The mix between the coast and an important and charming historic area, reserve great activities to do in Paraty

In the extreme south of the state of Rio de Janeiro, lies paraty, at the bottom of Ilha Grande Bay and at the foot of Serra da Bocaina. It was with this peculiar geography that paraty was privileged. After all, its bay, studded with paradisiacal islands, is the setting for unforgettable schooner trips and diving among the beautiful fish and corals.

In addition, the trails in the Atlantic Forest and surrounding waterfalls, especially the Serra da Bocaina National Park, are great attractions for ecotourism and adventure seekers.

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Tourist town

Certainly, paraty is a tourist destination nationally recognized for its historical and cultural heritage, with its colonial-style houses and churches, a diverse cultural calendar, the celebrations of traditional religious festivals and their artistic manifestations, in addition to the beautiful beaches and islands that integrate the magic of the forest. Atlantic.

Surprisingly, the destination is one of the oldest and one of the first cities to be planned in the country. It has, since the time of its foundation, in 1667, a sophisticated system of canals that flood during high tide, taking the city's waste and sewage to the sea.

The urbanization of the city marked the fact that paraty have been one of the first major ports of the colonial era. It was the gateway for the gold that came down from Minas Gerais through the Royal Road up to House of Quintos, where the metal was smelted, stamped with the royal seal and prepared to be shipped through the city's port to Europe.

And it is among pieces of the country's history, beautiful natural landscapes and lots of art and culture that the city presents itself to tourists. In addition, there is no shortage activities to do in Paraty: there are trails, parks, beaches and mansions, in addition to countless activities full of adventures and emotions.

Events in Paraty

Photo: Rogério Cassimiro / Mtur

In addition to several places to know, the city's calendar of events is very busy. The offer of rooms is practically limited during major events. Therefore, if you are interested in visiting the city during any of these periods, make your reservations in advance.

At Carnival, the attractions are the traditional marching bands and the electric trios that enliven the public. Be sure to check out the famous Bloco da Lama, where revelers cover themselves with mud from Jabaquara beach and parade through the city.

Between the months of May and June, litanies, processions, masses and dances take over the programming of the Festa do Divino, a tradition brought by the Portuguese in the 17th century.

Flip, the International Literary Festival, brings together writers and intellectuals from around the world, who debate various topics for five days in July. The main attractions take place in the Authors' Tent, an auditorium for 850 people. Complete programming in

Finally, the Festival da Pinga has shown, since 1982, the production of seven stills in the city and the history of pinga in the region. During four days of August, there is a tasting and sale of the drink in Praça da Matriz.

Other festivals have been gaining ground in the city, such as paraty em Foco, a film festival and recently the MIMO music festival.

what to do in the city

Photo: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo / Wikimedia Commons

Squeezed between the Serra do Mar, paraty It has a very well preserved historic center and gives travelers the feeling that time has stopped. Therefore, walking through the alleys of the center and tasting the local cuisine in the restaurants and bistros is the best tour the city has to offer.

In addition to cultural paraty also reserves stunning landscapes, there are several options between beaches, trails, waterfalls and even the only Brazilian fjord. That's why we've listed the main attractions in the region, have fun!

boat tour

Don't miss the opportunity to discover the most stunning and enchanting itineraries on the coast of Paraty. To enjoy the most paradisiacal beaches it is necessary to take a boat to the islands of the bay, since the beaches of the city are in mangrove areas. Palombeta's boats are always well cared for, have space and the friendliness of the company's members. For foreign tourists, they have professionals with a high level of English.

They have boards and equipment for diving, stand-up-paddle and other water activities. They offer photography programs with drones and go-pros, in addition to several itineraries. Some of the highlights are: Paraty to Mamanguá, Costa Verde and the super paddle.

Mother Church

THE Church of Our Lady of Remedies, had its construction started in 1787, but it was only finished in 1873. It was built in neo-gothic style, on the place where the first church was built in 1646. The building was financed by Dona Geralda, a city personality, who was the daughter of pirates . His former home is where the boutique hotel operates colonial house, one of the most sophisticated.

As a result, the temple is one of the most prominent buildings in Paraty, occupying a privileged location in the historic center. It is surrounded by good restaurants, shops and art galleries.

Perpetual Defender's Fort

Those who like trails and walks in the midst of nature cannot miss one of the coolest tours to discover in the city. The ascent to the Forte do Defensor Perpétua goes through a trail to the top of this hill, where the first fortress was built for the defense of paraty. The view offered from the top allows you to contemplate the entire urban area and the rich nature that surrounds the city. The tour yields great photos and also allows contact with the cultural and historical area, when visiting the museum with works of art, pieces and archaeological artifacts that operates in the place.

Culture house

This is one of the main temples of art and culture in the city. It is the place where some of the most beautiful works of art by the artistic geniuses of the city are on display. Paraty exudes beauties and arts and the scenery served as an inspiration for photographers, painters, sculptors, plastic artists and other masters who transformed the colors and landscapes into beautiful manual works.

