Located in the historic city of Marechal Deodoro, Parque Prata has trails, ecological activities, extreme sports, in addition to the beautiful lagoon with crystal clear water.

Traveling to Alagoas is sure to find stunning scenery and many leisure options. And, if that wasn't enough, a new attraction has been attracting the attention of travelers: the Prata Park and its beautiful lagoon with crystal clear waters.

Located in the historic city of Marechal Deodoro, about 30 km from the capital Maceió, the park is perfect for those who want to refresh themselves, immerse themselves in nature and enjoy moments of fun. In addition to the lagoon with crystal clear waters in shades of sky blue, Parque Prata has ecological trails, extreme sports and a super organized service to make the tour even more incredible.

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Want to know more about this new attraction in Alagoas? So stay here and we'll tell you all about the Silver Park and its attractions, both for a day trip from Maceió and for those who want to enjoy their days in the charming city of Marechal Deodoro.

Silver Park

Silver Park

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Despite the similarity, don't confuse Parque Prata with Lago Azul, another Marechal Deodoro attraction. The new park came to increase leisure options for those traveling to Alagoas and offers a complete infrastructure to receive all types of travelers, from the youngest to the elderly.

The main attraction of Parque Prata is, of course, its beautiful lagoon with crystal clear waters and a beautiful blue tone, which conquers all who visit it. In it, in addition to taking refreshing baths - the water remains at around 13ºC all year round -, you can practice canoeing, stand-up paddle and floating, either with snorkeling or buoys.

Silver Park

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For the joy of the more adventurous, the place has a zip line that ends inside the lagoon. In addition, it has several ecological trails and abseiling. Well organized, the park also offers guides and snacks, all included in the visitation fee, which is also used to keep the area preserved.

Silver Park

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Parque Prata is a place for those who love ecotourism and are looking for an environment of extreme contact with nature. Therefore, if you are thinking of traveling to Alagoas, it is worth including this new attraction by Marechal Deodoro in your itinerary.

Other attractions in Marechal Deodoro

silver park

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You can get to know Parque Prata from a round trip from Maceió, but if it's worth the tip, try booking a few days to get to know the charming and historic Marechal Deodoro. The first capital of Alagoas is an unmissable destination, both for those who enjoy nature and for those who enjoy historical-cultural tourism.

The city's name is a tribute to Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca, better known as Marechal Deodoro, who was born there, proclaimed the Republic of Brazil and was the country's first president. Its historical importance and the conservation of its colonial buildings have earned it the title of National Historic Landmark. In addition, the city has beautiful natural settings known nationally and internationally, with the famous Praia do Francês.

Check out what to see and do in Marechal Deodoro below:

Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca House-Museum

As the name already reveals, the Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca House-Museum is located in a property that belonged to the first president of Brazil and brings together, in its collection, photos, furniture and objects of the Marechal and his mother.

Church of Santa Maria Magdalena

Built between the 16th and 17th centuries, the church has a rococo style and is located in the complex of the Convento de São Francisco. It is the ideal place for both history buffs and religious tourism enthusiasts. In addition to a beautiful facade with ornaments made of limestone, it has a rare image of “Jesus of the Chosen” inside. The complex also includes the Museum of Sacred Art of Alagoas.

Cultural Space Santa Maria Madalena da Lagoa do Sul

If you like handicrafts or are one of those who cannot return from a trip without a souvenir, the Santa Maria Madalena da Lagoa do Sul Cultural Space is a mandatory stop. Located in a beautifully restored building, the space exhibits the work of 183 artisans, including crochet, knitting, richeliê, fillet and much more.

Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca's Christmas House

Right in the center of the city, a 17th century mansion houses the Casa Natal de Marechal Deodoro, where he was born and lived until he gained political importance for the country. After several renovations, which reliably preserved the facade, the place was opened for visitation and has several pieces donated by the Marechal's family, which portray the time in which the politician lived.

Church of the Lord of Bonfim

The first church built in Marechal Deodoro, the Igreja do Senhor do Bonfim has a façade influenced by Franciscan churches in other regions of the Northeast. It is not known for sure when it was founded, but it is known that the heritage was established by Diogo Soares da Cunha, in 1611.

French Beach

One of the most visited in Alagoas, Praia do Francês gained fame due to the coral barrier that surrounds it and makes it turn into a pool of calm waters at one end, being ideal for those traveling with children. At the other end, however, there are waves that attract surfers from all over the country.

The place has a good structure: several stalls and street vendors. In addition, on the outskirts of the beach there is a charming village with narrow streets, souvenir shops and restaurants.

Mundaú Lagoon

Lagoa Mundaú is one of the largest ecosystems in Alagoas, with 23 square kilometers in length, and one of the most beautiful settings in the region. The main activity of the place is the boat trips – carried out on the sloops, a wooden vessel. The itinerary includes passing through some islands, as well as mangroves and sandbanks.

blue Lake

Quite similar to Parque Prata, Lago Azul is located in the middle of the Atlantic Forest and has crystal clear waters in shades of azure blue that draw attention for its beauty. 15 km away from the center of Marechal Deodoro, it is a refuge for those looking for tranquility and contact with nature. The lake is formed by the dam of two rivers that flow into a natural pool and has a spout and waterfall.

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