Best parks in Curitiba: the capital of the state of Paraná contains several super photogenic green areas, perfect for taking a walk in the open, check out the options!

Full of green areas, Curitiba is an inviting city to take long walks in the parks and woods that surround the city.

According to the Municipality of Curitiba, the destination has 17 million square meters of parks and squares. If you are looking for a place to have a picnic, go for a walk or go for a bike ride, check out the best parks in Curitiba for a walk with family and friends.

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Best parks in Curitiba

Curitiba Botanical Garden

best park in curitiba

Photo: Vitor Mendes Stafusa / Unsplash

Main postcard of the city, the Curitiba Botanical Garden it is an unmissable place. Opened in 1991, the park attracts attention with its gardens inspired by the French style and its huge greenhouse, which houses several species of plants from the Atlantic Forest.

The main greenhouse has three Art Nouveau-style vaults, details that were inspired by the Crystal Palace in London. The greenhouse is fully heated and from inside it is possible to have a fascinating view of the garden.

The space also has the Municipal Botanical Museum, a space for study and research that houses 400,000 specimens of Brazilian fauna, lakes, courts and a velodrome.

Another attraction that cannot be left out of your itinerary in Curitiba and which is part of the park is the beautiful Jardim das Sensações. In it, the visitor can have the incredible experience of walking blindfolded, while walking the bare path, feeling the soft scent of flowers and listening to the sound of the wind and waterfalls!

  • Address:
    Eng. Ostoja Roguski – Botanical Garden, Curitiba – PR

Tanguá Park

curitiba parks

Photo: Ricardo Salvatierra / Unsplash

Other Curitiba's must-see park is the Tanguá Park. The attraction was built in an old quarry complex and has a viewpoint with one of the most beautiful views of Curitiba, considered by many to be the best place to see the city's sunset.

The area impresses with its huge French-style garden and an immense reflecting pool in front of a beautiful structure overlooking the artificial waterfall that flows into the lake located at the bottom of the park. This is tmame a great spot for anyone looking to exercise and go for a run. Parque Tanguá has parking, restrooms and a snack bar, and is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

  • Address:
    Rua Oswaldo Maciel, 97 – Taboão, Curitiba – PR

Barigui Park


Photo: João Leal Junior / Publicity

Barigui Park is one of the busiest and largest in the city. There you will find several areas with gym equipment, sports courts, bike paths, jogging tracks, barbecue grills, kiosks and a restaurant.

Barigui occupies 140 hectares of the territory of four neighborhoods and is open around the clock, every day of the year.

On weekends, the park welcomes tourists and residents who spread out their sarongs and spend the afternoon around the main lake where it is possible to see the friendly capybaras that live in the area.

Another option to visit during your tour of Barigui Park is the Automobile Museum, a space that has 150 vintage cars in its collection.

  • Address:
    Av. Cândido Hartmann, S/N – Bigorrilho, Curitiba – PR

Tingui Park

parks in curitiba

Photo: Faestorilio / Wikimedia Commons

Located on the banks of the Barigui River, the park of the same name has a beautiful green area that contains lakes, a bike path, a park and an incredible replica of the Ukrainian church of San Miguel Arcanjo in the Ukrainian Memorial.

The name of the Park is a tribute to the Tingui Indians who inhabited the region at the time of its colonization by the Portuguese. A statue representing chief Tindiquera, from the Tingui tribe, is placed at the entrance to the Park.

This is a great spot to get to know a little more about the city's history and learn some curiosities about the Ukrainian people who migrated to the state.

  • Address:
    Av. Fredolin Wolf, s/n° – Cascatinha/Pilarzinho/São João.

German forest

parks in curitiba

Photo: Unsplash

Located in the Jardim Schaffer neighborhood, Bosque Alemão is an area that honors the culture and traditions of German immigrants who came to the state.

One of the most interesting attractions is the Torre dos Filósofos do Bosque Alemão, with a wooden viewpoint, almost 20m high, from where you have a panoramic view of Curitiba.

The Bosque Alemão is one of the attractions that are part of the route traveled by the Tourism Line.

  • Address:
    Niccolo Paganini, s/nº, Curitiba – PR

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