A measure to facilitate the issuance of the passport has just been announced by the Civil House in Brasília

After a troubled year, where did suspension of new passports by the Federal Police, finally good news for those who are going to travel abroad and need to issue a new passport. The proposal, estimated for the end of December, seeks to make all processes for issuing less bureaucratic.

The program, which is part of Brasil Eficiente, does not require the presentation of documents proving the certificate of electoral discharge, military service and the traveler will also not need to bring proof of payment of fees. The only documents required to apply for a passport will be the usual ones, just ID, CPF and previous passport, if any. The photography and registration of fingerprints will continue to be done on the spot.

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This change will work gradually: starting in December of this year in some posts, with no set date to start and it should be in effect throughout Brazil until December 2018. your region.

passport urgently

In some cases where the trip is already closed, it is difficult to guarantee a quick deadline for issuing passports, as the waiting list may vary according to each unit and season. For those who need this service with greater agility, we detail more in the publication: issue passport urgently.

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