Viewpoint in Campos do Jordão: Parque da Cerveja, in Serra da Mantiqueira, opened a bar with a 180° view of the landscapes of the region

Contact with nature is now an item present and highlighted in many tours through Brazil. Now, imagine a place full of green accompanied by a well-chosen beer for the occasion on a sunny day…

Can you imagine?

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Well, that place exists. Just jump on the Beer Park, mounted in an area of 240 thousand square meters, located between the mountains that are part of the Serra da Mantiqueira, in Sao Paulo. Entry to this world of information is R$ 45.00 per person.

Here, the beer is made by an artisanal factory that is responsible for local production and brings on the labels of its products various tourist attractions in the city.

What's more: lovers of artisanal production will love to visit the factory, representing one of the best breweries in Campos do Jordão. The factory tour allows visitors to learn the history of beer and its different styles, including a menu of seven labels of traditional beer styles created with different ingredients, such as the pine nut, which is the city's symbol, and the hazelnut beer. , among others.

Beer Park

jordan fields beer park

THE Campos de Jordão beer was born in 2012, inspired by the charms of the city. “Produced with the purest water from Mantiqueira and using the most advanced manufacturing processes, the brand has an unparalleled range of flavors, in which the fermentation of hops, malt and yeast, enriched with ingredients exclusive to the region, result in sips of joy and celebration of life”, wrote Luiz Seabra for the company's official website.

After enjoying the mysteries of brewing art, comes the most enjoyable part: a get-together with friends at the Playpub, a bar where you can enjoy various brewing games such as beer pong, flip cup, roulette, beer ranking or bull's-eye. Interactive games are also offered that unite beer and company in intellectual challenges such as Stop, Mimic, Quiz Cervejeiro and Quem Sou Eu?

There are also skill games for you to test yourself like Dominoes, Checkers, Labeerinto, Grab Stick, Jenga and Metal Puzzle; and the ones that are synonymous with bar games, the decks, including Uno, Tinco, Perfil, Não Pode Laugh and traditional deck.

The Playpub also has a mini factory that also serves as a laboratory for new recipes. Will anyone feel inspired to use the equipment and create the next must-have beer? “Thus, your visit to PlayPub becomes more and more exciting, as different beers enter the menu every week and can be enjoyed seasonally”, comments the official website.

How to get to Beer Park

jordan fields beer park

Photo: Disclosure

From São Paulo the road trip to Serra da Mantiqueira lasts on average 2h35 via BR-116 and 2h38 via SP-070.

If you are a cyclist and are in good physical condition, you can go by bike and face the 186.6 kilometers for 11:18 via the Floriano Rodrigues Pinheiro highway.

The park is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm. It has a souvenir shop and offers exclusive services such as Beernic, a picnic prepared at one of the tables in the place or on the lawn. Food is available in a specific location and one of the employees is available to help put together the menu. A basket will take the food to the chosen place to share.

The space is completed with a visit to Mirante Mantiqueira, where it is possible to hear the sound of the waters and the singing of birds, while admiring a 180º view of the landscapes of Serra da Mantiqueira. Plenty of fresh air and access to the freshness of the climate guarantee relaxation.

To visit the place until 16:00 the value is R$ 78.00 and to contemplate the sunset with this privileged view the value is R$ 106.00.

Other attractions in Campos do Jordao

cevreja park Campos do Jordão

Photo: Disclosure

If you don't want to miss the trip and want to explore other options in Campos do Jordão, we've separated for you four suggestions that will surely make your head.

Start with Vila Capivari, an upscale neighborhood of the city and one of the main tourist centers in the city, with its European-style buildings that will make you believe you are abroad. The center there is the hub of the local nightlife.

There is also the Morro do Elefante, in the Capivari Park, which takes tourists to 1,800 meters of altitude. From the summit it is possible to have a panoramic and privileged view.

In the park there is also the cable car, inaugurated exactly 50 years ago, in the year 1971, the first mono-cable car seat type to operate in Brazil. It takes you to more than 1,500 meters of altitude to contemplate a panoramic view of the city, at the viewpoint of Morro do Elefante.

Created in 2007 the Amantikir Park receives, each year, a large number of visitors. There are more than 700 species of plants along the 60,000 square meters open to visitors every day of the year and attracts students of landscaping, botany and people who seek experiences for human development and well-being with nature.

Finally, it is worth a pit stop at the Baden Baden Brewery, founded in 1999 to be a model factory in the production of craft beers. It was the first premium beer manufacturer in Brazil and strictly follows the worldwide movement The Craft Beer Renaissance.


Beer Park
str. Mun. Paulo Costa Lenz Cesar, 2150 – Gavião Gonzaga, Campos do Jordão – SP, 12460-000
Phone: (12) 3663-1122
Official site

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