Park surrounded by nature and with houses inspired by children's stories guarantees fun for all ages in Campos do Jordão; see photos!

Have you ever imagined spending a magical day with your children in a park inspired by classic children's stories? Discover and explore the charms of the houses of the Enchanted florest, park located in Campos do Jordão, Sao Paulo.

jordan fields

Enchanted Forest Park in Campos do Jordão. Photo: Disclosure

The park has an area of approximately 12 thousand square meters with small themed houses, almost the size of children, inspired by classic children's tales, such as Dalmatians, snow White, Santa Claus and John and Mary. In addition to the small buildings, the magic of the place is given by the natural beauty that is in its surroundings, which allows a reconnection with nature.

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park in jordan fields

Enchanted Forest Park in Campos do Jordão. Photo: Disclosure.

The environment also has costumed monitors on weekends, to make the experience even more charming for the little ones. Full of fantasy, magic and tranquility, it is a place where children travel through the world of imagination and adults relive the countless stories they heard in their childhood. An attraction for the whole family to play and have fun together. 

enchanted forest park

Enchanted Forest Park in Campos do Jordão. Photo: Disclosure

How much does it cost and how to get to the Enchanted Forest

Located in Vila Porã, in the interior of Campos do Jordão, the park works every day, from 9:30 am to 5 pm. Tickets are only R$ 10.00 even on weekends and holidays. Children under 3 years old accompanied by their parents do not pay admission. There are also special conditions for group tours and excursions.             

To get to the attraction, go to Vila Capivari and take the first street on the right after Praça São Benedito. Follow the signs that indicate the Tênis Clube and the Silver Shower. A little further on, you will see a sign on the left of the road indicating the main entrance to the Floresta Encantada park.

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