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Brazilian passport

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the issuance of passport It is a simple process that can be done in a short time and with little financial investment.

First, it is necessary to know that the document is issued by the Federal Police. Therefore, it is necessary to appear at the base closest to your city twice: once to register the fingerprints and take the photo for the document, and another to remove the passport.

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Documents required to obtain the passport

To issue a passport, it is necessary to gather all the necessary documents: Identity Card, CPF, Marriage Certificate (if you have changed your name) and Naturalization Certificate (for naturalized people), Voter Title and proof that you voted in the last election ( of the two shifts, if any). In the absence of vouchers, declaration by the Electoral Court that it is settled with electoral obligations, or electoral justification.

In addition to these documents, if you are issuing your second passport, you must bring the previous one.

Document request on the Federal Police website

The application process for passport begins primarily with access to the Federal Police website, available at the address There you must select the State and city where you will request the issuance of the document.

On the next page, after reading the information about the necessary steps, click on “passport issuance”. Fill in the form, enter the security code and confirm.

Then, three buttons appear: first click on “generate protocol”, then on “generate GRU” (guide for payment of the fee) and, finally, on “close”.

Afterwards, print the protocol and guide. However, for the PROTOCOL and GRU printing, the Adobe Acrobat Reader program must be installed on the computer. If you don't have it installed, you can install it by accessing a link on the page itself.

Payment of the issuance fee

After completing the entire passport application form, a Collection Guide slip will be generated. Currently the rate is R$257.25. You will only be able to make the appointment through the Federal Police website after paying the invoice.

Scheduling the date for attendance at the Federal Police

After paying the GRU, it is necessary to schedule an appointment on the Federal Police website. It is also possible to schedule the service for more than one person, if you are requesting the document for relatives and friends.

After indicating all the documents required by the PF, the website will indicate the cities and stations available, in addition to the free days and hours for service at the PF base.

Attendance at the Federal Police post

The service will be held on the date and time scheduled in the PF system. For this, attend the post with all the original documentation listed above. The service is usually done in a few hours.

Finally, after screening the documentation, you will be called for photo, digital and electronic signature collections. Once this is done, you will receive a deadline to withdraw your passport.

Withdrawal of the document

Show up on the date provided by the Federal Police on the last visit with the original identity document and then make the withdrawal.

passport validity

Passports are valid for up to ten years. Therefore, once the validity period has expired, a new passport must be requested.

Passport with expired expiry date

When you identify that your passport has expired and, if you wish to apply for a new one, proceed with the normal passport application procedure.

In addition, it is worth noting that you do not have to wait until your current passport expires to apply for another one.

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