Its permanent collection has exhibitions that take tourists through the history, legends and traditions of the city, with montages and photos awarded at festivals. In addition, it has temporary exhibitions that are always bringing news to tourists.

Church of Santa Rita de Cássia (Museum of Sacred Art)

For those who like religious art, this is the most charming church to visit in the city. Famous for being seen from the sea and marking the coastal landscape of Paraty, this temple has become one of the main museums in the city after receiving a large collection of religious pieces and works of art. They are examples from the 17th to the 20th centuries, which allow a journey through time through the history of Brazil.

beaches and waterfalls

Photo: Palombeta Agency

Praia do Sono

With access a little more difficult than the other beaches in the region, Praia do Sono can only be accessed by trail or boat, factors that certainly helped to keep the waters calm and the small village on the sand. The place is a myth frequented by the young public who decide to stretch their days in the paradisiacal place and camp in the few campsites on the beach.

Antigos and Antiguinhos Beach

Access to these two beaches is via a trail, located at the end of Praia do Sono. Praia dos Antigos is the largest of them, and in addition to having an extremely crystalline sea, the strip of sand has a natural pool of natural water.

Antiguinhos Beach is a small stretch of sand, but with unique beauty. To get there, it is necessary to follow the course of the river in a short, easily accessible walk.

Mamanguá bag

The place is surrounded by mountains and an intense and well preserved vegetation. Saco do Mamanguá is the only Brazilian fjord. An 8 km long stretch of sea that penetrates the continent and forms several beaches. It is possible to admire all the dazzling scenery going up one of the mountains that has a natural viewpoint.
Read more about the attraction.

Lula beach

Praia da Lula has waters in an intense shade of green. Therefore, it is a constant stopping point for the schooner tours offered in Paraty. The attraction is surrounded by mountains covered by the green of the Atlantic forest and is home to many marine animals that live in the region, such as turtles, fish and even dolphins.

Cachadaço Trindade

One of the beaches located in the village of Trindade, Praia do Cachadaço has strong waves and is not highly recommended for people who cannot swim. The great attraction of this little piece of coast is the natural pool full of colorful fish, protected by a set of stones.

Toboggan Waterfall

This is, without a doubt, the most famous waterfall in the city. That's why, at the bus station in Paraty, vans leave daily to take tourists to the entrance of the complex that houses another waterfall.

The name is derived from the unique characteristics of this attraction: the stones bathed by the river that flow into the mountains are extremely smooth, forming a natural slide, which ends, surprisingly, in a well of green waters.

White Stone Waterfall

Pedra Branca Waterfall is situated within a private property, just after a short 10-minute trail. The large well, 6 meters deep, offers great points for diving and also allows bathing in the waterfalls.

Other places to visit in Paraty
  • Gold Path
  • Old woman's bag
  • Caixa d'Aco Natural Pool
  • Royal Road
  • Bananal Farm
  • Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Benedict

How to get to Paraty

Photo: Rogério Cassimiro / Mtur

By car

Paraty is accessible through the Rio-Santos highway (BR-101) and the Cunha-Paraty highway (SP-171 and RJ-165). It also has a small airport for private flights and helicopters. Finally, the city also has intercity buses to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

By bus

First, there are many companies that make direct trips to Paraty, in São Paulo. One of them is the São Paulo Meetings.

In Rio de Janeiro, the green Coast also operates daily.

Lastly, the company Useful, gives access to the municipality from Belo Horizonte.

By airplane

The closest airport to the city is Rio de Janeiro, 256 kilometers away.

Best time to visit Paraty

Photo: Rogério Cassimiro / Mtur

The best time to visit the city is between March and December, to escape the summer rains and high prices. To enjoy one of the most famous literary festivals in the world, the ideal is to go between the end of June and the beginning of July, when the Paraty Literary Fair. But, if you are looking for a good period for cheaper prices and firm weather, these are the months from September to November.

Where to stay in the city

Photo: Rogério Cassimiro / MTUR

Paraty has more than 200 accommodation options, including hotels, charming inns and simple inns. The friendly city offers alternatives for all tastes and this is no exaggeration: do you want romantic days staying in a colonial mansion or do you want a quiet stay on a secluded beach? In Paraty you can find both, including the option of an overnight stay on board a sailboat.

There are many accommodation options within the historic center, but they end up being more expensive precisely because of the location. As the center is not so big, most of the inns and hotels are concentrated in the surroundings of the historic center. Pousada do Sandy and Literária Paraty are the most luxurious options in the center, but there are also more economical and comfortable options, such as the Pousada Doce Paraty and Pousada Palmeira Imperial.

Praia do Jabaquara offers more economical inns, but it is not a good alternative for those who do not have their own vehicle. Praia do Pontal is the closest to the historic center, with easy access to the main attractions and the pier where the tours depart. Therefore, Aquarium Beach and the Pousada Vistamar are great options in this area of the city.

Booking also offers more than 1000 options for accommodation in ParatySee all available hotels on here.

Finally, Paraty has great Airbnb accommodation options. The platform that offers house, apartment and room rentals can be much cheaper than hotels. And if you haven't registered yet, you can use this discount code.

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