Summer is already knocking on the door and people are asking for the beach. But just thinking about those beaches full of people where you can't even see the sand with so many umbrellas, doesn't you feel lazy? Then it's time for a change of destination. The beaches in the northeast already carry the reputation of being the most beautiful in Brazil, some even in the world, but another characteristic of certain beaches in this region is that they are perfect for those looking for a relaxing vacation. They are quiet places, still little explored, that illustrate the meaning of “quiet”.

For those looking for a quiet place, without many tourists to settle down on vacation, check out these paradisiacal and almost forgotten beaches in the Brazilian northeast:

São Miguel do Gostoso – Rio Grande do Norte

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Photo: Gaby Oliveira

Just over 100 km from Natal we find São Miguel do Gostoso, a fishing village, with just over 10 thousand inhabitants, with dirt roads and only one church. Your beaches are practically deserted, without much tourist structure such as kiosks or tents on the edge. But they are clean and have paradise landscapes. THE Ponta do Santo Cristo It is considered the best beach in Brazil for sailing sports such as kite and windsurfing.

Patacho Beach – Alagoas

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon

Clear sands, translucent and greenish waters, landscape composed of majestic coconut trees, this is the Patacho Beach in Porto de Pedras in Alagoas. THE beach is practically deserted, good weather all year, sweats quiet. The tip here is to visit during low tide. The sea dries up, forming natural pools hundreds of meters from the shore. The moon rises on the horizon of the beach, in times of full moon it is a spectacular sight.

Galinhos – Rio Grande do Norte

photo: Luiz Alexandre

THE Galinhos beach and other unexplored natural beauty. There is no good structure for tourism, but it makes up for it with its mangroves, dunes, salt flats and blue herons. The sea, with warm waters, has a high concentration of salt which makes those who enter the water float easily. And for those who like animals, the mangroves in the area are shelter for several species such as seahorses.

Atins – Maranhão

Photo: Vaja Minas

If you're looking for a place to stay disconnect from routine the beach of Atins it's a right shot. There is no internet signal and electricity only inside the houses and inns, but the destination attracts all those who seek to live with nature and lose the rush of everyday life. The sea is calm and shallow, which, together with the strong winds, makes it the ideal place for kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking and stand-up paddle. THE practically deserted beach, also provides one of the most beautiful sunsets on the horizon.

Icaraizinho – Ceará

Photo: Bruno Mendonca

Icaraizinho is 190 km from Fortaleza, it has paradisiacal landscapes and hospitable natives, but not many tourists. Whoever arrives there doesn't even remember that big cities exist. The beach is cove-like, shallow, with low waves, but a lot of wind, which attracts kite and windsurfers.

Ponta de Lucena, Lucena – Paraíba

Photo: Ricardo Maria

the sea of Ponta de Lucena it is very calm, during low tide it is perfect for diving. For bathing it is practically ideal, the waters are always warm or hot, ranging between 23º and 28º degrees. There is no major tourist structure, but in the stalls, the traditional fish in the pot with rice and mush is never lacking. Access to the beach can be made by ferry from the mouth of the Paraíba River, in a 30-minute ride where you can see where the river meets the sea.

Coroa do Avião, Igarassu – Pernambuco

Photo: Gustavo Penteado

Practically a sandbar covered with undergrowth and coconut trees. THE airplane crown is an islet just 30 km from the capital of Pernambuco with bucolic landscapes and little explored by tourists. It has very white and soft sand, the sea is clear and kiosks and bars are present to the south and north of the islet. To get there it is necessary to go by water transport, however, during low tide it is possible to walk from Gavôa beach as the sea recedes 1 km, connecting the islet to the mainland.

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