Check out tips to make the most of your trip to Paris in just four days

oh, Paris! The city of light has such a particular magic that spreads through its streets, monuments and makes its atmosphere unique in the world. For those traveling to the French capital for the first time, it is always difficult to create the ideal itinerary, as there are countless places to visit. And, in fact, time is the enemy of some tourists who visit the city, since, depending on the period of the trip, it is difficult to condense all the attractions in just a few days.

However, some tips can help you to better optimize your time and see as many attractions as possible, still being able to absorb its history and its incredible detail. The first one is: consider book a city tour in Paris. These tours have experienced professionals who already know the city and can create an itinerary through the most famous tourist spots in a few hours.

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Our indication is France among Friends, which offers a tour of the city where you can visit the main attractions and, as a bonus, there is still time to get to know the incredible Castle of Versailles from the inside. All this in an eight-hour tour. The coolest thing is that they have a team of drivers who are also guides and speak Portuguese.

Other than that, what to visit will depend a lot on what you like to do. Prioritize the attractions you've always wanted to know and organize your time to explore other surprising spaces in the city – and even in some neighboring regions. Wake up early, sleep late and make the most of the opportunity to be in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Four days in Paris: what to do?

At the first day in Paris, the tip is to visit the attractions that are close to each other, starting with the tours through the Ile de la Cite, a natural island formed by the River Seine. It contains several attractions, such as the imposing Notre Dame cathedral, where it is possible to observe its giant arches that reach 10 meters in height and its wonderful vaulted ceiling. The view from the cathedral's north tower is one of the most impressive in Paris.

Notre Dame cathedral. Photo: LeifLinding / Pixabay

On the Île de la Cité is also the Sainte Chapelle, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and one of the most visited heritage sites in the city. Take the opportunity to visit the building of the concierge, built as a royal residence and seat of the monarchy and later transformed into one of the toughest prisons in the city. In addition to tourist attractions, the Ile de la Cite It is a very pleasant area of Paris, with squares, streets and many charming places.

During the night, how about checking out one of the pompous shows in famous cabarets around the city, such as the iconic Moulin Rouge? The house presents a show with dancers and large numbers of cancan, in addition to offering a dinner.

Keep in mind that lines for some attractions can be huge, especially during peak season. Therefore, consider purchasing tickets well in advance or contacting a agency with the “skip queue” system, which provides easier access to the city's tourist attractions.

THE second day of your trip to Paris can be the most complete of all, starting with what is considered one of the most important museums in the world, the Louvre Museum. As it is a huge place that houses more than 35 thousand works of art, our tip is to hire a guided tour of the Louvre Museum in Portuguese with France among Friends.

Louvre Museum. Photo: Accord14 / Wikimedia Commons

In this tour you can get to know the main works of the Louvre Museum in just two hours, avoiding getting lost without knowing where to go and what to see. In addition to pacing the tour, the guide contextualizes the works and their importance in a complete history lesson. In addition to appreciating works that are true treasures of humanity, such as the iconic painting by Leonardo da Vinci, the Mona Lisa, take the opportunity to take good pictures outside, whose 12th century architecture blends with the moderate glass pyramid, a of the most famous spots in the city.

After guided tour of the Louvre Museum, take the opportunity to have lunch in the region and then get to know the Tuileries Garden, the first public garden in Paris. Next to him is the Plaza de la Concorde, one of the most emblematic of the city and the Champs Élysées, the most important avenue in the French capital. In addition to gardens and imposing buildings, the avenue is a great place for shopping to suit all budgets. Soon after, you arrive at one of the most representative Parisian monuments, the Arch of Triumph.

Photo: NakNakNak / Pixabay

To close the day – and if you feel like it – a tip is to go to the Trocadero Square, one of the most fantastic observation points of the Eiffel Tower. Take the opportunity to take many photos with a breathtaking view of the greatest Parisian symbol.

Dedicate the third day to meet the imposing Castle of Versailles. For those who don't know, the majestic building that symbolizes the Absolute Monarchy is not exactly in Paris, but in a city also called Versailles, which is just over half an hour from the French capital.

Built in the 17th century by Louis XIV, today it is one of the most beautiful and famous palaces in the world. There are numerous salons and rooms to visit in Versailles and all of them impress with the luxury and ostentation of the time. Besides, of course, the beautiful garden designed by André Le Nôtre, with different designs, colors and shapes.

Versailles Castle. Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons

Returning to Paris at dusk, enjoy the view to climb to the Eiffel Tower and have a breathtaking panoramic view from the top. After descending, it's time to take pictures with the tower all lit up at night.

During the fourth and last day, there are several tour options to choose from. You can, for example, go to some shops to buy souvenirs and take the opportunity to get to know the Pont des Arts, famous for its hanging padlocks.

You can also discover the great pantheon and admire its enormous pilasters, combining a visit to the Luxembourg Gardens, an area that is a true open-air museum and has several works, which are mapped on the official website. At dusk, a great walk is the Seine river boat cruise, a route that navigates through some of the most famous attractions in Paris that, illuminated at night, enhance its beauty.

Luxembourg Gardens. Photo: 12019 / Pixabay

Another option for the fourth day is to take a short, round trip to some destinations close to Paris. In just a few hours, it is possible to visit the incredible castles of Loire Valley, discover the charming medieval town of provinces or be enchanted with giverny, the city of the painter Monet, and its beautiful gardens.

THE France among Friends also offers short day trips to cities close to Paris with Portuguese-speaking drivers. If you have a trip to France scheduled, it is worth checking out some services that can save you a few hours – and a lot of euros – to better enjoy all that Paris has to offer.

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