Scheduled to open in the second half of 2020, Parque da Mônica in Gramado will have more than 30 attractions

Surprisingly, anyone who is a fan of the most beloved gang in Brazil has a new reason to plan a trip to Lawn, at the Rio Grande do Sul, in 2020. This is because the city will gain a Monica's Park in the second half of this year! The event that revealed the news was attended by Maurício de Sousa himself, who was honored at the Gramado Film Festival, on the 22nd.

Children will be able to enjoy more than 30 attractions in the new park, including a Ferris wheel, roller coaster and a carousel. In addition, the park will have a scenario that will reproduce the Limoeiro neighborhood, where the characters live. Finally, the space will also have a food court, with pizzeria, hamburger and fruit shop, among other options.

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Monica's Park

Photo: Publicity / Monica's Park in São Paulo

The new park will be built in an area of 25 thousand m² in the Carazal neighborhood, which connects Lawn The Nova Petrópolis. Therefore, the works are expected to begin in September and the proposal is to combine the playful universe of Monica's Gang with the architecture of the cities of Serra Gaúcha.

Finally, according to a article published on the G1 website, even the creator of the gang celebrated the new venture. “This tourist city welcomes people from all over the world. We are very happy with this achievement”, said Maurício.

Monica's Park in Gramado

Photo: Paula Vinhas/Disclosure

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