views. This little piece of paradise in north coast of São Paulo It is one of the most beautiful islands in Brazil. 

Cabbage Island – Sao Paulo

heavenly scenarios

Photo: Deyves Martins / Wikimedia Commons

also in ubatuba, Ilha das Couves has only two small beaches, but they draw attention for their crystalline waters that reveal the marine life of the region. Therefore, the island is ideal for diving. 

The calm sea is also great for relaxing baths and the landscape completes the paradisiacal setting. Due to its beauty, Ilha das Couves is very popular with tourists, but the entrance is controlled to keep the area preserved. 

Ilhabela – São Sebastião

Photo: Enio Prado / Wikimedia Commons

Famous archipelago on the north coast of Sao Paulo, Beautiful island it has incredible beaches, trails, waterfalls and views that guarantee an unforgettable trip.

The island has an excellent structure and good accommodation options that invite you to spend days there. And there's nothing left to do. It is worth exploring every corner of this paradise and discovering all the beauty that Ilhabela has to offer in its more than 30 beaches. 

Anavilhanas National Park – Amazonas

Photo: GuilhonAmazonia / Wikimedia Commons

Formed by more than 400 islands, the Anavilhanas National Park, in amazon, is the second largest river archipelago in the world.

The conservation unit is a true natural labyrinth on the Rio Negro, which is why it is a World Heritage Site recognized by Unesco. 

The beauty of the place attracts tourists who want to see the Amazonian landscape up close and get to know the region's fauna, especially the pink dolphins. The visit to the park also includes the traditional riverside communities. 

Santo Aleixo Island – Pernambuco

heavenly scenarios

Paradise islands to visit in Brazil. Photo: Anderson Momesso / Wikimedia Commons

Natural pools of blue and warm waters between volcanic rocks, white sand and very quiet can be found in the Santo Aleixo Island, on the south coast of Pernambuco

The paradisiacal and peaceful view is a find for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Praia de Carneiros and Port of Chickens. There, entry is controlled and the beaches are never crowded.

Itaparica Island – Bahia

heavenly scenarios

Photo: Gleidson Santos / MTur

Largest island in the Bay of All Saints, in Bahia, Itaparica Island is bathed by calm seas and surrounded by coconut trees. 

Surrounded by coral reefs, the island has warm waters perfect for those who enjoy a good swim. But the beauties are not restricted to the beaches. Itaparica has mangroves and tropical vegetation that form stunning scenery. 

To top it off, the cobblestone streets and colonial mansions in the urban center make Itaparica Island even more charming.

Ilha dos Frades – Bahia

Brazilian islands

Photo: SCamargos / Wikimedia Commons

Among the 56 islands of the Bay of All Saints, another highlight of the paradisiacal setting is Ilha dos Frades. 

The beautiful beaches with crystalline and calm waters, framed by preserved Atlantic Forest, make this island an unmissable destination for anyone visiting Bahia.

In addition, Ilha dos Frades has more than 100 trails among preserved vegetation, ideal for those who enjoy adventure in nature. 

Moreré – Bahia

islands in brazil

Photo: Carolina Campos / Flickr

The paradisiacal Praia do Moreré is just one of the beautiful stretches of sand on Ilha de Boipeba, in the south coast of Bahia

Recognized as a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site, Ilha de Boipeba is part of the Environmental Preservation Area of the islands of Tinharé and Boipeba.

There, the rustic and peaceful atmosphere predominates, perfect for those who want a lot of contact with nature while enjoying the sea and the ocean breeze. Some beaches are even deserted, ensuring plenty of privacy.

Moreré, for example, is surrounded by coconut trees, has calm seas and natural pools that form at low tide, excellent for snorkeling.  

Morro de Sao Paulo – Bahia

islands in brazil

Paradise islands to visit in Brazil. Photo: Lívia Buhring / Wikimedia Commons

Neighboring Boipeba Island, Tinharé Island is more popular, especially in the village of Morro de São Paulo, where there are paradisiacal beaches.

The village is in the northeast of the island and its five beaches are bathed by an extremely blue sea, with crystal clear waters, and surrounded by coconut trees. One is more beautiful than the other.

In addition, they have good infrastructure and great options for those who enjoy action by the sea.

Now that you know the 21 paradise islands to visit in Brazil, what are you waiting for to plan your next trip? Don't waste time, there are many amazing destinations waiting for you.

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