Masks on famous statues around the world: action aims to bring prevention message to people in relation to the new coronavirus

The cases of coronavirus around the world today they reached the mark of almost 2 million people infected. Because of this, prevention and care actions are more than necessary. To encourage the people to protect themselves, some world famous statues have emerged using masks. 

Coronavirus: Famous statues wear masks around the world 

In the city of New York, for example, the famous Fearless Girl and Charging Bull statues won masks last week. At Shibuya station in Tokyo, Japan, the bronze statue of the Hachiko dog is also protecting itself from the new coronavirus. 

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statue world famous masks

Fearless Girl in New York. Photo:


statue world famous masks

Hachiko in Tokyo. Photo:

In Dublin, in Ireland, whoever walks through Grafton Street, one of the main streets in the commercial center of London, now sees the statue of Molly Malone, one of the most famous in the country, wearing a mask with a smile on it. 

Molly Malone in Dublin. Photo:

Meanwhile, in Carouge, Switzerland, the statue of the cartoon character Titeuf also wears a mask. Thus, not even the statue of Queen Victoria in Manchester, in England, escaped and also joined the fashion. 

statue world famous masks

Queen Victoria in Manchester. Photo:

In Buenos Aires, comic book characters immortalized by Quino, such as Malfalda, also appeared protecting themselves from the coronavirus. Finally, in Brazil, it was also no different: the statue of singer-songwriter Tom Jobim, in Rio de Janeiro, also received its mask.

statue world famous masks

Mafalda and her gang in Buenos Aires. Photo: GCBA Press

Tom Jobim in Rio. Photo: DANIEL DELMIRO/Agnews

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