Check out must-see attractions to visit in Paraty and Trinidad in a 3-day itinerary

It's almost impossible to visit paraty and not fall in love. Located at the southern end of the Rio de Janeiro state, at the bottom of Ilha Grande Bay and at the feet of Serra da Bocaina, the city enchants for its bay full of islands, for the schooner trips, for the presence of large areas with Atlantic forest untouched and for its preserved historical and cultural heritage.

As if that weren't enough, it still retains the rusticity and charm of the friendly Trindade village, perfect for those who want a meeting with tranquility and peace.

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We've put together some options for must-see places to visit in a 3-day itinerary for paraty and Trinity that you can adapt according to your preferences.

First day – Schooner tour of the islands and beaches

paraty It has more than 65 beautiful islands that can only be accessed by boat. Because of this, one of the most incredible tours you will take in the region is aboard a schooner to visit these places up close.

For a first day in the city, especially in the morning, there is nothing better than discovering these paradisiacal scenarios and exuberant vegetation.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Overall, these boats are well equipped and safe and provide life jackets, floatation spaghetti and rafts for anyone who wants to access the beaches without swimming. The schooners are very spacious and comfortable with fresh water showers and even bars and restaurants for those who want to refresh themselves or have a snack.

All schooners generally follow the same route which lasts approximately 5 hours. The most famous one takes the tourist to know the Psquid streak, The Red Beach, Long Island and blue Lagoon. Another route, less famous, but equally beautiful, contemplates the Cotton Island, Cotia Island, Old woman's bag and Praia da Conceição.

All destinations are ideal to be dazzled by a sea of crystal clear waters, to see many fish and corals practicing snorkelling or just to relax and contemplate the impressive beauty of these beaches.

During the afternoon, take the opportunity to enjoy the historic buildings on a walk through the historic center of Paraty, visiting the stone streets and the beautiful churches that frame the scenery, displaying their riches and finishings in colonial and baroque styles.

Photo: Pixabay

Second day – Serra da Bocaina National Park

If on the first day the focus was on the region's beautiful beaches, the second may be the ideal time to explore the Serra da Bocaina, a gigantic area of preserved Atlantic Forest with numerous waterfalls, trails and activities for those who enjoy being close to nature.

Photo: Leandra Toledo da Silva/ Wikimedia Commons

For those who enjoy hiking, the region has incredible peaks, such as the Macela Stone, which gives the visitor a view from the top of its 1840 meters, where it is possible to see the Paraiba Valley, the region of Serra do Mar State Park, a paraty bay, Angra dos Reis and Big Island.  

The waterfall Saint Isidro It is 1.5 km from the entrance to the Serra da Bocaina National Park and is also the first on the Gold Trail, an old colonial road built in the 17th century to transport the gold that came from Minas Gerais.

Photo: Halley Pacheco de Oliveira/ Wikimedia Commons

THE Serra da Bocaina It also houses around 80 properties that preserve colonial architecture and objects from the gold and coffee cycle, with tours and activities for all visitors.

Third day – Visit to Trindade

To close the itinerary with a flourish, dedicate the third and last day to discover and explore the friendly village of Trinity, which is approximately 30 km from the interchange paraty.

With a rustic, alternative and peaceful environment, the place is one of the few in Brazil that keeps an extensive area of Atlantic forest pristine, with native trees, waterfalls and abundant fauna.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

For this reason, it is the ideal destination to face adventure-filled trails and discover beautiful and wilder beaches, such as Praia do Melo. With clean water, preserved vegetation and a rocky coast, just cross a small river to access another beautiful beach, cachadaço.

The beaches closest to the village are the Cepilho Beach, a Praia de Fora, Ranchos Beach and the Praia do Meio. Other natural attractions such as Pontal Waterfall and the Stone That Swallows are also worth the visit.  

Trindade, despite having few streets and simple structure, has a few options of restaurants and shops, which are worth a walk to absorb all this unpretentious, simple and extremely captivating atmosphere.

Photo: Tatanya123 / Wikimedia Commons

Did you like the special itinerary to get to know a little bit of this region in 3 days? THE Rio Cultural Secrets counts with accredited professionals specialized in itineraries by paraty and Trinity.

This is a much safer and more comfortable way to discover the beauties that these places have in store, without worrying about anything and according to your needs and preferences.

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